IVF July 21st
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Fortyfour - July 5

Hi - is there anyone doing a IVF or FET around the 21st of July?. I am doing a FET then. I have started on my estrogen already and am just waiting for that day to roll around. Is there any of the old gang around?


shansy - July 5

Hi Fortyfour-

I am not from the old gang, but I think I will be mid-July for my IVF...I am on the Lupron shots now and should begin the stims Friday if all is well.

I have read many of your posts and know that you have been through so much- I am happy that you are holding hope and trying again...I will keep you in my prayers. Good luck and keep in touch if you need to talk about anything. I am on a thread with some other July'ers if you are interested. :)

Buckets of Babydust!


Fortyfour - July 6

Hi Shansy - Good luck with your cycle and I do remember seeing your posts before. Baby dust to you and thank you for your good wishes. I havent been on for awhile and there is alot I have not read but will look for the thread.

Take care all.


Asunflower - July 6

Hey Fourty-Four,
I am going to be doing my IVF ER around the 17th of July and then I will have my ET around the 22nd. We are all posting on the other board for next round of IVF on this same thread. There are quite a few of us there. Sounds like you have been through a lot. Are you using donor eggs?


Fortyfour - July 6

Hi Asunflower - I am using donor eggs and have 16 left. I feel more confident with this one because of the septum removal and they found out I have one copy of MTHFR that I just take asa for and folgard. Baby dust to all.


Asunflower - July 6

Fourty Four- How many will your clinic let you transfer? I am 31 and want to transfer 3 but my RE only wants to do 2. This is my 3rd attempt and I just feel like we need to try something more!


Fortyfour - July 8

Hi -the number depends on the quality of the day five embies. I really dont want triplets so if there are 2 great ones than 2 and 3 iffy than 3. He will decide the morning of. Take care all.


teri-chan - July 14


I posted on the donor board looking for you. But now I've found you! I'm so glad to hear that you're getting ready for a FET and that it sounds like the issues with your body's immune response have been addressed.

If you have time, I'd appreciate it if you'd read my post on the donor board.

I'd love to be any help to you during your FET that I can be. And I'd love a little support as I move through a process that may be similar to the one you have been through.



fiso - July 14

Fourty-four, glad to hear to hear from you again.
I'll be following your progress and wish you lots of luck with this new adventure.

Asunflower and Shansy, I will keep you in my prayers too. All the best to you too. It worsk, I'm a proof of it!

Baby dust to all.



teri-chan - July 14

Hey Fiso, how good to see that you're pregnant! We communicated a bit at the end of last year. You said some nice things to me about it really being no one's business if I had to move on to donor eggs (which is something my family would not accept, if they knew about it).

Forty-four, when you say you have 16 left, does that mean that 16 embryos were frozen?! At what stage were they frozen? How many will they thaw?


fiso - July 16

Hey Teri-Chan, as you can see, it's not because I'm pg that I forgot all my sisters who helped me in this journey. It's actually nice to be in a position to give hope to all the women, by telling them, hey, it worked for me, don't lose hope!
I rememember talking to you and I hope that you will get your BFP soon!!!! You know when the doc called me to tell me I was pg, I literally asked her: Am I supposed to be happy? I was soooo afraid to be happy after a previous m/c. It took me a while to feel comfortable with the idea that this baby was going to stay!
I'll be around, checking on everyone's progress.

Lots of baby dust to you


teri-chan - July 19

Hi Fiso, thanks for writing! I can completely understand your reaction when you got the call telling you you were pregnant. It must be so nice now though that you've made it to the third trimester! Do you know whether you're having a boy or a girl?


Fortyfour - July 20

Hi Teri-chan - Sorry to take so long to respond. I have been working as much as I can before I "put my feet up". We have 16 frozen embies left. they will thaw 8 of them and see then the quality and then decide how many to transfer. This is the part that makes me the most nervous. Hoping that they picked the good ones this time. Argh. Transfer is tomorrow. Yeah.


teri-chan - July 20

I hope I get this to you before you log off. I really wish you the very best of luck. You've been through so much. Autoimmune issue solved. Septum removed. All you need is some good embryos! I'm hoping along with you that eight is enough! (At what stage were they frozen?)

With many, many good wishes for tomorrow.


Meg - July 20

Best of luck to you fourtyfour :) I will be saying extra special prayers for you - you deserve this so very much. I always think about you and your journey... Take care and know that you are in my thoughts.



Susy - July 20

I am doing Egg Retrieval tomorrow. My husband will be doing aspiration at the same time due to low motility of sperms.


Fortyfour - July 22

Thank you Teri Chan and Meg. One of the embies was a blast and the other 2 "were almost there". So we transferred 3. Pg test on the 31st. Yeah. Baby dust to all.



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