Is anyone ready to start a new IVF cycle?
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Grace - November 18

hey, its me grace. I had my retrival today, the long awaited time again, waiting till monday to here of the good news and transfer on tuesday, I am refusing to say am anxious just becuase I am trusing God, but probably I am, I am human you know. I know God will see us all through this journey, he said we should go out and multiply so the baby dust will be all over, we will keep multiplying the babies till they become uncountable. Baby dust to you all. Grace


Grace - November 18

[quote author=jmr67 link=board=8;threadid=2575;start=480#27788 date=1163263552]
How encouraging to read all the BFPs on this thread!

Florke - I'm 3 days ahead of you. I had my retrieval Monday and transfer Thursday. I was ecstatic to make it this far this time although the outcome was only 3 fertilized eggs. I know it only takes one! I hope Thursday went well for you.

Is anyone pregnant from a transfer with medium grade embryo's? None of mine were high grade this time but I'm trying to stay positive!

If I could just focus my mind on something ELSE for just 5 minutes!

[/quote]Florke88, how are you doing? I believe this is it for you will surly make it this time, keep me informed about how it goes with the test, My transfer will be on Tuesday, still keeping my fingers crossed. Stay blessed okay you are in my prayers. Gace.


GINAMARIE - November 18

Hello everyone, I am going for a cyro transfer on monday. I am really nervous but trying to stay positive. I will keep everyone updated.

Florke88,Jmr67 & Grace I will be praying for all of you & hopefully we all will be sharing great news soon.!!



jmr67 - November 19

Ginamarie and Grace I wish you all the best on Tuesday! I also wish you more peace and sanity than i have felt during my 2ww :)

Florke - yes I am still on progesterone...and sorry I just realized how to use the instant messaging on this site so check your inbox....


Grace - November 19

Jmr67, I hope hope all goes well with you keep me informed, my transfer should be on Tuesday, its hard waiting, but am waiting to hear the results about fertilization on Monday. Keep me informed about how it goes, you will hear from me on Tuesday. stay blessed Grace.
Florke, how are you managing the progesterone shots, waht time do you give yourself the shot, and who is doing it for you, my hus is nervours doing it and am very petrified of needles my self. All the best florke hope to hear from you. Grace
Ginamarie, please stay positive and hung in there this year will be a year of great joy for us all, keep me informed on monday, all the the best to you too, Grace.


florke88 - November 20

Jmr67-I will be praying and holding my breath for you on monday. be sure to let us know..

Grace- I will also be praying for the best news for you on monday and good luck tuesday.

Gina- good luck to you, fingers crossed.

hopefully this will be a board filled with all good news

baby dust to all


Grace - November 20

Sharon, how are you doing? hope we have'nt heard from you on the thread for a while hope all went well, you are still in our prayers. Grace


florke88 - November 20

Grace, the shots aren't that bad. The nurse drew happy faces so my husband would know the correct location. I put an ice pack on for about a minute while he gets the shot ready, then he gives the shot. I really don't feel much at all. Good luck Grace.

May God Bless all.



jmr67 - November 20

Grace - I am hoping you got good fertilization results today - please let us know!

Ginamarie - how did your transfer go? I hope well. I actually had a massage the morning before my transfer which helped calm me tremendously.

Florke - how are you feeling today?

Well I'm ecstatic to tell you all that I got a BFP today! I'm totally dumbfounded as I was sure my result would be negative with only medium grade 6cells and a low grade 4cell embryo. I retest on Wednesday to make sure it's not a chemical pregnancy. Oh please Lord let me keep this one!


Grace - November 21

Hi Jmr67
thanks for cheaking on me, thank God, I had 5 and will be going for the transfer tomorrow, you will hear from me pls keep me in your prayers. I am wishing you all the best too. - Grace


jmr67 - November 21

Grace how did your transfer go?


GINAMARIE - November 22


Jmr67, I am so excited for you!! Congratulations!!! Tommorows test is gonna be fine!!!!! Keep me posted!!

Grace, how did your transfer go today??

I had my transfer done yesterday. Everything went well. My embryos thawed better than expected, so DH & I were happy about that. Doctor says I have a 50% chance of getting pg now. I'll take anything. This 2wk wait is gonna be torture.

Jmr67? Did you have any symptoms, after your transfer?


Grace - November 22

Ginamarie, Thank God everything went well had two transfered, I have no discomfort at this time just taking things easy tonite, Ginamarie I guess we are in the same boat, I guess you will have your test a day before me then let us keep our fingers crossed I believe all is gonna be well this time around, please keep intouch and let us compare whatever symptoms we may have , I have no symptoms at all are we expected to have any? The two week wait is actually a long time, but it shall definatly come with good news. Baby dust to all in this program... Grace

Jmr67, We are still in prayers for tomorrow, keep your cool, the test is definatly gonna be fine . My trnasfer was all right, every thing seem encouraing, thanks for asking, pls keep me and Ginamarie informed as to what to expect in the 2-wk wait we know you have come a long way and definatly that is it....Grace

Florke88 Thank you as you read from my prvious threads the transfer went well. Thanks to for the infor. on the shots. Florke this will definately be a board filled with good news, Baby dust to all ...Grace


jmr67 - November 22

Thank you Ginamarie! That's wonderful news that the thaw and transfer went well - those are about the best odds you get in the IVF world I guess! I sure do wish the best for you. Stay busy...I almost went nuts especially the last week. Oh and I had absolutely NO symptoms at all after transfer nor the whole two weeks. I was totally convinced it didn't work! Well honestly I'm still holding my breath because I'm not in the clear by a long shot yet....but I'm so happy to have made it this far!


Grace - November 22

Jmr67 - Congratulations you made it. All the best in the coming months. baby dust to you all and happy thanksgiving.... Grace


GINAMARIE - November 23

Grace, I am so happy to hear that your transfer went well. I get my results on December 1st. You? I go to the doctor tommorow & saturday to check my estrogen/progesteron levels. I started getting some cramps today. I hope thats a good sign. Keep me posted.

Florke88, How are you doing? When do you get your results?

Have a happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!



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