Is anyone ready to start a new IVF cycle?
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CPape - July 10

Thanks to you too Holly by Golly! You're right, it is only 2 weeks, I've waited this long, it shouldn' t be that big of a deal.

Hopefully the uppage in your dosage won't give you too much trouble, it's so hard to feel so bloated and huge and then to hear you have to up it again. The end is so, so worth it!! Best of luck!!!!!!

Baby dust to all!


HelenaS - July 11

Hello Asunflower,

I have spent the better part of today reading through the previous posts. It's a remarkable window into the future. It's so nice to hear everyone so candidly speak about what they are going through and what I can expect.

Our daughter was a bit of a miracle I suppose. We always thought we’d have to do IVF, but we thought we’d push our luck and try naturally, 6 months later weren’t we surprised. Nine months after her birth we started trying for baby number two and were met with 2 miscarriages, one very early on and one at 10 weeks. It’s been 10 months of trying since the last miscarriage with absolutely no luck, so we decided to start down the IVF road. Now it seems our one problem (male factor) has fractioned off into several: NK cells, MTHFR tests, and so on and so forth. Knowing what I know now, I truly can't believe it was so easy to conceive our daughter. I still have yet to get an answer on how we did it. We are so thankful for her; She has made the disappointment of the last 19months much more bearable.

I’m still trying to get up to speed on the lingo for this forum. I’m sending good luck to your follies…I hope your forecast calls for ER this weekend. I love everyone's positive attitude on these's contagious.

A sprinkle of Baby Dust to all...Good Night!


Asunflower - July 11

Well I am still slow moving. I have 6 on one side and 8 on the other, still small though. Meds stay the same and I go back on Thursday. I guess it won't happen this weekend. Maybe Monday!


HelenaS - July 11

Hello All,

I just receive my package of medication. Prior to this the only needle I had seen was the one for my Lupron (very small and non-threatening). With this latest package I received my Progesterone Oil, Bravelle, Repronex and Lovenox. The size of the needles are less than comforting. Are there any techniques to administering injections that might be helpful to someone who has never done this before and is just more than a little frightened :~?


Asunflower - July 11

The shots for everything except for Progesterone are not too bad. The needles used to get the meds are bigger. Then you change to a smaller one to inject. Some of the meds sting a little. The worst one is the progesterone. You will need to ice before hand. Just hang in there. Think about the long term results not the short term painful needles!


rapinh - July 12

Hello ladies--

Asunflower--happy to hear that things are going along for you. I am also slow mover, 5 on one side, 7 on the other. I too am going to get checked on Thursday to see what happens next; my RE told me my earliest retrieval date will be Wed the 19th. Did your RE tell you earlier? Also, I can't recall with all the interactions--do you have a child already through previous fertility stuff?

HelenaS--As I go through the med's I am secretly dreading the progesterone shots too. All the tummy shots use small needles--it's only the progesterone and HCG (in my case) that use the bigger needles. It's only once a day and it can't be that bad--is someone else going to administer them for you? DH is definitely getting involved in my shots, and I know he is secretly dreading that day, too.

Glad to hear things are smoothly progressing on for both of you--isn't it interesting that by the end of the cycle, there's a good shot that some to most of us will be pregnant! Science is just fascinating and amazing!

Holly by Golly


DianaEvans2 - July 13

Hello Helena:

just read the other posts. Only the progestrone and HcG shots are toughies as they are "intramuscalar" (the tush generally) whereas Lupron and others are "subcutaneous" (being belly fat generally). For the tush shots, ice down your selected spot for about 3 or so minutes (I look for a slightly red "cold" spot on my pale skin-if you are a different hue, I apologize as I don't know), have DH or a girlfriend/sis/etc lined up to do the shot in the tush. "med/clinic lingo". After the shot in the tush, I rubbed in circles for a min or less and applied a heating pad for 5 to 10 min to help disperse the progestrone below the skin. There are cool heating pads that you can zap in the microwave that really retain heat well, so you can prepare that before the shot. Look in Wal-Mart or Target. About $10 and well worth the investment.

On rare occassions, I've done it myself, but it is a real reach and the best I end up is one tush side and not fun. I had to take progestrone for about 8 weeks given the previous pregnancy (result mc in the end). So it was a logistical thing that was a bit tough. I stuck to a really regular schedule at night well before bed-time. Just before 8 pm was shot time and then I rewarded myself with a fav TV show. During the 8 weeks, my DH was away for 2 on reserve duty, so I had lined up 3 excellent girlfriends on a rotating schedule. Keeping a sense of humor, I got to be a "real pain in the butt" to my friends. Hahaha!

I've heard others say that drinking Gatorade or V-8 is a way to help reduce the bloating from progestrone. It may help. In my case, I got very round fast from the whole process and looked like I was 4 months plus pregers, but I figured I was going to look more round soon anyways. (I wish that had been the case) I love V-8 and the extra vegie vitamins don't hurt, so why not?

Depending on your clinic, you may only be on progestrone shots for the 2 weeks up to the time they confirm your pregnancy or not. You may switch to suppositories or continue shots, if pregers. Your RE can discuss your protocol. I just focus on the positive and that all the shots are well worth the end result. There is no memory of the tush pain. The brain is amazing in that way. Actually, that the whole science and technology is at this stage is fascinating and it is a priveledge/honor to be able to access such science. I just wish I'd live another 100 plus years to see what happens. Hope this helps. Keep the faith that all good babydust will come to you and build your family for you. Diana


Asunflower - July 13

Hey Everyone,
I had my next Dr. visit today. I have 16 follicles on one side all about 12mm and about 8 on the rotehr about the same size. Looks like I may not go until Monday! oh well I don't want to rush this and not have mature embryos!


deslynn - July 14

Hi ladies!

Catherine - Sorry to hear about your levels. Since this is my first IVF cycle I have not specifically experienced your situation, but I did feel that frustration when we were doing clomid for AI. Two months in a row we were cancelled due to a cyst. I almost didn't make it home from my appointment because I was in such hysterics. And of course that was the one appointment my husband couldn't attend...and I didn't think it was any big deal because it was just a baseline ultrasound.

I have been reading about the progesterone shots you all have been discussing. I took my second one today and I am not thinking they are that bad...but like all of you are stating I have also heard they are the most difficult. I personally feel that the Bravelle and Menopur shots in the stomach were much worse. They hurt like a son of a gun. Do the progesterone shots get worse as you go along? I am using the heating pad afterwards and massaging the site. Anyone...please let me know your experience.

Also, I was able to combine my shots for stimulation. I couldn't imagine having to do three of them in a row. It took alot of courage for one! :)

Yesterday we had our transfer. I was on bedrest yesterday and modified bedrest through Sunday. I am super almost seems a little surreal knowing I actually have two babies inside me working hard to survive and implant. :)

Baby dust to all!


deslynn - July 14

[quote author=Asunflower link=board=8;threadid=2575;start=45#22059 date=1152831133]
Hey Everyone,
I had my next Dr. visit today. I have 16 follicles on one side all about 12mm and about 8 on the rotehr about the same size. Looks like I may not go until Monday! oh well I don't want to rush this and not have mature embryos!

Wow Asunflower! You are quite a follicle producer!!! :) I am jealous. I evidently am a little stingy with my eggs...I only produced 6 follicles. Good luck and I hope that those follicles continue to grow beautifully for you!


shansy - July 15

Hi Ladies,

I hope all are having a good cycle. Well, I went to my RE yesterday to check my E2 level to see if it went down so I can begin my stims and my level actually went up!! :-\ It was at 80 last week and now at 113. I started to panic, but the nurse calmed me down and said it is OK- nothing to worry about, that some women just take longer to supress on the Lupron. She said they had one girl on the Lupron for a month before being able to start her stims and that was the cycle she conceived, so that made me feel a little bit better. They are upping my dose from 10 units to 20 units this week and I go back again next Friday to check my E2 level.

I never knew this could happen, but if it is possible, it seems to happen with me. The ultrasound showed that I have 21 follicles so far (I have PCOS that is why I already have this many follicles). I forgot to ask the nurse about the fact that they did grow a little from last week to this week (from 3 mm to about 5-6 mm)- Does anyone know if this would jeopardize the cycle seeing as they are already growing on their own and I haven't begun the stims? I guess it doesn't, seeing as she told me not to worry that all of this is normal and will not affect the cycle at all.

So now it looks as if I will be doing my ER in late July or early August...I just want to move this along before I have to go back to work! But I know that we need everything to be at optimal levels for the highest possible success rate, so I will remain patient. :)

Babydust to all!


Asunflower - July 16

Hey all,
I am still stimming! E2 is 1820 now and I have about 20 follicles. Looks like I go back tomorrow and hopefully trigger Monday night! I will keep you all posted! I am just so slow this time. I hope that measn lots of eggs will fertilize!


rapinh - July 17

I went to the RE this morning and I am full speed ahead!
I am having the ER on Wednesday and ET on Friday. I am very excited to quit being so bloated and feel normal! I have 10 follicles on oneside, 3 on the other. The right ovary did not produce so well, but anything over 10 seemed really good to me!

I'll try to keep all posted--Asunflower, sounds like we will truly be buddies in the 2WW!

Holly by Golly


Asunflower - July 17

Glad to hear things are going well. I am still waiting to hear the final word as to if I will trigger tonight or not. I hope so. I am VERY bloated! We will be very close on the 2ww. I hope it goes well for the both of us. How many are you transferring?


rapinh - July 17

Hope things are progressing well for you--we have not decided how many we want to transfer yet. Our RE doesn't make the final call until the day we go and we can assess the quality of all the eggs. Because of my age, we will only transfer 2-3. I am all for 3 but my dh is petrified of triplets and since it's our first go-around, I'm guessing everyone will opt to be conservative.

I wish you the best and hope for your sake the bloating is almost over--it's not as bad as I thought it'd be, but I'm ready to be comfortable again vs. bloated.

Hope to hear from you soon! Positive thoughts for the both of us--
Holly by Golly


Asunflower - July 18

Holly by Golly,
I triggered last night and I go for ER on Wednesday as well. We will be putting back 3. This is 3rd IVF attempt and I am 31 and DH is 35 so we are ready for anything. My DH is a twin and he wants twiins badly. I am to the point where I will take anything!

Hope all gose well for you on Wednesday! Keep me posted!



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