IVF? Information!
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Ange - October 19


I have been infertilte all my life I guess. 14 years ago doctors told me I have a 3% chance of getting pregnant. I would like to know about IVF since that is what every doctor I have seen since is telling me to do. Can you please explain how ivf works?
How long is it each cycle? How many days of appointment do you go to in a cycle?

I am nervous about it alot and afraid. I just want to go in to the appointment knowing everything so I have no surprises. My husband and I went 5 years ago and were so upset when we left cause they made us see wanted us to pay 15,000,00 right away before we would move to the next step and we backed away from that. That is when we adopted my daughter.
My dd is now at an age where she wants a little baby in mommies tummy it is hard to explain.
I really want to try IVF now. So any information can help
Thanks so much in advance


jmr67 - October 20

Hi Ange - To be very basic, what they do for IVF is give you medication to stimulate your ovaries to produce more eggs than normal. They then surgically remove the eggs and put them together with your husbands sperm. In the lab they fertilize and grow 3-5 days. They are then transferred into your body. Hopefully they implant and you become pregnant. A complete cycle usually lasts 2-3 weeks. The number of appointments can vary depending on how your body responds and on your clinic. I hope this helps!


Ange - October 24

thanks jmr67 for your response. I wish you all the babydust your way for you next IVF cycle. I will look into it after the holidays are over with so I am not rushing around. From now until New years we don't get much time to relax.

Take care thanks again


oldgal - October 24

Hi Ange

Welcome to the world of IVF. Hand on girlie it a roller coaster ride. But I wish you all the luck in the world. With hyperthyroid, you should first get in touch with a RE doctor that has extensive experience and knoweldfe of IVF and potential immune issues. In IVF you can successfully stimulate mulitple eggs and ferrtilize them, but just as important is your uterine environment into which thery are transferred. Thyroid or immune issues have been shown to potentially have the ability to create a hostile environment for the embryos, once transferred. An experienced RE can help guide you thru this and offer drug therapy if needed to avoid the possibility of repeated ivf failures of possible miscarriages.

First you will definitely want to get Immune tested.. ANd there are only a few labs in the county.( Millenova& RIA ) who an test your Natural killer cell activity %s properly. NKa cell activity if too high, will attack and kill a embryo.. thinking they are foreigner...

For more information, check out the immune section on this website or go to fertilethoughts.com (immune issues) or get a free consutl from one of the doctors at Sher Institute. www.sirm.com. At least you'll start the learning process.. and do all the tests before any paying for any ivf cycles, that could result failure

Good luck to you... and I wish you the best


Ange - October 25

Thanks oldgal,

Your information was really helpful I am looking into finding a good RE and will ask about having my immune tested for sure. My doctor know has been raising my medication for thyroid every 6 weeks to get me to level 2.

Thanks again


casey - October 25

Good luck to you! I'm in the 2ww part of my first IVF. It is definetly a rollercoaster ride. To be perfectly honest I will do it again if this one doesn't work. I have tubal issues. I had one removed and 1 that was blocked but reopened. A great website you might want to also check out is www.fertilethoughts.com There are tons of great, smart and supportive women on there. I wish you the best of luck.



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