Is anyone ready to start a new IVF cycle?
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gabywany - September 6

Hello ladies,

It's amazing how many of you are so far along. I just started my lupron shots tonight and will begin with my stims tomorrow. After reviewing the calendar, I noticed that I might be ready sometime next weekend or so.

A little about me. I am 37 yo, married for 18 years have had one child, two miscarriages and just last year found out that I had endo and some fibroids. I starting see an RE 11/05 but didn't start any cycles because I was going on vacation for Christmas last year.

My first cycle 2/06 didn't go so well so they decided to do an IUI which failed. My second cycle 5/06 their were 3 eggs transferred and got BFN. Unfortuantely for this cycle I was informed that I had more fibroids that they thought I had and that my uterus was enlarged. It just amazes me that they didn't pick that up after so many u/s.

I am just hoping that this cycle will be more fruitful and that I end up with a baby or two.

wishing all of you luck and that you get a BFP the day of your b/w. Please, please take it easy and don't drive yourselves crazy. I know that 2ww is exhausting but we have to have a positive mindset or we will also end of crazy at the end of this journey. Just take it one step at a time and we have to have faith that God knows what he is doing.

Good night all and baby dusts to all.


allison - September 6

My CM is AWFUL!!!! I have never had so much in my life. I thought at first my bladder was failing me! Sorry if TMI.

I am a little nervous about tomorrow morning. Luckily we are able to do the "collection" at home. I was worried DH would have to do this all by himself tomorrw (not that all men aren't experts) I just want us to go through it all together.

I was in a huge panic last night at 11:30pm. I wasn't sure if my trigger was an IM or sub-q injection. Luckily it was a pre-filled syringe with a needle already on it. I used Ovidril and it was sub-q. I am supposed to do an enema tonight....not excited about that either :(

Brutus, good luck on Thurs. Lila, good luck in the morning, I am in TX, central time.

Angel, didn't you test today????

Truckloads of babydust and sticky thought to all!!


allison - September 6

All done with retrieval. I had 14 eggs removed. The office will call me around 11:30 tomorrow and give me the results of fertilization.

It was not bad at all. The anesthesiologist was very sweet and my nurse was there with me too. I came home and went to be. I am pretty sore and crampy, especially on the left side where the ovary is really high. I have had some spotting, but not too much. I am really bloated though, am a little worried about OHSS. What should I be looking out for?

Lila, hope your retrieval went well today too.


airframeangel - September 7

Allison, awesome on your retrieval! I had 14 both times for mine. Eat lots of tuna if you can stomache it and eggs! Protein is the key, I am tellin you from personal experience. I didn't listen to the re about the protein thing until after I was miserable for so long. The day after I ate 2 cans of tuna my swelling went way down.

Well girls, tomorrow is D Day for me! The big pg test! Pray for me and Baby dust to all!



Lila - September 7

Hey Angel just wanted to say good luck today I am thinking lots of +++ thoughts for you.


Lila - September 7

Good Luck at ER today. As far as proceedures go I really thought this was not that bad - I have not had to take any pain meds there or after. I was very tired all day but that was about it and I could take my dog out for 3 walks without any problems. Hope that reassures you and like I said good luck and hope you get lots of eggies.

Allison Congrats - sounds like things went very well for you - I hope you get great news today with your fert report.

Gaby Hope those shots are going OK and you are doing well. I was lucky on thet stim meds in that I never really had any side effects (and I was nearly insane on clomide) so I hope your experience is also a good one. I do have to add after having it pretty easy so far my BBs are killing me now that I started the prometrium. I think you are on day 2 or 3 of stims so if you are going in for a check today hope all the numbers are great.

As for me like I said ER as a proceedure went fine but they did not retreive as many eggs as we thought from the US so now we are just in a wait and see to find out if we have any thing that even makes it to transfer. I am not feeling very positive with the numbers being so against me but I have heard of lots of "miracles" in IVF land so like I said I will keep fingers crossed and see how this goes.

It seems to be a big news day for everyone so I hope by tonight there are lots of happy posts!


gabywany - September 7

Good morning all,

Am happy to hear you are all doing well.

Lila -- I am sure the amount of eggs retrieved will be good and you'll eventually have a BFP.

Allison -- Happy to hear that you had 14 eggs retrieved so I am sure you will have a great fertilization report.

Armyangel -- Good luck on your pg test hope you get your BFP today.

Brutus -- Good luck with egg retrieval. I am sure it will go well. And listen to the veterans and eat your tuna.

As for me I am on day two of my stims and am anxiously waiting for Saturday to find out how many follies I've produced and if everything is going well.

Baby dusts to all.


airframeangel - September 7

well everybody. I got a big fat negative today and I am sitting here bawling my eyes out. I don't want to get negative but it is so hard and it is ripping my heart out to think that I may never be able to give my husband the son or daughter he wants so badly. Our bank account is drained and so is our hope.

I am still praying for all you guys and I hope that everything goes great for you and you get BFP's! I don't know if I will be on here much because now I have to get into gear and ready myself for deployment.

Baby Dust to all!



airframeangel - September 7

PS. I have a bottle of Progesterone in oil if anyone needs it. I have no use for it.



allison - September 7

Oh, Angel, my heart is aching for you right now. I am so very sorry.

I would love to keep in touch with you while you are deployed, it you want to . Is it OK for me to e-mail your private e-mail? It is viewable incase you did not know.

Go splurge on something bad today.

Again, I am very sorry!!!



honeybaby - September 7

Wow there are so many of us trying to conceive that it gives me hope. I went for blood and sono and should start tomorrow with stim shots tomorrow, I am on the 11 day of lupron and hopefully retrieving 9-19.

So far RE counted aprox., 17 follies, I have always felt comfortable with the dr., but today he seemed rushed and cold, oh well my DH is being a sweet heart and with big hopes and my boss too.

So sorry to hear that some of you had negative results ArmyAngel we all know what you are going through I had a sad experience 'til today don't know what went wrong if it was chemical or tubal but I M\C with 1st IVF attempt.

Babydust for all of us!
And lets hope to be blessed!


Lila - September 7

Angel - I am so sorry to hear about the negative. I know there are no word I can say to comfort you now but I just want you to know you are in my thoughts and prayers and with time I think this can still work out for you. I realize you have other coomttments right now that will stand in the way of another attempt untill you can return and I am so sorry for that. Perhaps the timing will be better for you at that point as you will be able to cycle at home which will mean far less stress for you during the cycle. I hope that will make the difference. Also you are still so very young that one year should not make any difference you will only be 30 when you return and I am sure will have a better cycle and get the BFP you deserve.

Please keep yourself safe and well during the next year and I will hope and pray for your's as well as all of our troops' safe return as soon as possible


allison - September 7

Well, only 6 of my eggs were fertilized. I was a little disappointed, but I guess it only takes 1. The lab will call me back in 2 days to give me an update. I hate not being in control!!!


Lila - September 7

Allison I hope your fert report went well today will all those embies I know it will be a great one.

Gaby thansk for your kind words and best of luch at Saturday's check.

Honeybaby I am sorry for your loss and hope this cycle will be better. Again with all those embies you look like you are having an outstanding cycle so best of luck.

Brutus I think you had ER today so I hope you are resting and recovering. Please let us know how you are doing when you get a chance.

My fert report came back at 5pm today (suffice it to say I sat by the phone from about 1pm on slowly going insane). The report was about what we expected we are down to 5 that fertilized. I hope they are growing tonight and dividing like they are supposed to. we will find out tomorrow if it looks like a day 3 or 5 but with so few we are expecting them to do the 3 so ET will be Sat.

I know it is a little bit of a down day with Angel's sad news but I hope everone is doing OK and hanging in there.


Lila - September 8

Hey Allison - sorry you posted while I was typing - congrats on the 6 and I agree it only takes 1 so I am right there with you and will try to stay positive that our little embies are doing well and growing properly


Brutus - September 8

Hello to all~
My ER went very well today. RE said I have seven eggs. I had about 15 follies on Tuesday~So does that mean that 7/15 actually fertilized? I didn't get a chance to ask today and am just now processing everything w/out the happy pills :)
Slow going today just a little crampy but alot better than I planned for. We are doing 5-day transfer so I will be waiting by the phone. I will keep you girls posted.



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