Is anyone ready to start a new IVF cycle?
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HelenaS - July 27

Hello Ladies,

Colleen, I think the “dripping” problem is a common one. You're doing great.

Deslynn, don't second guess good news. Just enjoy it for what it is. I'm finding with this whole process there is a very large range for "normal." Congratulations. BABY DUST, BABY DUST, BABY DUST!

DianeEvans, I'm sending you good wishes for a smooth and successful transfer. BABY DUST, BABY DUST, BABY DUST!

Sunflower and HollyByGolly, I hope you are both doing well, resting and thinking positive pink and blue thoughts. I'm sending you positive vibes!

I went into today to have a look at my follicles. All looks great. I go in Sunday for a quick once over, if everything has progress sufficiently the will instruct me to administer the HCG to push the eggs through the final stages of maturation. I'll head in on Tuesday for ER and Friday for transfer. WOW! This is all going very fast. It's exciting. I started Lovenox today. Talk about a dripper. It's a blood thinner so there was a nice little trail of blood dribbling down my tummy. It stopped in 30 seconds. I was warned that that might happen, but it was still strange to see. Is anyone else taking Lovenox?

Also, is anyone having to do IVIG treatment?

Good Night!


rapinh - July 27

Hi all--
Thought I'd check in so everyone knows I'm still alive and reading all your posts. I am very excited for those of you having your transfers in the coming days. Good luck and take advantage of all the bed rest!

I don't have much to report--just hanging out in the 2WW trying not to drive myself crazy. My bloating and uncomfortableness has significantly subsided so I am grateful for that. As the days pass, I am feeling more like a human and less like a science experiement gone wrong! :)

Take care ladies--it's supposed to be very hot in much of the US this weekend so lay low and drink much H2O!



DianaEvans2 - July 28

HOWDY ladies!

Thanks so much for the baby dust HelenaS! Good luck for your final days of stims as well. Not sure what Lovenox is for except in thinning blood?....but I agree....the whole process is exciting and certainly bodes well for what might be. The science is fascinating to say the least.

Good luck Holly by Golly and Asunflower! The 2 WW is just that.

Got to hit the hay to get up early for that 60 mile schlepp to the clinic. MUCH BABY DUST TO ALL!


deslynn - July 28

Thanks to those of you wishing me lots of happy baby dust! I think this waiting for the 2nd blood test was worse than the 2WW. Tomorrow is the day...I am hopeful for large number increases. I had a little heart to heart with that darling baby struggling to grow inside me :)!

Helena - what is IVIG? I haven't heard of that.

Baby Dust to all!!!


HelenaS - July 28

Hello Ladies,

Lovenox is a blood thinner. Apparenly I test positive for both (heterzygous) for genetic polymorphisms in the MTHFR test. I believe this means I have a propensity to develope blood clots--Yah for me :-\. They usually prescripe Heperin for this but because I test postive for APA (anitiphospholipid antibodies) they perscribe Lovenox instead.

Deslynn, Regarding IVIG it's an immunilogical treatment. I test very high for NK cells. NK cells attack foreign or harmful cells in the body (ie cancerous tumors). In some instances your NK cells may go into over drive and attach embryos as they are, in essence, foreign cell in a woman's body. It is thought that this may be the cause of recurring m/c. Intraveneous Immunoglobulin (IVIG) suppress the activity of these NK cells. You're lucky you've not heard of this treatment, it ridiculously expensive, but if it help, it help. I'm wishing you lots of luck today.



shansy - July 28

Hi everyone!

Well, I went back to RE today to see if my E2 levels finally went down and I just got the call- they are at 67, not the perfect 50 they wanted, but my RE said it is close enough for him and I get to start my Gonal-F shots tonight!! Yeah!!!!!!!! I feel like I am finally getting started for real now. :) I go back on Monday for b/w and they told me to expect to be there everyday next week for u/s and more b/w. Hopefully, I will be doing my ER in 10-12 days from now!!!

Well, I am glad to hear everyone is having great cycles. Hang in there you 2 ww'rs!!! (I know, easier said than done, huh?)

Fortyfour- I am praying for you and hoping you get fantastic news on the 31st.

Babydust to ALL!



deslynn - July 28

Well ladies, my 2nd HCG went up from 14 to 21. The nurse seemed pleased...I am still a little cautious. As long as they keep increasing I will be happy. Thanks for all the baby dust! :)

Helenas- thanks for the IVIG explanation. I have never heard of that before. I hope the treatments work for you.

Baby dust to everyone!


HelenaS - July 28

Hi Ladies,

Shansy, I'm so glad you E2 levels dropped enough to get things going. That's great news! Once you start the stimis things really feel like they kick into hyperdrive. Good luck.

Desylnn, as Jimmy Buffett says, "a little bit is better than nada!" Your doing great, keep up those little heart to heart talks I think they can do nothing but good! I'll be blowing baby dust your way.

I'm very excited. I recieve the results from my 2nd NKC test today, and the IVIG treatment (and acupuncture:)) resulted in such a drastically lower number of NKC that my RE said I do not have to go back for another treatment until we establish a positive pregnancy test. Hippee!

Baby Dust to All!



rapinh - July 28

Congrats shansy and deslynn! I love days when there is nothing but good news all over the link!!!!!

I wish you nothing but luck shansy--sounds like your RE is going to keep very close watch on you throughout the cycle. This is your 2nd IVF, right? I'm sorry I don't remember. If I remember correctly you've done the stims and know what you're in for.

Deslynn, hang in there sister! I'm glad to hear your HCG is going up. I am only concerned for you based on what I've been through myself with low HCG levels. I will be praying for you and your baby.

Keep the good news coming our way--those of us in the 2WW definitely want some too!

Take care ladies! Holly


shansy - July 29

Deslynn- Congratulations!! Glad to hear things are working in your favor! :)

I have a question for everyone-
Is anyone doing Lupron and Gonal-F? If so, do you do the shots at the same time in the evening? I just started both yesterday and we did them back to back- didn't know if this was OK or not, figured it was, but thought I would ask you guys what you do.

Also, we have been storing our Gonal-F in the refrigerator and our Lupron just at room temperature. We accidentally left both in the car (for a couple of hours) today- (we thought we were going to be away from home all day). It is extremely hot here today =94 degrees and now I am worried that we may have damaged the meds- does anyone have any insight into this? I posted on Dr. Jacobs thread. It is Sunday so I can't call the RE or the pharmacy where we got the meds. I can't believe we forgot about them!! We had them in the console where it is protected from the sun, but I am still worried they may not be the same now. Maybe I'm worrying too much, I tend to do that a lot these days!!! :-\

Well, I hope all is well with everyone and I'm sending positive vibes out to all. :)



HelenaS - July 30

Hi Shansy,

I just finished the last of my stimi injections today, Lupron, Bravelle and Repronex. We did them all back to back just never at the same site. I was instructed that this was okay.

Regarding the medication and temperature, I have no idea. The package for Bravelle and Gonal F say you can store it in the refrig or at room temp up to 77 degrees, but I don't know how hot it can get in the console of your car. Hopefully, Dr. Jacobs can advise you on that. Is there a telephone number listed on the package that you can call for 24 hr emergency questions?

I can completely sympathize with you on worrying all them time. These days if there isn't anything to worry about, I'll start making things up worry about. It's absolute lunacy :P!


shansy - July 30

Well just to be on the safe side, we were able to get new Lupron and I have extra Gonal-F that I am using, so I am just going to discard the "cooked" meds. :)

I am already feeling very bloated and I have only been on the stims since Friday! I go back tomorrow for b/w and I hope I am not hyperstimulating!

Hope all is well with everyone!!



Asunflower - July 31

Good Morning-
How is everyone? I am down to my 1ww and I have no symptoms. That bugs me a little but I am trying to stay positive. I have been told that I can swim but I heard that some clinics don't allow it. Does anyone have any experience with that?


HelenaS - July 31

Hi Asunflower,

Don't worry about not feeling any symptoms of pregnancy, when I was pregnant with my daughter I felt absolutly nothing until 2 days after I tested positive. We were trying to get pregnant and I was truly looking for any little hint of a sign. I was floored when we saw the positive result because I felt nothing out of the norm prior to that.

Regarding swimming: I'm am an avid swimmer, and enjoyed the sport while pregnant with my first child. It's such a relaxing excersize and I would think it would be okay, but I would defer to the advise of my RE. You've come this far by dilligenly following the rules You're on the home stretches now. It doesn't hurt to ask, the worst your doctor can say is "no." Good luck!

All Best,



shansy - July 31

Hello everyone,

I asked my RE's office if I could swim since as I have a pool and it has been very hot here lately. They said after the ER and the ET they would not advise swimming to be on the safe side. I'm sure it is just a precautionary suggestion. Hope this helps and good luck to you.
Also, I have heard of many women who have not had any symptoms while being pregnant- hopefully this is the case for you as well!

How is everyone else doing?? Fortyfour- I think today you are getting your results? I am keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Deslynn- When do you go back for your next blood test?

Well, I hope all is well with everyone. Buckets of babydust to us all!

Shannon :)


Asunflower - July 31

Well I asked my RE and swimming is fine. It was written on my ET discharge papers but I asked just to be sure. I go to Shady Grove and my nurse told me today that it is fine. No worries and that is is actually a good thing to do right now.

Forty Four- Hope today is good news!

Holly by Golly- How is your wait going?

Shansy- It won't be long now before your big ER day! Keep us posted!

Helena- Thanks for checking on the swimming for me. It helps to hear it from other sources as well!



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