Is anyone ready to start a new IVF cycle?
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DianaEvans2 - July 8

Hello Shansy:

So sorry to hear about your Estradiol levels and I agree totally with Asunflower. From my previous clinic, I had the same issue, but it was "Estrogen" that they measured in the bloodwork prior to starting of the stims. And they canceled me outright given a high level (in the 110 range). I switched clinics when I couldn't get straight answers. Current clinic put me on a protocol whereby your start out for three weeks with birth control pills (YES, sounds really counterintuitive, but it works in surpressing the estrogen level correctly prior to stim start).Then I continue with Lupron, Follastim, etc. This protocal resulted in my second complete IVF cycle being very smooth, straight forward and I was pregnant until week 8 miscarriage just in time for my birthday this March.(Oh, cruel fate!)

My first complete IVF cycle with the non-bc pills at the first clinic, was a lot tougher medically on me and was not positive in implantation.
Overall, I know it just boils down to one factor for me. Age. Every other test known to man (and WOman) has been done for me and I'm free of anything except my age of 43 young. So here I am going for round 3 IVF at the same current second clinic gearing up for a July 17 stim start. So third time is a charm, I firmly believe.

So Shansy, you are much younger, but ask away at your clinic about different protocols to address the elevated estrogen level. If you don't get straight answers or the time of day, start going for a second opinion if not a total switch in clinics. I know that in some areas of the country, it is not logistically possible... (I actually went and got to a second AND a third opinions after the elevated/canceled cycle nonsense). Both second and third opinions were the same answer and very different than the first clinic, so I knew I was on to something. I ended of up with the second opinion clinic, given their more scientific and linear approach yet treating me with more respect as the patient. So much babydust to you Shansy! Wishing you a super Saturday too!


shansy - July 8

Asunflower and DianaEvans2-

Thank you for your support and advice. I did talk to the nurse and she assured me it is nothing to be too concerned about yet- she said they just had another woman with the same thing, except hers was over 100 and the following week it had come down enough to begin. I was on birth control pills and Lupron (still on Lupron)- stopped b/c pills 7/3. The nurse said I may have sneaked an ovulation during the birth control phase! She said I should be alright, which made me feel a little bit better knowing that my number isn't too high.

I also posted on Dr. Smith's thread and he said he accepts 70 and below, so that also made me feel better as mine is not too high with it being at 80.

I read a little more about it and it just means that your body is not fully supressed yet (in menopause mode) so an IVF stim would not be at it's optimum level yet.

Well, I will stay positive in thinking I will most likely be able to start next week. Thanks again for your support- it really makes a difference when there are so many questions/worries swarming through my head.

DianaEvans2- I'm hoping and praying that the 3rd time is a charm for you and I am so sorry to hear about your m/c. That must've been heartbreaking. I can't imagine going through all of this and then having that happen- what an emotional rollercoaster you must've been on. Life just isn't fair sometimes, is it?

Well, I feel that this month is a lucky month so lets focus on babydust for all of us!!

Take care.


Fortyfour - July 8

Hi - I am going to break the teacher chain and come in as a nurse. I do intravenous homecare and work per diem at this time. I am doing my fourth try at pregnancy. I was pg with the first and mc at 8 wks, chemical pregnancy with the second, the third one pg with twins and m/c at 8 wks. I felt my first doc was sloppy, sloppy, sloppy so I found a new doc who found a septum in my uterus that covered half of it. He removed that and he is very excited that I will carrry to term this time. We are using donor eggs and have 16 embies left. The fet is on the 21st. I am nervous at this time with how good the embies will be that the thaw. I have started my estrogen shots and feel great. Good luck to all and baby dust to all of us.


DianaEvans2 - July 10

Thanks for the positive support, Shansy!

Thanks also for the explanations from your clinic about how your elevated estrogen could have come to be and what they are doing about it. Seems to make more sense now from what your shared. THANKS!

FourtyFour: wow---I AM SHOCKED! They found a septum in your uterus after all this time....Since I'm not a nurse (nor a teacher), what precisely is a septum? Seems harmful to me....Thankfully, the second clinic for you found it....SLOPPY doesn't seem to adequately describe the ineptness of the first clinic....Glad to hear about the positive progress. I'll be thinking of you and your FET on the 21st. Please keep us posted.

Wishing every one much babydust and a marvelous Monday! Diana


deslynn - July 10

Hi ladies! I found your message board by accident but am thrilled that many of you are close to the same IVF cycle I am on (my IVF start date was June 29th)....and I am a teacher as well. I am a Reading Coach at an elementary school in Florida.

You ladies have some amazing strength. I am stressed out with this first cycle and many of you are well beyond that.

My issues keep compounding. First, I have not produced a lot of eggs with the meds...only 5 good follicles...with possible retrieval tomorrow. I say possible because we had some complications with the HCG shot last night. When my husband administered the shot, a lot of the solution dripped down my leg and we are unsure of how much got into my system....I have been in a state of panic ever since. Waiting for a blood test today to see if I got enough.

I am enjoying reading about your stories and words of advice! Any body have some words of wisdom or advice as I muddle through the middle of this cycle?

Babydust to everyone!

Thanks! Desiree


Asunflower - July 10

Just try to relax as much as possible. The ER ist he hardest part. You WILL be sore after wards. Ask them for prescription pain medication if they don't offer your some. It is not worth it to try to muddle through. I tried once without and then once with and I will never do that again. It helps you to relax afterwards and take it easy. Don't let them talk you into a day 3 transfer. Wait patiently for blastocysts. These have the ability to implant. Anything before that and you are all in a guessing game. Lastly, trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding but in all ways acknowledge him and he will make your paths straight! Good luck and God bless!


rapinh - July 10

Hello all!!! I am glad to see that some new friends have joined the link!

I have been busy the last few days so I am sorry I neglected everyone! I started a grad class on the 3rd so I am trying to get as much course work done as I can before the uncomfortable parts of IVF really set in. I sometimes think I am psychotic taking a 6-week grad class since this procedure takes about 6-weeks, but I also hope it will keep me busy and my mind on something besides this procedure.

Shannon, sorry to hear that your stims were delayed, but you will be on your way in no time. I would rather be delayed and be optimal than try this expensive procedure when it is not 100% optimal.

Asunflower--I started my stims on Saturday, so I'm one day behind you. I went to the RE today and it looks like I have approx. 12 eggs developing. I am sure they won't all make it, but they are uping my stims a bit so we'll see if more catch up or if those developing hang on.

I felt like a pseudo-nurse the past few evenings, lining up syringes, prepping shots, and then administering them one after another! It's such an adventure, but I will say, it was a small mental hurdle to get pumped up about administering 3 shots in a row. It's over, back to just 2 easy shots--the Repronex was not a lot of fun, it really left my tummy sore and burned going in. My nurse said that is very normal, FYI, for those of you (like myself) going through this the first time.

My Re slated us for ER sometime between July 19-23rd. My DH and I are getting excited; I have been very pessimistic about everything I have gone through thus far with our infertility journey except this procedure. I really believe this will be the answer to our dreams and I am extremely positive about the results. We'll see if my intuitions serve me well or if I disown my intuitions in a few weeks!

I promise to try to be better about checking in--I missed so much news in just a few days! I am so grateful to have friends along with me on this journey!


CPape - July 10

Hi Everyone!

I, too, have neglected to check the site and seem to have missed a lot of you starting! Best of luck!

I have a few things, for those of you who are doing three shots, can you ask your nurse or RE is you can combine the shots? My first ivf cycle I did Follistom and Repronex and was able to combine the two into one syringe to only have to stick myself once. Just a may not be feasible with whatever combinations you are on, but it is worth asking for one stick instead of two!

I had a cycle cancelled due to high estroidal levels. It was (in my case) because if the estrogen is too high they won't get as many follicles as they would like, maybe not any. HOPEFULLY, and my fingers are crossed tightly, that you will be able to begin after letting the level go down for a week.

I went today for my baseline bw and u/s. Now, I am waiting nervously for the phone call to go ahead with the stims or for a cancelled. I have had a lot of cancelled cycles. FSH to high and estrogen too's like a numbers game. The lottery. When will I hit just the right combination of numbers for this to work? I have had everything look great then when it was time for the iui's my lining was a place for implantation. I have had everything look really bad. It's a terrible but wonderful thing to go through. I have learned so much about myself, my marriage and my patience! I surely hope that I start the stims tonight!

My thoughts on how many to RE has a strict policy on transferring only 2. But, after the first failed ivf he asked us to sign a contract to transfer 4. At this point, I will take what we get.

As far as the quality of the FET, NO Worries! I have a close friend with two babies that were FET's. And they're gorgeous. Baby dust to you and lots of love and will work for you! It will work for all of us!

Thanks for all your kind words to me and to everyone on our's so uplifting to have you guys! I'm in Illinois cycling out of the River North office downtown Chicago.

BABY DUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



HelenaS - July 10

Hello Everyone,

If there is room for another chatterbox, I would love to have some buddies as I enter into my first IVF/ICSI cycle.

I started with my first Lupron injection yesterday, and now that it's all underway I'm suddenly very nervous. I was so confident going into all of this but now that it's a reality I'm scared witless. I'm not a fan of medication and now I have an entire med cabinet just for me.

I'm 33 yrs old and have a beautiful, healthy 2 yr old daughter. We are dealing with sperm issues and NK cell issues...apparently the sperm that are strong enought to make the journey get picked of by my hostile environement :)--isn't that nice. Anyway, as I said earlier I started Lupron yesterday, and am scheduled for IvIg treatment soon. I went into this with a healthy excitement and now I'm nervous & anxious.


HelenaS - July 10


I'm new to this sight and am still getting the hang of things. Apparently I was reading old entries when everyone was just starting there IVF cycles. It sounds like everyone is knee-deep in the thick of things now. Good luck.


CPape - July 10

OK, So, just kidding. I just got the call from my ivf nurse. My FSH level is elevated AGAIN and I am cancelled AGAIN. The tears have stopped, now I'm back to just being frustrated. I have to go on the pill for two weeks and check levels again and see if we can start bummed.

Welcome HelenS and best of luck to you!



CPape - July 10

Oops.....sorry, I meant HelenaS!!


Asunflower - July 10

Sorry about yoru results. Hang in there and pray! Your time will come to start stims.

As for everyone else I go back tomorrow to check the follicles. I am hoping to go to ER this weekend!

Welcome HelenaS! Did you do IVF for your first child? Sounds like you are well on your way. IF you read through the posts you will get some idea of what to expect. It is not too bad and in the end well worth it. Trust me I am on the third try!I just hope this is the one!


rapinh - July 10

Catherine--Sorry to hear about your results. I have never had level problems prohibit doing anything, only cysts. It must be really frustrating--but stay optimistic, if you can. You only have to wait a few more days, not months.

Can't wait to hear about the follies Asunflower!

My RE called and upped my Gonal F dosage based on bloodwork. We'll see how that feels in the very near future I'm sure!

I'll check in again soon!


CPape - July 10


Thanks. I hope you get your ER this weekend and it goes smoothly!! My fingers are crossed for you! ;)


CPape - July 10

Thanks to you too Holly by Golly! You're right, it is only 2 weeks, I've waited this long, it shouldn' t be that big of a deal.

Hopefully the uppage in your dosage won't give you too much trouble, it's so hard to feel so bloated and huge and then to hear you have to up it again. The end is so, so worth it!! Best of luck!!!!!!

Baby dust to all!



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