IUI set for Saturday
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Trying in NH - March 31

This will be our first IUI. I had my ultrasound this morning and have about 8 follicles but only one is 19.5 the others are between 13 and 11. We have to do the shot tonight and the IUI will be on Saturday. My question to her was should we wait until more are "ready" and she said, we only need one. I wasn't sure how I felt about this, I would think that the more that were "ready" the better the chances. Anyone have any thoughts??

Thanks in advance


Trying in NH - April 6


No I don't have to take the progestrin shots this month. I guess I haven't gotten to that stage yet!

This 2ww is getting unbearable! I am so depressed because I don't think that it is working. I don't feel any different and if I had to describe it, I would say I feel "empty". I just wish that there was some way they could tell us earlier and end this agony sooner then 2weeks. Thanks for letting me vent!


cassandra - April 6

Trying in NH , I'm going through those same emotions! Baby dust to you.....cassandra


WantsBaby2 - April 6

Hello girls,
Sometimes women don't feel anything right away when they are first pregnant. So don't be negative girls!!!! Stay positive. It could still be happening for you!


Fortyfour - April 7

Its probably the hormones making you feel this way. You wont notice a change for awhile when pg. hang in there.


cassandra - April 8

NH, how are you feeling? I'm glad you don't have to do progesterone. I had never felt so whacked out in my life taking it. The first week was the worst. I'm feeling better. When is your blood test again? cassandra


Trying in NH - April 8

I go to my regular ob/gyn for this stuff. They do everything there which makes it nice that I go to my own dr start to finish. I don't have to go in for blood work, they said if I don't get my AF to test on the 16 day after my hcg. Praying for postive on April 16!! You are testing this weekend correct?? Good luck, my thoughts are with you. Loads of baby dust!!

Thanks everybody for your support!!!


Pkatt51 - April 10

Please stay positive! Every month when I went to take my pt prior to the iui we will be starting this week, i was sure it wasnt' going to be bfp. But now I realize that maybe that is part of my problem, i don't thik i can so i'm not conceiving. I am positive now this iui will work, but if for some reason it doesn't then the next one for sure will. Just please be happy and keep a positive outlook...maybe that will up our chances!
Good luck, lost of baby dust, and positive thoughts!

Heather ;D


Fortyfour - April 10

Good luck with your test on the 16th NH. It is ok to feel down and not positive at times. Maybe you will get a nice surprise. Take care.


SMS1129 - April 16

Trying in NH,

How did your test go today??? Let us know! I hope it is a +++++ for you!



Trying in NH - April 20

Well it didn't work. I didn't hold much hope with only one mature follie. I ended up getting really bad cysts cramps due to one rupturing but we got the go ahead to try again this month. We shall see.....................


cassandra - April 21

TryinginNH, I was so sorry to read it didn't work for you this time. :(
The ups and downs of this rollercoaster are very scary. I hope to see you trying again soon. Hugs to you...cassandra


WantsBaby2 - April 21

I am so sorry sweetie. Nothing is worse than seeing that negative after all that time and energy. Just be sad as long as you need to be and know that we are here for you. I hope you feel better soon.



TTC in SoCal - April 23

trying in nh.... that really sucks. i'm so sorry. next cycle is a new one, so hang in there!!!!


SMS1129 - April 24

Trying in NH,

I understand your disappointment and am glad to see you moving forward. That is the best we can do.

Take care and keep us posted,



Fortyfour - April 24

Trying in NH. sorry about the no go. Good luck next month.



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