Is anyone ready to start a new IVF cycle?
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Asunflower - July 31

Well I asked my RE and swimming is fine. It was written on my ET discharge papers but I asked just to be sure. I go to Shady Grove and my nurse told me today that it is fine. No worries and that is is actually a good thing to do right now.

Forty Four- Hope today is good news!

Holly by Golly- How is your wait going?

Shansy- It won't be long now before your big ER day! Keep us posted!

Helena- Thanks for checking on the swimming for me. It helps to hear it from other sources as well!


rapinh - July 31

Hello everyone!

I am in the final day of the 2WW--I can take my 1st blood test tomorrow. I am back and forth on how I feel-pg or not. I have had mild cramps for a few days, achy bbs, and some heartburn--nothing I can't blame on the progesterone shots, so I am not assured either way. I hate the mindgames and all the time it seems I suddenly have to mull all this over and over and over...

I am hopeful for you today forty-four. Best of luck, and remember, regardless of the results, we are here for YOU! I also pass my best thoughts and wishes for the rest of you in your journey, wherever you may be.

I'll check in tomorrow with my results--thanks for all your encouragement and prayers, I appreciate every bit of it. I'm so glad I have you ladies!!!!

Holly by Golly


Fortyfour - August 1

Hi everyone- Deslyn- I am so happy that your numbers doubled (almost). I am also more nervous about my 48 hour blood test than my initial. Then its waiting to see if there is a heartbeat. Baby dust to all.

I got a positive and hcg was 44. Lower than I wanted to see but we will see wedns. results. Yeah!!!!!!!


Mel1975 - August 1

Hi are you? My name is Mel . When did you first found out that you were pergnant?


shansy - August 1


Keep us posted.



Fortyfour - August 1

Thanks Shansy.

Mel. I just found out today.


Asunflower - August 1

Congrats! I hope ethis is it for you! I know that feeling waitign to make sure it doubles. I had that happen to me! Keep us posted!

Holly by Golly- Any news today?


rapinh - August 1

Congrats to forty four! I am so happy for you and your BFP!

As for my results, I received a BFN. I am very disappointed and have no idea where we will go from here--we didn't even talk about what would happen if it didn't work. I am thinking now may be a good time for a break from all this for me--I don't know if I can handle another BFN after all this work.

Best of luck to the rest of you in your cycles. I will check in periodically and see how all of you are doing. Baby dust to you all!


Asunflower - August 1

Holly by Golly,
Sorry about your news. I have had 2 BFN so I know how you feel. Stay strong and pray. The Lord will show you his plan! God bless you!


shansy - August 1

Holly by Golly- So sorry to hear about your BFN. I was praying this time was it for you. Please keep in touch and let us know what you decide you are going to do next.

Asunflower- when do you do your blood test? I am sending you buckets of babydust.

How about everyone else? How are you all doing?

I went yesterday for b/w only and my E2 went from 67 on Friday a.m. (we started stims Friday night) to 435 which the nurse said was great. Today I went in for b/w and ultrasound. My ultrasound showed that I have 24 follies right now and my E2 came back at 673 today. I am on 300 units of Gonal F and 5 units of Lupron. I go back tomorrow for yet another u/s and more b/w. I will be there everyday this week up until trigger shot time.

Just curious- what dosage did everyone else do of their stims??

Take care everyone and think positive.


rapinh - August 1

Thanks for all the support ladies, I know you truly understand how I feel, unlike so many of my fertile myrtle friends. :)

Asunflower--how did you personally find the motivation to go through more IVF's after a bfn? I know my pain is fresh, but I just don't know that doing the same thing again is going to change much. I'd appreciate any thoughts you feel comfortable sharing--I know everyone deals with things differently and it sounds like you have a strong sense of faith. I was not raised in a religious household and while I do believe in God, I do not have a solid christian foundation to fall back on. Thanks--

Shansy--sounds like things are setting up in a positive manner. I did 5 units of Lupron and varied levels of fsh--2 days of 150, 3 days of 300, and 4 days of 375, the change in response to my estraidol levels. Any idea when you will trigger??

Keep on keeping on ladies!


Fortyfour - August 1

Holly by Golly - So sorry about your BFN. It is such a let down. What were you hcg levels when the baby did not grow, if i may ask?. My first pg they didnt double until the 4th test and baby lived until 8 weeks.
It is so hard to know what the right thing to do is. Time will tell. Give it some time. Darcie


Asunflower - August 1

Holly- At first I said I would not even want to try again. I was angry and felt so alone. But then I knew in my heart that I wanted to have a baby and I was determined to give it everything I had to make it happen. So I got myself right back into another cycle as soon as I could and was ready to be positive and learn from the first cycle. The second cycle went much better. My meds changed a bit and we got such great results and I did get a BFP at first but my beta did not double. It went down, it was only a chemical pregnancy. That filled me with even more determination, once I got through the grief and anger and set myself up for a BFP. I was once again willing to risk it all to make it happen no matter what. I was not going to give up my life long dream after only 2 tries. I was better than that and I was ready to do whatever it takes. I have been a Christian since I was young. I just went through the motions for many years because it was all that I know, but I tell you that only through this process has my faith gotten stronger. I believed in God but I did not put my faith in him for my future. He does have a future planned for me and for all of us and we need to ask him for our wants. If we don't ask, we cannot receive. If we prayed to him and he gave us what we wanted right away then we would fall into praying for everything and expect to get it right away and we would not be thankful to the good Lord for answering our prayers. We need to be consistent in our prayers all of the time. I have learned that through this process and I have to trust his plan. Even if you don't have a strong faith or are not saved, you can always pray to God. He hears everyone's prayers. And what do you have to loose? If anything, you can get your fears and frustrations and anger out of your system. He will listen to everything and he will show you his plan. Why not let go and let God handle some of your pain for you? That is why he died on the cross for you. It is ok to be angry with God. He wants to hear from us no matter what. I don't want to "preach" to you but sometimes that is all we have left to do- pray. I hope that I have not offended you Holly with my testimoy. I just wanted you to know where I got the strength from to do this voer and over agin and God is my answer. My DH is not too shabby either. He is my stronghold and helps me through everything by being positive always!


Asunflower - August 1

Shansy- I test next Monday! Say a prayer for me and these embryos!


HelenaS - August 2

Hello Holly,

I'm so very sorry to hear about your news. Take the time you need to grieve. Don't try and be too strong. Crying, anger, fear and frustration can be very therapeutic. It's you minds way of healing and preparing you to go on stronger than ever. If you do decide to try again, the doctor will have learned a little more from this first cycle and will be able to apply their knowledge to better another cycle. I'm not a very religious person, but I do feel we are not on our own. This is why I pray. I grew up in a very Catholic household, and didn't think much about what it all meant when I was heading to church ever Sunday for mass an Catechism. Now that I'm older I've been thinking a lot about what I truly believe in. I haven't come to any conclusions except one. I believe there is someone watching over us, someone who will listen when we want to pray or just talk. Someone much bigger than us who we can derive strength and comfort from if we choose. Someone who does not judge. So I think no matter what you believe you can find strength in that. Keep strong. Strength will come from others when you are unable to find it yourself. I'll be praying for you and thinking of you. Hang in there.



HelenaS - August 2

Hello Ladies,

Deslyn, I hope things are still going positive for you. BABY DUST!

Darcie, Great news. I'm glad to hear about you BFP.

Shannon, I took .50 mg of Lupron for 10 days, .25 mg Lupron for the next 11 day. Took 4 amps Bravelle and 2 amps Repronex for 2 days and then went down to 2 amps Bravelle and 2 amps Repronex for 9 days.

Sunflower, I'm crossing my fingers for your Monday test and am sending you tons of baby dust. You're positive words to Holly I think touched us all. You seem to be such a source of strength for this group and we would like nothing more than to return the favor. Know that we are all sending you our strong positive thoughts and prayers.

As for me, I did my ER today. Everything went very well. They retreived 11 eggs from each ovary. I find out tomorrow how many fertilized. Thursday I start the dreaded Progesterone shots and Friday is when they perform the ET. I'm a little sore today and have slept most of my day away which felt strange, but all and all it was a good day.

Good Night, and a showering of baby dust to all.



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