Is anyone ready to start a new IVF cycle?
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honeybaby - October 30

HI All: Everything is going O.K. for me Thank God, I graduated today from my RE, I am on my way to see my OB tomorrow, well after minor spotting today my RE saw 2nd sac empty : ( yeah that rocked me down but this is what the Lord has stored for me so I am grateful for this 8 healthy weeks. I am blessed to say that no morning sickness yet...but very tired and sleepy for most of the day!

I send all my best to you 44-45 don't eat anything greasy or drink anything that contains caffeine I am abstaining myself from fried foods, spicey and my DH delicious Italian sauce.

Congrats to the girls with BFP's and all my best wishes to the rest that are trying, and my support to Allison in her decision, Asunflower there is hope for you I believe in miracles once again!

I will miss my RE and his staff but my OB knows all about my case so I feel that I am moving into good hands. I will be in touch with you

BabyDust is in the air and I want to share it with you


nob - October 31

HCG Beta Count went up to 182 from 59 . Great relief but still tensed.....................Thanks everyone for giving hope . This forum rocks.


HelenaS - October 31

Nob, ALRIGHT!!! That's great news. Things are moving right along.

Darcie, I'm sorry your feeling so bad, but it means things are growing. Quick question, why did you RE decide not to do ivig?

Shannon, rest up and take it easy.

Honeybaby, congratulations on your graduation. I think I'll breath a sigh of relief when I graduate to my OB.

Lila, sounds like everything is coasting smoothly...good to hear.

Happy Halloween! And Baby Dust to all.


Fortyfourfive - October 31

Nob. wonderful!!!! I started at 10 and am now 8 weeks so anything can happen.

The things I can eat that dont make me sick. Lasagna from Stouffers, clamato juice and Lays potato chips with onion and chive dip. Who would know. No salads, fruits for me right now. I know its not the healthiest but at least it stays down.

Helena S - I went to Mexico to do the LIT that is illegal in the usa now and it boosted my igg levels to normal so we held off on the ivig.


Fortyfourfive - November 1

Hi everyone - My ultrasound showed a baby with a great heartbeat but also showed a blood clot by the placenta. Now i am even more restricted with activity.
I go next week for another ultrasound.

Baby dust to all.


GINAMARIE - November 1

Hello Everyone! I'm starting my first cryo cycle tommorow and I'm very nervous about the outcome, but after reading some of these stories its giving me a postive feeling of hope, so thankyou to all.

Fortyfourfive: I just read your last posting so I don't know your history but have you ever been tested for clotting disorders??

I also have some questions, I have been trying to figure out some of these abbreavations and some I get but some off them I so confused on. These are the ones that I'm a little confused on, ivig,lit and dh so can someone help understand?

Thanks and I will keep you all in my prayers!



Grace - November 1

Hi I am Grace and just joing the group today, I have long been looing for buddies but today after my u/s just staring my 2nd 1vf bad new already, no folicles what does that mean, is it bad, this is just the base line, will be be in a few days, though it sounds like bad news to me, am still holding unto the faith I have in God. somebody pls be there to encourage, I will be there too. Grace


HelenaS - November 1

Hi All,

Darcie, I wouldn't worry until you have to. Just take it easy until further notice. Also, I've never hear of "LIT,?" What is it? Sorry for the barrage of questions, you just seem to be a wealth of info.

GinaMarie, the ivf rollercoaster is an unpredictable one. No two cycles are the same. If it's just a baseline reading of follicular growth I'd wait and see how the next U/S goes. I spoke to a woman at my RE office the other day. She produced only one egg, it fertilized and implanted and now they have a two year old baby boy. You just never know.

I go in tomorrow for my next Beta, progesterone, and TSH test. I just want to hear good news so I can stop worring. I'm sure everything is fine, but it's so nice to get those numbers and know for sure.

Baby Dust to all.

Grace, I too was very confused about all the abbreviations. At the top of this page on the right hand side the word "Abbreviation"'s a link to all the lingo. IVIG is ImmunoGamma Globulin (don’t hold me to the spelling.) It is frequently used in cancer and transplant patients. It's an IV therapy that binds to Natural Killer Cells (believe to perhaps attack and embryo) and renders them inert. It's a theory anyway. DH was one abbrv. that had me scratching my head also. It means Dear Husband.


GINAMARIE - November 2

Hello again!

HelenaS, I want to thankyou for informing me about the link to the abbrevations. I don't feel like such an idiot anymore. I am fairly new to this site, I've been on the lovenox site a couple of times but most of those girls don't have a problem conceiving they just have a problem holding the pregnancy, and I have a problem with both conceiving and miscarring. So i figured I would join both groups and get all the knowledge and support that i can. Anyway congrats on your pg, i will keep you in my prayers.

Grace, Be Positive!!!!!!! You never no what can happen, I hear stories all the time about women producing very little follicles and getting pg.


florke88 - November 2

I go to the doc tomorrow for follicle check wish me luck. this is ivf # 2 for me. sharon


HelenaS - November 2

Good Luck Sharon!!!


HelenaS - November 2

Breathing a sigh of relief. I went in for my beta test today and my number was 7739!!! I feel much better. I was a basket case all weekend and this week waiting for today.


florke88 - November 3

thanks for the luck. they saw 14 follicles today. 6 of which have a good chance of maturing. anyway this is twice as many as my first time. thank you

good luck to all



airframeangel - November 4

Hey all! Just wanted to let you know I am still routing for ya! I have been reading posts but didn't have too much to say since it will be a while til I can cycle again. I can answer questions about cycling though as I have done it twice!

Work is going good, we are packing up our tools and getting ready to hit the ground running over there in Afghan. Jim Kerry got me good this week if any of you watch the politics that go on. My husband and I were really angered because he has a bachelor of science in aeronautical engineering and I am working on my bachelor of science in elementary education! We aren't dumb and we got good grades, we just chose to serve our country like our fathers and grandfathers!

I am so excited about all the BFP's we have been getting on here! Even though it hasn't been mine, it has given me a ton of hope and I can't wait to get back and get started again! I would not have said that about a month ago, but all these BFP's are so awesome! I feel like you are all my sisters so your success against IF is our success!

I am still trying to figure out what LIT is though, 44, if you could let me know I would appreciate!

Helena, congrats on those growing numbers! Nob, congrats on the BFP!

How are you feeling 44?

Baby dust to all!



Fortyfourfive - November 5

Florke- congrats on the follicles. Good luck with this cycle. It only takes one. Baby dust to you and everyone.

On the question about LIT. It stands for leukocyte immune treatment. I first heard about it on Dr. Beers Website. He has passed away but there is a new doctor in his place. My husband and I had genetic testing done and found out that were are very much genetically linked. Like brother and sister. ( we even look like brother and sister, creepy I know) Since the sperm makes the placenta and I have very high natural killer cells that slowly attacks the fetus and fetal circulation until its demise. I lost both pregnancies at 8. 3 weeks.

They take my husband blood and spin his white blood cells out. THey then inject his wbc's interdermally into both of my forearms. THe side effects for me were slight fever, headache, very swollen injection sites and very itchy sites for a week.

It all sounds crazy but they were doing in the usa until it was put under the stem cell program and is under more research.

Well it boosted my igg levels to normal, reduced my killer cells and showed that my body was not so reactive to hubbies antibodies.

My first to pregnancies I was plagues with fevers, joint and muscle pains and just felt like I had the flu the whole time. This time I feel good. No joint and muscle pains, no fevers. Besides the nausea and fatigue I feel good.

It is very controversial especially since we go to Mexico but it also done in Canada and another country that I forget.

Any way, morning sickness is good to me today. Getting some things done. Slept almost all day yesterday, I was so exhausted.

Good luck to all.

Armyangel - so good to hear from you and we cannot wait to have you home and pregnant also. IT was nice to hear your side of the Kerry comment. When he said I only heard it as a dig to the President so it was nice to hear how the troops felt about. Hooray!!!


HelenaS - November 6

Hi All,

Florke-Great news on the follies!!!

Darcie, thank you for the information on LIT. I truly had never heard of it. Sounds very interesting....and effective.

ArmyAngle, As is my wish for all the troops, I hope to have you all home soon. As soon as you get home you can begin the business of making a wee one! Be safe!




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