IUI-Male Factor, Endo and Age..Success?
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Shelley M - October 10

After 16 years of ttc without any ART, and a diagnosis of severe male factor infertility, we think we have finally made the decision to attempt IUI using donor sperm. (We have been in a constant state of flux between ART and adoption just because of the inability to manipulate male fertility without getting into a cost bracket that we juat can not afford..) However, at this point I am 36 years old. Not only that, but I have been treated for endometriosis in the past, and I have no idea if it may have come back. If there is ANYONE who has a similar situatuion and used donor sperm, I would love for you to share your experience with me...good or bad.


Juniper - October 11

Hi Shelley,

I have endo, which is getting increasingly worse, and have had one operation (6 months ago). My husband has fairly bad male factor infertility. We tried IUI with his sperm and it was not successful. The doctor anticipated so much but we had to satisfy our insurance company's requirement of doing a more conservative method first. Now we are in the middle of an IVF cycle with ICSI. That way, all they need is one good sperm and they bypass my tubes, etc., which are scarred, damaged and blocked by my endo. They are hopeful that this will work after one or two cycles. I hope pray it does. Good luck to you! I hope you are successful! By the way, my friend went through early menopause and she had IVF with donor eggs. They have beautiful twin girls now!


baby4us - October 11

Hi Shelley... Good luck on your IUI.... success rates differ so much from person to person... I have been going through my cycles with a "ccyle buddy" at my clinic... and she has severe endo... I believe she had an operation a few years ago.. they also have mild male factor and she is in her late 30s... and has just completed her 3rd IUI... I know her first 2 IUIs were more to help regulate her cycle... but she is meeting with her doc soon to get an update on how things have gone so far... once I hear I will let you know.

Good luck!



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