Is anyone ready to start a new IVF cycle?
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Asunflower - July 18

Holly by Golly,
I triggered last night and I go for ER on Wednesday as well. We will be putting back 3. This is 3rd IVF attempt and I am 31 and DH is 35 so we are ready for anything. My DH is a twin and he wants twiins badly. I am to the point where I will take anything!

Hope all gose well for you on Wednesday! Keep me posted!


CPape - July 18

Good luck girls! Wednesday sounds like big day for you both! My fingers are crossed and may everything go smoothly! I am excited to hear how your eggs did and how many you both transfer! Fingers crossed and baby dust to you both for great quality and smooth retreivals and transfers!!!!!!!!

Shansy, sorry to hear about your level going up. I know the frustration. I am waiting for my next appointment (monday the 24th) to see if my fsh went down enough to start stim. My fingers are crossed for both of us to start this process and get things moving and growing!!!

How is everyone doing? Good spirits? My positive thoughts are will all of you!!!! Where is everyone else in the cycle this week? If you need anything.....write!



rapinh - July 18

Catherine--Thanks for the positive vibes! It is so nice to connect with people who really understand what is going on! I will be thinking of you as well, hoping you can finally begin on your journey!

Asunflower--Would you post how you go about giving the progesterone shots?? I recall you having good advice on how to do it and I know I'll be giving them tomorrow, so I'd love to hear your protocol. Good luck tomorrow, I'll be thinking of you when I'm at the RE!

I may not post for a few days, but I'll be thinking of all of you! Best of luck ladies!


Asunflower - July 19

Holly By Golly,
Good luck today! To do the PIO shots, you should try to ice the spot on your butt abuot 10-15 minutes before the shot, this really helps. Rub the progesterone in the syringe between your hands to warm it up a bit (it thins it out a little)Then after wards, rub or have your DH rub the area to get the progesterone through your body. You can then try to sit on a heating pad for a few minutes to help the progesterone dispurse as well. It is not bad but it gets sore after a few days of it as you would figure. Good luck! Baby dust to us both!


HelenaS - July 19

Hello Ladies,

Holly, I'm giggling to myself because I'm desperately trying to figure out what DH literally translates to. I know what you mean, but I can't figure out what the letters actually stand for. I've been coming up with some pretty funny options. What does it stand for. My husband has been giving me the shots. He doesn't like it all that much but he is being a wonderful sport about it. I'm crossing my fingers for a good ER for you today (Wed.)

DianaEvans, thank you for your progesterone tips. The more I learn the less anxious I am. Icing, massaging and heating should all help. I'm still nervous, but it's a good nervous. I start my FSH and HMG today, things are rolling along and I'm getting so excited. The thought that I could be pregnant by Aug 2 is so strange. I'm hopeful.

Sunflower, I think today is your ER day! I'm sending you lots of Baby Dust. I'm sending it to all of you. It's so nice to hear you and Holly discuss you cycles. Since you both are about 2 wks ahead of me, it's like getting to see a sneak peak into what I can expect. You both are so positive that it's making me less and less anxious and more and more excited.



Asunflower - July 19

All went well. They only got 18 eggs but that is still great. I juste expected more. I will let you know the fertiilzation report tomorrow. But for now lots of rest as I am pretty sore!


rapinh - July 20

Hello ladies!

HelenaS--you crack me up! DH is an abbreviation I picked up from another board--it stands for Dear Husband. Not that he always qualifies under that name...ladies you know what I mean...but it's easier than spelling the "hubby" part out everytime.

Asunflower--thanks for the tips on progesterone injections. The icing helped, but I can tell that these shots will leave me sore!

My ER went very well yesterday. They called today to tell me that I had 12 eggs retrieved and of those, 9 fertilized. We did not have to use ICSI, so that was a relief financially and emotionally for us. I am sore today but nothing I can't handle. We go in tomorrow morning for the transfer and since we still don't know the quality of the embies, we are still toying with putting back 2 or 3, a decision we will of course finalize tomorrow.

I'll keep in touch and you girls do the same! Asunflower, you are one super egg producer! I was happy with 12--I would've been estatic with 18! You go girl!!!!

I'll check in later--Holly by Golly


Fortyfour - July 20

Good luck all with your transfers. I am so glad I do not have to go through the stimulations and retrievals. The progesterone shots really burn in butt for 3-4 days no matter what I do so I empathize with you all. We do the FET tomorrow and we are thawing 8 and then we will see how many are any good for transfer. Twins would be fine but triplets would make me worry all the time. baby dust to all. See you in the 2WW.


Asunflower - July 21

Well my report is out of 18, 15 were mature and 11 fertilized so that is great I think. I will keep you all posted on the embies progress!

Fourty-Four, Good luck tommorow. I will say a prayer for you!

PS-What shots did you have to take prior to the FET?


shansy - July 21

Asunflower- everything sounds great so far for you! I will keep my fingers crossed that this is the one!!

Well, I went back today for my blood and u/s to see if my E2 level finally went down so that I can begin the stims- it did go down from 113 last week to 95 this week, but it is still too high. They want it at 50 or below. I am feeling so discouraged and sad right now. I will be going on my 4th week of Lupron with no stims. Is this supposed to be a sign?? I just can't believe it is taking this long and I am worried about pushing it so far back that the ER and ET fall when I am back at work. I wanted to do it this summer so I could just focus on it solely and relax- now I am stressing.

Sorry to be going on and on, but I am just really down today. I have been so excited to get started and this waiting is killing me- I feel like I have done enough waiting, ya know?

Well, good luck to everyone else and buckets of babydust!

Fortyfour- I am thinking of you today. Good luck.


Asunflower - July 21

That stinks! Hang it there. Timing is everything and everything happens in its own time. Maybe it is just a sign that your body wouldn't be ready for a baby! I know it is frustrating but pray about it and hopefully you will get some answers! Good luck!


rapinh - July 22

Hi girls--
I'm so sorry that your levels are still not where they need to be shansy. I also feel your need to have this done in the summer--I was grateful things worked out so I could do this during the summer when life is less stressful. Keep positive--I have found that even during the times when I am really bummed, when I look back in retrospect, it always happens for a reason.

I had the two highest quality embies transferred this morning so I am into the bedrest/waiting portion of this event. I can test on August 1st so I am just counting the days.

Given that I have not been through this before I am surprised at how sore my abdomen and ovaries are. Is this normal ladies? I feel much like I did when I had laproscopic surgery--most of you made it sound like you were 100% the next day. Does anyone care to comment on this?? I'm trying to get a feel for "normal" pain.

You're all in my thoughts and prayers, baby dust to us all.
Holly by Golly


Asunflower - July 22

Holly By GOlly,
I am still sore and you will be fore a few more days. It is normal. Think about all that they did down there! IT makes sense but it is just not fair. Take it easy and enjoy your bed rest time. It really helps! Keep me posted! GOod luck!


DianaEvans2 - July 22

Great to hear about your retrieval, HollybyGolly! I recall being a little sore after the last IVF....but slept off the anathesia most of the rest of the day and felt good enough to go to work the next week. I do desk work, but kept my walking to labs in the building to a minimum. After transfer day, I took 3 days off work, plus the weekend and did lots of reading and minimal movement (but I wasn't sore at all). It worked! I became pregnant but miscarried 8 weeks along.

I'm looking forward to retrieval because that means there are enough larger follicles to make it worth while. (I had one cycle at a different clinic cancelled 9 days into it because of only one dominant follicle and never made it to retrieval). My other two complete cycles were much better with 8 and 11 follicles/oocytes retreived. Retrieval means a POSITIVE hurdle is overcome, so the soreness is very minor in my mind. Actually, the IV in the hand was the most annoying thing about retrieval. I'm targeting retrieval next Sunday as I am praying for a smooth ramp up to that point.

The transfer back is a breeze and another happy occassion! MUCH BABYDUST TO ALL! Diana


Fortyfour - July 22

Thank you ladies for your kind thoughts.

Shansy - sorry about your estrogen levels. Yeah I know about tired of waiting. It had been a year between FET's.

Asunflower.- I just did estrogen and progesteron shots before transfer. My breasts are already huge from all the hormones.

One of the embies was a full blast and 2 were almost ones so we transferred 3. I take the pg test on the 31st. My cervix was really sore afterwards this time. and I hurt most of the day down there but no big deal. My way to deal with stress is to be active so this bedrest is hard for me.

Take care all and baby dust to all.


shelly 123 - July 24

[quote author=Asunflower link=board=8;threadid=2575;start=0#20927 date=1151091575]
This is going to be my third attempt at IVF. In Jan. we had 2 embryos transferred on day 3, BFN. Then we tried again in April had 2 embryos transferred on day 5, BFP, but turned out to be a chemical pregnancy. I am going to begin Lupron next Wednesday and was looking for a buddy to share this cycle with.



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