Is anyone ready to start a new IVF cycle?
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Asunflower - October 2

I had the same thing happen Susy. I guess your body just needs to get back into wack.

As for me today is FET. I go at 2:30. I will post after my 24 hr bedrest!


fiso - October 2

Good luck Asunflower!



Asunflower - October 2

Thanks Fiso. I see your due date it fast approaching. How are you feeling?


Fortyfourfive - October 2

Asunflower - good luck - let us know how many they transferred. Baby dust to you and to all.

My hcg went up to 40 today. It was 10 on friday so he told me to keep on with the meds. I draw labs again on Wedns. I am extremely happy but pensive. I am peeing all the time now and very hungry so hopefully that is a good sign.

My progesterone was low at 9.5 so the doc increase my progesterone to 1.5 cc/day im. Lovely.

Baby dust to all.


Kris - October 3


Good Luck I am sending some Baby Dust along with some sticky vibes! You are so strong and I admire your continued faith.



honeybaby - October 3

Dearest Girls,

Congrats to Fiso and Kris on your pregnancies and on the soon arrival to Fiso's baby.

44-45 So is positive oh my take lots of care.

My pregnacy test is this Friday coming up. Even though I am so scared because the progesterone caps are irratating and the other day they made me bleed or at least that is what the RE's nurse said that is common. Anyone who experienced this? I am also so big on my breast but again it can be from progesterone.

My progesterone as of Saturday was 29.3 but the nurse said that doesn't indicate BFP that too many try to read into it. I respond well to meds., and I am hoping that is meant to be, my mom is the only one and DH that have faith that it will work and of course me too, everyone else so coldly say well if it is meant to be. I am so sensitive and hurt because they don't share my desire sorry just venting.

I am going to be and stay positive and pray. Asunflower your faith reminds me that the Lord is faithful and truthful. I need all the prayers not to lose my coolness in the next days.

Lots of babydust!


Asunflower - October 3

Thanks for your support ladies. We transferred 3 blastocyst yesterday. Two were at 90% and 1 was at 80%. We had one other at 50% which we chose not to use and the rest did not survive the thaw. As you know the 2ww begins!

44-45 Keep the faith. Numbers are more than doubling! I am praying for you!

Everyone the Lord is faithful and he will bless all of us with answered prayers!


Fortyfourfive - October 5

Hi all -m my hcg went from 40 to 146 in 2 days. Yeah!!!!
I go back on Friday for another test. This one is a fighter. Baby dust to all.

Good luck honey baby on your test.


Asunflower - October 5

Yahoo 44-45! I told you to keep the faith! Sounds like you are well on your way! Congrats!


honeybaby - October 5

Asunflower, I know what you are going through I am one day shy from testing. I wish you the best.

44-45 Congrats numbers are growing hang in there.

I am scared to find out and hopeful at the same time, I had my days were I was very tired and my back is getting better. So in few hours I will know, its so good to stop by and read from all of you.

Babydust to ALL!


Fortyfourfive - October 7

Honeybaby- How was your test? I have been thinking about you all day.

My hcg went from 146 to 503!!!!!! I go for an ultrasound monday to see what is going on in there.

Baby dust to all. Strength to endure this - to all.


allison - October 7

44-5 Congrats on your results!! Sounds really promising. Can't wait to hear about the sono.

Honeybaby, thinking of you, hope you had good results too.

Sunflower, hope you are hanging in there and staying busy in the 2ww.

As for me, RE wants to try a different protocol if we decide to do it again. DH and I are really struggling with the decision. Mainly we are waiting to see how my insurance is going to pay. If we decided to continue, it will be really soon, I think in about 2 weeks. It seems like so long ago we did it the first time, but it was only 1 month ago. Funny how your brain forgets. Anyway, I am rambling, just wanted to check in with everyone.


Asunflower - October 7

Alliosn- Great to hear you are ready to move ahead. Don't give up if your heart desires a baby! Stick with it!

44-45 Your time has come! I know you have a long road but this is a far way to have come! Conrats!


honeybaby - October 7

Allison, I have been thinking about you I thought you had a BFP I am so sorry, try to keep positive and don't give up and I can definitely understand the struggle about the cost but God will open a door for you don't lose any faith it will be in his time.

44-45 thanks for thinking of me I can tell you that Friday was so hard just waiting to hear on the results, I didn't have the will power of taking the call so my husband was waiting on his cell phone. Our RE called and gave my DH the +++signal. I will go in on Monday for second BW I then had a 470hcg., which is high and God willing it will continue to grow as for now the RE thinks is a high number but we already had a negative experience so I am taking it easy and resting as much for I have been feeling fatigue and blown.

I am happy and cautious I can't believe we have BFP again I will be saying my prayers and thanking God for each day as of now my baby is in me!

Stay positive all of you girls out there, and don't stop believing that miracles can come true.

Love and Baby Dust!



44 5
It's truely nice to be back in touch. Any new news on your end it sounds like your numbers are climbing if i read the posts right. (thats a good thing right)? how many embies did they transfer?
Best of luck i will be thinking about you..:)

Like always its always nice to hear from you. Glad all is going well with you.. Your emails always give me hope.
Thinking about doing the acupuncture again I tried it with the IUI's but this is my first IVF. My husband is so supportive to he gives me my shot in the am but I am on my own at the 9pm dose because he is working. But its getting better I had a little panic attack with my first on my own shot. stabbed myself 3 times in the stomach before i was able to release the med from the pen. It doesnt bother me anymore think i got past that.
take care to all of you wonderful women out there...


airframeangel - October 8

honeybaby and 44, I AM SO ECSTATIC for you! You have given me hope when I needed it the most. I am going to afghanistan to get it over with and I will not think twice about trying again when we return. I have been so torn with the 2 BFN's that I got, but I know that I can't quit trying. There is so much heartache involved with infertility but when you hear of women that have success, it lets the sun shine down on you again!

I have to work on DH though, he is still not going to church with me because he has some inner issues with our troubles. He is so angry that we are god fearing upstanding citizens that actually waited until we were financially stable to conceive, and yet there are women all over the place that don't deserve to be mothers just popping them out left and right living off of our tax dollars. Yes I am bitter. LOL.

Does anybody know if there are any tests that they can do to see why my embies don't stick? Our embies fertilize beautifully but for some reason I can't get them to latch! And our embies never make it to freezing either.

I am praying for you two that you have wonderful pregnancies and that god will bless you with lil bundles!

Everyone else that is still trying to get a BFP, a wise man once said to me "our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always just to try one more time" And hopefully god will bless you with the finances to afford to keep trying.




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