Is anyone ready to start a new IVF cycle?
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GINAMARIE - November 23

Grace, I am so happy to hear that your transfer went well. I get my results on December 1st. You? I go to the doctor tommorow & saturday to check my estrogen/progesteron levels. I started getting some cramps today. I hope thats a good sign. Keep me posted.

Florke88, How are you doing? When do you get your results?

Have a happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!


florke88 - November 23

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

I will be giving a prayer of thanks that we have all made it this far and that God gives us the strength to make it thru the rest of the way.

congrats to everyone.....sounds like a lot of good news going on out there.

I am still holding on till monday. This holiday weekend has added an extra 4 days...ugggghhhhhh! I made it this far, I can wait it out. Besides, as long as no one tells me, I can still think of myself as pregnant.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and I check in tomorrow to see how everyone's Thanksgiving went.


Grace - November 26

Ginamarie, florke and jmr, have'nt seen you on the thread for a while I guess you all had a happy thanksgiving with no stress, guys whats up? I am still in the 2ww having no feeling of pg, no sore bbs nothing, I am trying to stay focused and still wait on God for positive results, florke, at long last, I am still praying for you, Jmr, lets hear from you with some encouraing advices, Ginamarie also praying for you as well. all the best to you all. best regards grace


Fortyfourfive - November 26

Baby dust to all.

Jmr. I didnt see the results of second beta. How did that go?


Grace - November 26

jmr, floke, tell me something, I am having absolutely no symptoms and I am going crazy, I go for my test in a week from tomorrow, I'm getting more worried not hearing from you guys, pls do try and tell me about what symptoms you experienced just to calm my neurves. Looking forward buddies, grace


GINAMARIE - November 27

Grace, I really don't have any symptoms either, except I'm really crampy. My doctor put me back on the prosgestrone injection & he increased the amount today. So I don't know what that means. My boobs are getting a little sore but I don't know if thats from the progesterone. I am also on the vaginal caps too. Well I made it through the first week, fridays the day. I'm going insane. Hope your feeling good, lots of baby dust. Let me know how your doing?

Jmr, How are you doing?

Florke, Good luck on your test tommorow!! I will be praying, and I can't wait to see good news!!!


florke88 - November 27

fortyfourfive, I haven't heard from you in a while ...hope all is well

GinaMarie---hope you are doing well and stays well with you

Grace--I think everyone is different, I don't think jmr had any signs and I know my first cycle I knew it DIDN'T take because I had low back pains and cramps just like pms and my body was just waiting for the progesterone to stop so it could cleanse. This time was TOTALLY different, so I am just holding on to hope and faith. So, until tomorrow I can't say if I had any symptoms. I will still be praying for you and everyone else. Try to stay busy so you don't think about it so much. I know easier said then done.

baby dust to all.........

jmr one test done and hope the second went well also....good luck


Grace - November 27

Hi Gina,
Thanks for the reply am also going insane I come on the forum every now and then, when I have a day off work, I am just going crazy, you know what all am doing is the progesterone shot and nothing else, no blood draw what so ever till the 2w period, I don't know if I mentioned to you, I go for my test on 12/4 and I will keep you posted, let me hear the good news on friday. absolutely no signs at all. I guess we just going crazy, God's promise to us is "it is done" believe that with me. all the best on friday. Grace.

florke : Thanks for the encouragement, I guess it is different in every one. lots and lots and lots of baby dust to you tomorrow. Please stay calm ok, God is with you.. I will be praying for you....Grace

Baby dust to you all. We shall overcome...grace


jmr67 - November 27

Sorry guys I was at the in-laws for the holiday and the computer there is sooooo slow - I could barely even get to the site.

Ginamarie and Grace - I had NO symptoms AT ALL during my 2ww...not even tenderness from progesterone and I was positive. I was convinced I was not pregnant.....hang in there! Believe me I know the anxiety you are feeling.

Florke - I am praying for you today!

Fourtyfour and all - My second test doubled! My first was 179 and the second was 380. This is over 4 times higher than the first IVF cycle. I've been a googling queen looking at beta ranges to see if this could possibly be more than one? I am finally feeling some breast tenderness but still not alot and really no other symptoms. I wish my clinic would continue doing hcg levels but then maybe it's good to have a break from the numbers obsession. I have 3 long weeks to wait for a heartbeat. I'm so scared b/c that's where it went so terribly wrong the first time....does the worrying ever stop???!!!


Grace - November 27

Hi jmr,
welcome back, we did miss you a lot. Congratulations on your second test. I believe all is well, I hear you when you say, "will the worring ever stop?" its hard to tell one not to worry in this journey but you have come soo far so please hung in there and be positive the hrt beat will definately be fine. keep in touch and all the best. i will keep you posted....grace

Liz I took the time to read your post, thank god everything turned out normal with the last test, that is the good news we always long to hear "Normal" I will be with you and prayer, stay blessed and take good care of your self, ok, less worring. have a good day. grace.

florke: Baaaaaaaaaaby Dust. all the best today. grace.


GINAMARIE - November 27

Hello everyone,

Jmr, congrats on your second beta Try not to worry this is your time, things are gonna be fine. This board is gonna be filled with great news, I feel it!!!!

Florke, How did you do?? :)

Grace, One more day down!!! :)

Lots of Baby Dust!!!!



florke88 - November 28

Well, I didn't do so good..........BFN for the 2nd time

good luck to all may God be with you and you all will be in my prayers


GINAMARIE - November 28

FLORE88, I am so sorry,things are gonna be okay, I know it doesn't seem that way but god has to give us our miracles someday. Just try to stay positvie. Do you have any embryos frozen? Please know that you are in my prayers and we are all hear waiting for your miralce to occur oneday.



Grace - November 28

Hi flork88
Sorry to hear that, but just know that all is not lost, we are still hopeful, bear in mind that we are still together and will be praying with you. I send my love...grace


jmr67 - November 28

Florke - I'm so so sorry...I will pray for your healing and for you to find hope and strength to try again.....

Things can change on a dime....I have been up all night with bad bleeding but it's really scaring me....


florke88 - November 29

Thanks frozen the first time only 3 were mature and only one fertilized, the second time 6 mature but only 2 fertilized. So, now I am just lost.
You will remain in my prayers also and I will be checking in to see everyone's progress.

Baby dust to all....................



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