IVF cost
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veronica - March 13

Hello, I am just starting out at the fertility clinic, but I am concerned that I may need IVF. I have PCOS and possibly endo. So would like to know approximently how much IVF costs and if it is ever paid by OHIP (I am from Canada) Thanks Veronica


justme - March 14

I had to pay for mine out of pocket and it was close to $13,000. I had to have the IVF with ICSI and assisted hatching. Good luck


WhoaGirl - March 16

The place we are looking into offers a shared-risk plan....3 cycles of ivf with the option of a refund if no baby is produced. I have heard some pros and cons to this "package" deal...Anyone else here have any suggestions?


Kris - March 16

I just started my first IVF cycle so I am still familiar with the program pros and cons. My husband and I chose not to do the shared risk program because our insurance paid for certain procedures associated with IVF. To us it would have been more expensive than fee for service, our clinic offered a discount for prepayment. I have a friend that used shared risk with a financing option since she did not have the money to pay out of pocket. She conceived on her second try and had a healthy baby girl in Nov.
I think it just depends on what your finances will allow you to do and emotionally what you can handle. I hope this has helped. I know that integramed.com has information on this as well.


DianaEvans2 - March 25

Cost in the US near NYC is about $10-12,000 for soup to nuts for one complete IVF cycle.

NY state has a "grant program". It is buried as a link as part of NY state health care website. I do not know the parameters of the grant.

Some companies's insurance have a $10K limit for fertility treatment regardless if IUI, IVF, whatever. Some have $50K (rare). Most have none. Vermont or New Hampshire is the only state that mandates complete coverage.

Your company's 401K might let you borrow against it for "extraordinary" medical reasons. Check out your rules...but the nice thing about borrowing against your own 401K is that you PAY YOURSELF back with YOUR own interest. Takes a bit of time, but it is your own money.

Finally, after much reading and listening....I figured out that the reason that most insurance plans (in the US) do not cover much (if any) of the treatments is because fertility treatments do not have an overall (meaning highat 80% success) positive outcome. They pay for Viagra and such pills, because they work almost all the time and have a positive outcome to WARRANT the insurance pay-out.

LINEARLLY SPEAKING: By NOT paying insurance coverage for infertility, the result is that there are no statistics that the insurance company can be held accountable for....There is an actual science and a profession...actuaries study these statistics and formulate coverages....

Maybe someone else has other logical and rational explanations at to why insurance coverage is so dismal in the USA?



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