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kiki - April 23

Hi, I am brand new- just joined after reading all the supportive & caring posts and wanted to be a part of this!! I do have a question, I am 7 days past my 1st IUI and all week I have had mild cramping sort of, it's kind of just light pressure low in my pelvis- and wondered if anyone else has experienced this- and what does it mean? I am PCOS, my DH has decent sperm, we have been trying for a year & 1/2, and had a blighted ovum last August after just 5 weeks of being PG. That is how I found out I was PCOS and not producing any progesterone. Since January I have been on Clomid- 100mg, last 2 months have had Repronex shots and HCG Shot to make me ovulate- now I'm on Progesterone pills. Any advise would be really appreciated!!! ::)


WantsBaby2 - April 24

Hi Kiki,
Welcome to the site! Goodluck with your IUI. I hope it brings you a wonderful ++++ at the end of your wait! There has been many successes on this site lately and I hope you can join the other girls.

I only know what I have felt in the past. I am not a doctor, but I think that sometimes the stimulation meds make you crampy and achy. That is what I have found because the only time I feel this is when I have taken the stimulating meds. For me it is kind of a sharp crampy feeling. I hope this helps! Keep us posted and let us know what is going on. Take care.



BabyBound - April 24

Hi Kiki, welcome to the site. The girls here are wonderful.

Well, I'm 11 dpiui and all of my achy, crampy feelings are gone. I think most of the girls who've done IUI had this feeling as well. I told my dh that it felt like they inserted air in my uterus, becasue of the pressure pain. It lasted for the better part of the 2WW...now I only have 3 days to go and don't have that feeling anymore. The most I feel now is tiredness. This too was my first IUI.

When do you test? I pray for big +++++'s for you.


kiki - April 24

Thank you both for the welcome & the +++ thoughts!! Much appreciated!! :D It makes sense that these pangs would be from the stimulation meds, as they seem to be getting lighter & lighter with each day. I guess I was just hoping maybe it was a positive thing- since the way I found out I was PG the 1st time, was by going to the dr for a bladder infection- they gave me these meds that said -do not take if chance of being pg- so the HPT showed ++. Wishful thinking I guess!
I test next Sunday morning, but from reading some other chat online- I'm trying not to get my hopes up. I told my DH that we may have to do 5-6 IUI before moving to the next step, just to kind of plant the seed that it may take a while for this as well. I don't know if I was trying to convince him or myself!? I too have been extremely tired this week, I thought it was the progesterone pills, but I'm glad to hear this is normal. Anyhow- thanks again for the advise, keep me posted & I'll keep my fingers crossed for you both & oceans of baby dust!


Fortyfour - April 24

Kiki, Welcome to the site and baby dust to you. I havent done iui in years but i did an ivf with donor egg. I was crampy for a week after both. First one pg, second one not pg. I think it is those darm hormones.

Good luck and let us know how it turns out.

Baby dust!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


JJ - April 25

Hi Kiki,
I felt the same way that you have felt after my first IUI. I believe that most of it was from the medication that I was taking. Best of luck to you.



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