Life is so unfair
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CPacino - March 25

Sorry upset & just ranting.

I heard from a friend that going direct to the manufacturer of the drugs you need is usually cheapest. So I went to Ferring@home/Applied Dispensary with a list of the fertility meds I needed. They asked for the details of the clinic I was to receive treatment at & gave me a quote for my meds. It was much cheaper than the price I would have to pay at my clinic. And I was told all I had to do was to get my clinic to fax them my prescription & pay & that was it. So I went back to my clinic to get the prescription sent & they refused point blank to send it. :'(

After speaking to a pharmacist yesterday I found out that a lot of clinics actually have an arangement with drug manufacturers/distributors that they will not undercut their clinics prices when selling to their clinics customers. I guess my clinic hadn't bothered to even do that. They just refuse to send the prescription, so that there is no risk they will be undercut. I always knew they prefered people to buy their meds, from either them or our local hospital. But I didn't know they could tell us we have no other legal option. This was not pointed out to us anywhere at any time. Now I feel so mad knowing my clinic has made so much money from this as well as the money they make from the treatments. And our only option of getting hold of cheaper drugs legally is to quit our clinic & go elsewhere. Which would be in practice very difficult as they understandably don't want any of their business going elsewhere. We will probably have to work hard to get all our medical history/treatment passed to a new clinic. Also it might mean repeat fertility testing an expense we can do without. Plus having different pollicies & procedures to follow etc. They are profiting big time from our misery. >:(


TTC_baby_girl - March 25

Is there anyway you can get a copy of your prescription? I'd ask for a copy and tell them I was planning on getting it from Walmart because I didnt have time to wait in lines or whatever. Most places will give you their prescription. Then you can go online and order your meds from an online pharmacy. They are SOOO much cheaper! Also you can find most of your meds on non US pharmacys and you can order them without a prescription too.
Another option is to go on its a website where people are selling their meds because they either got to much, quit trying or had a successful pregnancy. I got all of mine from there. The only thing that I am having trouble finding is HCG but I know of a steroid pharmacy online I can get if from if worse comes to worse.

Hope that helps.



Tiffany F - March 25

Hey CPacion,

It is so unfortunate that you are unable to use a pharmacy of your choice to order your meds. Your Dr won't just give you a paper prescription? I recently found a pharmacy out of state and they are much cheaper than local pharmacies CVS,Walgreens,Walmart etc..etc..I can't understand why they won't allow you do get your prescription filled where ever you want!That is CRAZY! I recently figured out that my RE is all about the money as well, My history is so long I won't go into it but what we have found is that I suffer from low progesterone and I have also had 11 m/cs. My RE just wanted us to jump into doing an IUI or IVF, I don't have a problem getting p/g I just m/c between 5-6 weeks, We can't afford that treatment right now we just bought a home. I told my RE I wanted to do progesterone treatment to see how that goes, had I not done my on research I would have borrowed money to have one of these very expensive procedures done. We all have to no of other options, with alot of these Dr's it's all about the money. I just ordered my vaginal progesterone capsules and I spent $67.50 for a 15 day supply, with this discount medical I have the next time I order them they will only be $39.50, it is a wonderful program and it gives discounts on infertility treatment IUI'S,IFV etc..and on the meds which can be very expensive. I hope you are able to get a paper prescription so you can get your meds much cheaper then what they want you to pay, you might have to switch Dr's. Your Dr's office you are at now would have to give you copies of your medical records, I have always been able to get copies of my records when I switch from one Dr to another. Hope everything works out, please let us no....Take Care....Tiffany~~~PS: you have to be very careful ordering prescriptions online without a prescription, I don't even think that's legal! ???


CPacino - March 25

Thanks for trying to help Laura. The thing is though that I live in the United Kingdom. I don't think we have walmart here.

My clinic orders all my meds for me, they get delivered straight to my door. sometimes they are given to me at the clinic though, if they want to demonstrate how to use them first.

The only time they have given me a prescription in the past is when they were unable to order my meds. I was told to get it filled out at my local hospital & the price was almost exactly the same as at my clinic. I'm worried now that they will never give me a prescription again, now they know I might get it filled out somewhere cheaper. I thought they would let me order myself if I chose too. I thought since the Applied Dispensary Service/ Ferring@home was obviously a reputable company they would have no problem. I guess all they care about is profit.

I have ordered from freegaragesale & here before. And have received what I ordered as far as I know. But the problem is how do you know it's genuine? I bet there are counterfeits out there somewhere & I like a lot of people can't afford to get stuck with them. Aside from the health risks, after paying out for all the other drugs, procedures & appointments etc. I would have to be crazy.

After treatment in the 2WW, I start thinking to myself did I spoil my chances were some fakes? Even though 2 embies were put back, what effect could it have on them. If some meds were fake & it even only affected them by 0.0001% could that be the minute percent it takes to cause them to fail. Don't get me wrong I'm extremely greatfull to the people who have sold to me. And I still continue to look for my meds that way. Even though I don't tend to get many people answer me. I guess a lot of people already know about that site.

Thanks also Tiffany, I'm sorry to hear of your M/Cs. I have never been pregnant. But I can't imagine anything worse than loosing your baby. I don't think it's legal to order w/o prescription but I can't afford any other way. And I just feel if I can't have my baby I would rather die.



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