laparoscopy question
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Trying in NH - July 28

I am so glad this site is back up. I wish they would have warned everyone somehow. Well, we are on our 2ww with our 5th IUI and clomid. If this cycle doesn't work we will go on and do injections and IUI. Before this happens my Dr. recommends that we do laparoscopy. How many of you have done this procedure and how was it. Going under general scares me so I think I may not do this and just try one month with the shots and go from there.

Anyone have any thoughts????????



test - August 5

this is test


TTCinFL - August 6

I had a laparascopy in November 2004. My doctor wanted to do it before we went on to the fertility doc. She thought that there was nothing really wrong, but planned to check for endometriosis and was going to Laser(? I can't remember the term) the surface in case there were some microscopic endometriosis cells. Anyway, once she got in she found that my left ovary and fallopian tube were covered in scar tissue and attached to each other and the bladder. She fixed all that.

The recovery wasn't awful, but I felt bad longer than I expected. A full week before I felt normal. Take them seriously when they tell you not to lift anything for six weeks. I lifted my lap top during the second week and felt BAD in the affected area.

Hope this helps. The scars look like a smiley face on my belly. ;)


Trying in NH - August 8

Thanks to all of you!! This site being down is driving me nuts!!!!!! I tried to sign in several times and couldn't!!

Well , it looks like AF started today another cycle down the toilet! I know they are going to push for the surgury but from what you all say it doesn't seem all too pleasant plus not being able to lift anything for 6 weeks is IMPOSSIBLE with a 17 month old. 14 months of trying for #2 is really starting to take its toll. I am getting so depressed!!!!!! I am actually starting to dread every new cycle. I think we are going to start injections (which I guess it will be this week with AF) and try a month and reconsider the lap if THAT procedure doesn't work.

I already had 1 HSG 3years ago when we were trying for our son. Should I "force" a second?? Anyone have 2???



Juniper - August 22

I had laprascopic surgery in March to remove an ovarian cyst; it was not bad. Afterward, there is more discomfort from the air they use to inflate your stomach than there is at the incision sites. But I recoved in two days and was up and about.



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