Is anyone ready to start a new IVF cycle?
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Fortyfourfive - September 29

Hi all - Thank you for all your kind thoughts. I home tested tonight and a BFN.

We transfered all of our embies so if we do it again it will cost about 25,000 with donor and ivf fees.

I am pretty angry at this time. I have wanted to have a baby since my twenties. Why does God me the desire to have children but not the ability. What message am I missing?


Fortyfourfive - September 29

Armyangel - I forgot to say I am so sorry for your friend. My husband is a retired marine and he has said goodbye to alot of friends. It still makes him sad. Keep your head low over there. Darcie


Asunflower - September 29

44-5 I know the feeling. Hang in there as betas with FET can start pretty low and it may not show on the HPT. Sounds like you have the Lord in your heart. Read about Hannah and Sarah in the Bible. If settled me after my last(3rd) BFN. They both wanted a child and prayed for it for many many years. God heard their prayers and answered them but in his own good time. I know this does not take away the pain right now but listen to your heart and God will show you his plan. He will answer you! Hang tight!


Lila - September 29

Angel I am so sorry for your loss - every loss over there just makes me so sad and angry. I agree with Darcie please make sure that you take good care of yourself and keep your own head down when you do end up getting over there. I think the situation is quite difficult in the Middle East and I fear that things are going to get worse both there as well as in this country. I also hope that even as the "discussion" over this action heats up in this country, as I think it will in the coming months. that you, your DH and all those who serve understand that everyone in this country thanks and supports you in your service regardless of what is said about the legislative and executive branch's ability to lead us in this action. I hope I have not said anything to offend you, that is certainly not my intent, and I hope and pray for a time we do not need to continue to send our troops into harm's way. Best of luck and we will be thinking about you.

44-5 I agree with Sunflower those HPTs are evil wait a bit and see where you stand with your Beta test. I know how much this means to you and I am so sorry this has been such a long and trying road for you. I amthinking lots of positive thoughts for you.

Sunflower - how goes your FET? When is transfer? Hope all is well with you.


allison - September 29

Sunflower-thank you for reminding all of us of Sarah and Hannah. I will find it today and read it.

Angel, I am so sorry for your loss. My cousin was in the 4th ID. He came home on leave last September and ended his own life, he said he would never live a normal life after being over there, he was 23. I pray daily for all of our soldiers and those leading our country, for peace and comfort to all the families as well. Take good care of yourself and make sure you keep in touch here.

44-5, I am agreeing with all above, wait until your Beta, don't give up hope so soon. +++++ thoughts your way.

Honey, hope you are still hanging in there and your back pain is better. Stay busy until next week.

Fertile thoughts to all,


Asunflower - September 29

My FET got pushed back to Monday because my lining was not quite ready. I got checked on Wed., began PIO and I go on Monday. I am thawing all 6 and hope to transfer 4! I will kee you all posted!


TICKINGCLOCK - September 30

Hi Ladies:

Is anyone starting a IVF cycle in October? After 5 failed IUI's I managed to pull the funds together to try IVF.
A big package of all my meds came today I cant believe the amount meds that are needed just for one cycle.
I am trying not to stress want this next month to be stress free. Just looking for a cycle buddy. Or any advice from all of you who have gone through this already.


Fortyfourfive - September 30

Hi ticking Clock - long time no see.

Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts. My beta today was a whole 10. Hmm. they want to redraw on Monday to see if it rises. How can that even happen. I have never seen a 10 go and end up a baby. Geez. More waitng.

Take care all and baby dust to all.


airframeangel - September 30

Hey Lila, no worries about offending me. I don't think we belong over there. The killing will never end, no matter what we do. It is wearing on the GI's because there are so many divorces and lives just in a mess because of our frequent deployments. But if you look back in history, we are still stationed in Bosnia, Korea, Germany etc. Once we get somewhere we never leave. My husband has 21 yrs but I am only at 8. I don't think I am reenlisting this time. I will have almost 10 when they let me out and most people figure they are half way to collecting a retirement check and I think I am getting too old to be gone every other year! LOL. I just buried my cousin in Jun after an IED hit his vehicle in Iraq. I can't take it anymore!

Changin subject!

Asun, good luck with your transfer on Mon!

44, I am praying so hard for your levels to rise, just remember anything can happen! My favorite saying is "God doesn't say no, he says not right now" because there has to be a reason that I just don't see or understand. My DH on the other hand isn't faring so well. He refuses to go to church with me again until we get pregnant. I don't know what to do. I had .5 levels when I did both my PG tests. So just keep the faith!



airframeangel - September 30

ooops.... forgot Baby Dust To All!!!!


fiso - September 30

Tickingclock, good to see you back here. Well, good to hear from you. I know, you'd rather be in a prego chat room.
I understand your feeling when you saw all the meds! It scared me too. One thing I would recommend is to sort everyhtign out. I separated the meds for the retieval, form the meds for the transfer. It was easier, and less overwhelming. We had a special box in the fridge for all the shots and another one in the kitchen for all the needles and alcohol swabs!

DH did all the shots for me. I took care of ordering the meds, he took care of preparing them and injecting them. That was good. I felt that I wasn't doing this by myself. He had never given a shot before but he was always very calm. That helped me.

I also did acupuncture with my second IVF. See if you can do that. One more thing that could help. Teh acupuncturist was recommended by my IVF group. She specializes in women's health. I did weekly sessions, and one an hour before the transfer, and one right after the transfer. It increases your blood flow. If it doesn't work, at least it doesn't harm the procedure.

As all the women who go throuhg that, you are very brave. Take good care of yourself. Sending you baby dust and rubbing my big belly to bring you luck.

Asunflower, I'll be thinking about you on Monday. Lots of baby dust to you.

I don't want to go into politics on this site, but I pray for all the soldiers over there to come home safe and sound real soon. Armyangel, it must have been very difficult for you. I hope you won't have to go anywhere.

Baby dust to all.


Asunflower - September 30

44 Hang in there FET betas always start low! It is not over yet! I know you are prepared either way but even a 10 gives you some information! Good luck!


Fortyfourfive - September 30

Thank you everyone - As my husband says - it aint over till its over. Oh well. I will have a good and positive weekend. We will start looking on how we are going to afford this and who our next donor could be.

I worked alot this week so I am going to go for a long beautiful walk with my 3 labs this morning and then go see a pt. My husband has been gone this week and will be home tonight. Its not easy being a pilots wife.

Baby dust to all. Lets start talking "down stairs".


honeybaby - September 30

Let me see if I can remember all the names:
and If left anyone out please forgive me.

I am almost there but very worry and somewhat stressed. My back feels tingling sensations and my moodswing short of fuses.

I will too look up the stories of Sarah and Hannah it is true that the Lord has us in his plans at his time. I feel upset because I waited on him for 3 years leaving it on his time and 5 years into it I wen to the dr., so about that time he told me that my tubes are closed and this year has been tough emotionally truly since last year when I was diagnosed.

I am trying my best to keep active and do housework what I enjoyed the most. I worked a part-time as an aide at the local school and enjoy meeting new children they are sweet and innocent, one or two are closed and hug me or tell me that I am beautiful wow truly in a child's point of view that's a nice feeling.

I am waiting as I seat here for my RE to call and let me know if I'll continue with the shots or what?

Armyangel- You and your husband have some commitment KUDOS and my most admiration, my brother too served in the service and was deployed 2x in Irak thank God he made it home safe and now he enlisted with the Nat'l Guard., he fears a call back, physically he seems okay but emotionally is hard I know but he doesn't share info.

I think I will be listening to Allison's advice and continue to keep busy I may even go to the movies to get my head clear out. Thanks for your words.

So babies out there keep growing in your mommy's ticking time ;)

And let's keep our hopes and faith.

Babydust to all :)


Susy - October 2

Hi girls,
It's been awhile ... I was very busy with so many other things and today, for the first time I read a couple of your posts. Sorry to hear the bfns... it sucks... the feeling, the why's with no answers...
It's been almost 2 months that I had my bfn. I had my period a couple of days after the blood test, but this month my period is very late... more than 15 days and it never happened. did it happen to any of you? I have an appt for this week, but I just want to check if some of you had the same thing...
Good week to all!


Asunflower - October 2

I had the same thing happen Susy. I guess your body just needs to get back into wack.

As for me today is FET. I go at 2:30. I will post after my 24 hr bedrest!



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