Looking for answers for ? on Gonal-f
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Livinbyfaith - October 25

Hey, I am new to this board and I'm desperately seeking answers for questions dealing with Gonal-F. My doctor wants to start me in November.
How much does it cost?
what is the best location to administer the injection?
what r the side effects?
How long do you take it per cycle?
Any other information not pertaining to my questions would be appreciated, thanks


silli_kitti - October 26

Hi Faith, LOVE your name!

I did 2 cycles of Gonal-f and DH gave the shots on the outsides of my thighs.

I had no little side effects from the Gonal-f - a pleasant change from Clomid when I would spontaneously burst into tears in the strangest places about the stupidest things. I did have abdominal pressure-type pain around ovulation and afterward from the swollen ovaries (I was ovulating 6-7 follicles) and corpus lutea. It wasn't that bad though, just couldn't bend over or twist at the waist without some pain.

I took it in combination with femara: Femara cd3-7, Gonal-f cd6-11. If you are on straight injections (no femara or clomid) you will start earlier.

As always, make a list of questions to ask your doctor. He will have the best answers for you.

Good luck, and stay true to your name!


Karen123 - October 26

Faith, I took a Gonal F injection each morning and my belly was the best place for me. I had to take Reponex shots at night which caused my stomach to swell terribly so I switched to my thighs. but the GonalF never bothered my stomach. With some ice first and EMLA cream, they really weren't bad at all. I never was able to give them to myself though. Had to rely on a neighbor and then DH. As far as cost goes, I can't help much there. I paid for all my meds at once and since I was paying out of pocket, the hospital gave me most of my GonalF for free. So all my meds were about $1,500. I know they would have been much more if the hospital didn't help me out in that area. I took the GonalF for 11 days before switching off to other injections. I hope this helps. I know that everyone's cycles are very different but at least you can get some ideas from the wonderful ladies on this site. Good luck! Karen


baby4us - October 27

Hi Faith.. what dosage of Gonal-F are you on?

The nurse will go through your first shot with you.. which I found very reassuring... the needles were surprisingly easy (but I am used to giving needles.. so that helped a lot!).. I gave mine in my stomach too.. but echo what Silli-Kittie said about the discomfort around ovulation with those large follicles.. but nothing worse than menstrual cramps...

Again.. the price depends on your dosage.. I was on 1050 Gonal-F.. and it was $1,000 CDN per cycle (and our insurance didn't cover it... bastards!!!). It depends on the length of your cycle and when you are about to surge.. but you are probably looking at taking 6 - 7 injections per cycle.. but again.. that is up to what your doc has prescribed and how your body reacts.

Let us know how you are doing.. baby dust!!!


SMS1129 - October 29

Hi Faith,

I did Gonal F shots in the am and pm for both of my cycles, along with 2 other shots. I did them all in my lower stomach. I just kept switching from side to side. I have some bluish veins close to the skin, so I had to be careful. I did hit them a couple of times and they would swell up for a day or so, but otherwise it was fine. The needles I used were insulin ones, small and short.

In hindsight, it wasn't bad. I don't know about the cost. I have insurance, and paid for 10% of dr, meds, etc.

Good luck to you.




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