Is anyone ready to start a new IVF cycle?
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Lila - September 4

Hey 44
Hope you are doing well. Not sure if I can be of much help but here is the levels I know about - my Estradiol level this cycle (with Lupron suppression) was 14 on day 2. On my last two day 3 tests on a normal cycle the levels were 42 (in June) and 59 (last Novemebr). I have never been given my progesterone levels so I am no help there. How goes the plans for the FET?


CPape - September 4

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to all the newcomers! Good to hear your stories! Good luck with your cycles that are underway and good luck to those who have the end of the 2ww coming up this week.

Angel: Just need to say Thanks. I am sending you and your husband a hug, thank you for all you do and have done for us. Also, good luck!!!! My fingers are crossed for a bfp!

Hey Lila! My fingers, toes, legs, arms, ears and hairs are crossed for you! You will enjoy the transfer, you watch the whole thing. you watch the catheter go in and then you watch as they shoot the embies in. It's a flash of light. Like a flash of hope and you actually see them land and get cozy. If you watch closely you can see the uterus and the lining seal back up as the RE pulls the cath back out. Then they give you a picture of the flash of light and where they landed. It's a great feeling. Hold on to it and feel the positiveness for the whole 2ww!!! OH, almost forgot......

I'm Catherine, I'm 32 and my DH is also 32. We have been trying for 2 1/2 years. We just got our 21st bfn (a very sad thing to keep track of). We are also dx'd as unexplained. We have two ivf's under our belt and many iui's. Many canceled cycles due to cysts, estrogen levels, and fsh levels. It has been quite a journey. I am a Special Ed. teacher. I have a case load of 18 5th and 6th graders. My job is great, I love the kids. (Especially, the bad ones! They keep me on my toes!)

Friday was a terrible day. I was in my office doing paperwork and a co-worker who knows my situation came in and started crying and told me she was pregnant, that was awful. Not only because she's pregnant and I get to watch how cute she gets but because it was so painful for her to tell me. THEN, we were going to a University of Illinois (my dh's almamater) Eastern Illinois University (my school) football game on Saturday. So Friday after school I went looking for an EIU shirt to wear to the game. I couldn't find one any where, this made me cry. THEN, I got home and we got a baby announcement that was SOOOO cute, that made me cry. My dh walked in the door from a week in Texas for work and I just lost it. I cried on his shoulder for about 30 minutes. It felt really good but it also felt really pathetic. I've been having trouble lately.

So, working on the maternity unit....KUDOS! I can see where it would be awesome, but really difficult at times. Now, I also want to say that it is brave to do the nursery. Good for you. Just stay strong while you're working and come home and let us know if you need us!!!!

Thanks to all! It's a great place to vent and get support!



Lila - September 4

Hey Catherine
It is good to hear from you and I am so sorry Friday was such a crappy day. Definitely not the way to start a long weekend - I hope it got better and you had fun at the game.
Thanks also for the positive image - at least it will give me something to look forward to. I had US and b/w this morning and am waiting around for the call on numbers but I know I trigger tonight. I am really trying to stay positive but I can not seem to stop all the worries and negative thoughts right now - very frustrating. I will have only stimmed for 7 days and I know reading all the medical posts on this site they really say 8 days is the minimum so I am worried. I had 4 follies at 21 so that is why we are moving ahead so fingers crossed. I also am worried that my E2 levels have been low this whole stim and that is idicative of some problem but who knows what.
Sorry to ramble on with such negativity but I can not seem to get all these concerns out of my head, although I am coming to the conclusion that this process will always make you concerned and worry no matter how it progresses. I am beginning to think IVF stands for "is very frustrating" and I just need to accept that and deal.

Hope everyone else is well and enjoying the day off.


CPape - September 4

Hey Lila! My weekend did get better and the game was fun. Although, Eastern lost, it was still fun to be back at college, even if it were only for a few hours.

There is NO need to apologize about the rambling. You know, no matter how good the news was that I got when I was doing the ivf process, I ALWAYS found something to convince me it didn't work. As far as the number of days you stimmed, I'm not sure you should even think about that. The first ivf we stimmed for 12 days, UGH! The second was only 7. It is all in how you respond. My RE has never said anything about the number of days, only on how the follicles look. No worries there. Take care after the retrieval. I really don't like the retrieval process, but hopefully, you will be knocked out? It makes it a lot easier. As far as your E2 levels, I wouldn't worry. The only time I've had trouble with the E2 levels was when they were too high. They will continue to rise after the retrieval and you will know because you will be totally bloated. My fingers are crossed for a 5 day transfer or really good grade 3 day transfer!!! I hope it works for you this time!!!!!!!!!!


shansy - September 4


In regards to the number of days you are supposed to stim...try not to worry about. Just to share my situation- we only stimmed for 7 days as well and I got a BFP on that cycle, so you just never know!! Hope that makes you feel a little bit better. Good luck with everything.


Lila - September 4

Thanks Catherine and Shansy for the supportive words!

Catherine - did you not get put out for your retreival? Yikes, that must have been uncomfortable and I am guessing painful. I am so happy the weekend improved. I have been "babysitting" my sister's Beagle for the last 20 days while she and family were on vacation and they just came to pick him up - it is so quite here now just with the one dog, and I think Abby is in a little funk that her friend (read partner in crime) is gone so now we are really thinking of getting a second.

I think we are headed for a 3 day transfer - that is the norm for my clinic and as much as I want to push for the 5/blast DH and I decided we would take the first IVF as it comes without questioning or challanging the clinic and if it fails we will ask all our questions and concerns and see if they are willing to try a 5 day next time (if possible) and work from there. I hate being confrontational and do not want to seem like a squeeky wheel to my RE so I will trust him and see how this plays out.

Thanks again for the kind words I am off to ride my bike and see if I can clear my head.


airframeangel - September 4

Catherine, where are you in IL? I grew up in Joliet.

Lila, I only stimmed for 6 days this time and they got 14 eggs. I don't think it really matters how many days you stim, its just how your body reacts to it. And as far as getting knocked out for the retrieval, I got general anesthesia for mine.

I hope everyone is high in spirits this holiday and have a great work week! Baby dust to all!



CPape - September 4

Hey there Lila! We filled out an adoption application today. I found an OH SO CUTE 18 month old miniature pinscher in Bolingbrook, IL. (About and hour from me). We'll see what they say. I think Harper would love a pal, or as you put it, a partner in crime!! I am sorry to have you misunderstand, I did get put out for the retrieval. There are still clinics that don't do that, so I was hoping your's did! OH yes, I wouldn't have made it without being put out!!! Much to wimpy for that! And, I am so jealous that you are out on your bike! It is a rainy, crappy day here :>(....

Angel-I live in Huntley, IL. It's about 2 hours north of Joliet, if you haven't heard of it. I grew up in Streamwood. I did interview at the juvenile corrections out there in Joliet. Would have been a great job, but it wouldn't have paid the bills. Tell us about your new house! We built ours 3 years ago November. It's fun, isn't it?


Lila - September 5

Catherine OMG I am so happy for you I think that is great and I am sure Harper is going to be thrilled (well at least as soon as he understands this will not effect the amount of food or love he already gets!). I really hope this works out for you.

When we got Abby we had filled out the adoption papers with Ridgeback Rescue (and I am pretty sure they were at least as long and thorough as if we were adopting a child) and had heard about a "Fun Day" charity event to raise $ for the rescue assoc. so decided to go out and see all the Ridgebacks do lure coursing, hearding and just hang out. When we got there and they realized we did not have a dog they called Abby over who happened to be there with her foster mother so they gave her to us to hang out with and walk around and of course we fell head over heels for her in about 5 seconds. We had to give her back at the end of the day which was so hard - they had to approve our application, do a home inspection and interview, and then do the adoption contract - all in all I think it took about 10 days before we could pick her up and bring her home, but so worth it. Since she had already had 6 homes (kennel where she was born, pet store where sold, 1st owners, lady who rescued her from 1st owners and then 2 foster homes!) in her first 12 months of life I thought it was great that they really wanted to make sure we were the best match for her and visa versa to make sure it worked out. GOOD LUCK.

That is great you and Angel have both just built your houses - lots of work do do that from the ground up. DH and I renovated 2 years ago and that was tons of work. We did much of it ourselves and that was great.

I triggered tonigt at 8:30 and it really was not bad at all. DH did a great job. Actually Abby sneezed right when he did it which distracted me and I did not even realize what had happened till after he was done - so very good experience. i go in tomorrow for one last blood test and hope everything looks good for retreival on Wed! Oh and yes they put me out too which is good I have a pretty high tollerance for pain but have no interest in doing that awake (sorry I misunderstood you Catherine).

Angel thanks for the positive words. How are you holding up? Just a few more days - hang in there.

Forty Four in doing some web searches I found some info - hope it is helpful for the stats you are looking for:
Day 3 Estradiol (E2) - 25-75 pg/ml (lower being better)
Day 3 Progesterone (P4) - <1.5 ng/ml (elevated indicates lower pregnancy rates

You did not ask but the other Day # levels given were:
LH - <7 mIU/ml but similiar to you FSH
Prolactin - <24 ng/ml
TSH - .4 - 4 uIU/ml
if this is not what you needed I apologize

Hope all are well and chat with everyone tomorrow


airframeangel - September 5

Well, since everyone is talking about their dogs, I guess I will talk about my lil Maxy. He is my 7 and a half lb toy poodle and we have had him about 7 years! We got him when we decided to start ttc. He is the love of our lives! At first, dh was not too happy on my choice and called him a "kick dog" but the two are inseperable now and they look so adorable snuggled on the couch watching tv together. Can you believe we even leave the tv on when we both leave for maxy because dh really believes max understands what is going on in the shows! What a nut! I love them both to death though. He knows what "bye bye" means and if I say it he will go wait by my truck! I never wash off the nose smears he puts on the windows because he is always going places with me!

I love my new home, but it has been a lot of work even though it is new. We decided to upgrade because my husband and I both got promoted, and we were in our starter house for 7 years. We knew we were going to do IVF and we wanted to move just in case I did get a BFP. I didn't want to move or do anything strenous after the fact. We moved in Apr and did IVF in Apr with a BFN and I think the stress helped that out. Oh well, ya never know.

That is the part that I hate so much. If it doesn't work, you just have no explaination! I want to know if it is something I did or could change for the next round! Oh well. Thus is life.

Hope everyone is well, I have 1 day and a wakeup! Gettin down to the wire!

Good luck on your retrieval on Wed Lila! Just rest and eat protein and don't forget your stool softner!

Baby Dust To All~


Brutus - September 5

Hey Girls~
Went in for lab/scan today, go back tomorrow for another one with a probable retrieval date for Thursday. I've got about 18 follies with a few show offs 19-20cm, with est level of 1163.
I just received some paperwork on the progest shot that needs to be given after retrieval and DH is thinking we should bring a nurse in for this. Does anyone have advice or info about giving this shot. He has done awesome with all the others but this one is making him a little nervous.
Thanks for any info and good luck to you all!


allison - September 5

I only have a quick second so will update on me...

Went today, have 19 follicles ranging from 16-21.5. Will do trigger tonight at 11:30 and have retrieval on Wed morning at 10:30.

Lila, I will be thinking of you as I drift off in my drug induced sleep during retrieval.

Will write more tomorrow, must go get ready for shot then bed.



airframeangel - September 5

Brutus, tell DH not to worry about the progesterone shot, it isn't as bad as you think. I was relieved to switch from stim drugs to the butt shots. LOL. The only thing he has to do is always remember to pull back on the plunger just a lil bit to make sure no blood comes into the syringe. That just ensures he isn't in a vein or something. Oh yeah, and use the upper outer quadrant and just remember that you have nerves that run straight down the middle of your butt cheek so stay away from there!

Today is my first day back to work and I am superexcited. I am a platoon Sgt and my boys have missed me. It is kind of crazy for me being a female and being in charge of 34 male soldiers. We are helicopter mechanics and I guess not too many chicks are interested in doing that in the army! LOL. Well, I think I might have to go buy some medium uniform pants at lunch if these pants keep hurting my belly. Has anyone else gained weight from the stims or am I alone in that dept? :(

I am so excited for all the retrievals going on! I am praying for all of those lil eggs to fertilize and grow into beautiful lil embries!

Have a great day everyone :)



Lila - September 5

Angel - congrats on getting back to work - it must be a relief to get out and have something else to concentrate on after all the time away. Your job sounds amazing, it must be quite rewarding. I loved your description of Maxy I can just see snuggled into the sofa watching his soaps while Mom and Dad are off saving the world!

Brutus - Good luck with trigger tonight - if DH does that he will have no issues with PIO shots. Congrats on all those follies!

Allison hope trigger went well for you, and you are getting excited for ER tomorrow. I am at 8:30 so just a tad ahead of you (are you on east coast time?). So happy to have all this nice company for the 2WW.

I am much calmer today and am trying to no longer obsess about all that might be wrong with the cycle. I figure at this point the train has left the station so I might as well just sit back and see where it is headed. Can't change anything now so it is just wait and see.

I posted some questions yesterday on the medical boards and neither Dr. gave me very positive feedback, which is fine I would much prefer honesty to sugar
coat-ing, so I am relaxed and waiting to see how this plays out but trying to reign my expectations in so I won't get too disappointed. Shansy I think way back you were in similiar position where the Dr said to not be too optomistic and here you are sitting with a BFP so I am trying to focus on that and what will be wil be.

Talk to everyone later

Of i forgot I meant to ask a quick question to anyone/everyone - when you are near trigger or have triggered should your CM be doing anything in particular? I seem to have more than usual which I just was not expecting during a controllled cycle and was wondering where everyone else was on this issue. Sorry if TMI but I was curious. - Thanks


Brutus - September 5

Thanks girls!
Lila~my CM has been on the rise the last few days and I don't trigger until tonight. I thought that was kind of strange too.
Good luck all you girls who had/are having retrieval in the AM. I'm up on Thursday so I will be anxiously awaiting updates.
Take care.


gabywany - September 6

Hello ladies,

It's amazing how many of you are so far along. I just started my lupron shots tonight and will begin with my stims tomorrow. After reviewing the calendar, I noticed that I might be ready sometime next weekend or so.

A little about me. I am 37 yo, married for 18 years have had one child, two miscarriages and just last year found out that I had endo and some fibroids. I starting see an RE 11/05 but didn't start any cycles because I was going on vacation for Christmas last year.

My first cycle 2/06 didn't go so well so they decided to do an IUI which failed. My second cycle 5/06 their were 3 eggs transferred and got BFN. Unfortuantely for this cycle I was informed that I had more fibroids that they thought I had and that my uterus was enlarged. It just amazes me that they didn't pick that up after so many u/s.

I am just hoping that this cycle will be more fruitful and that I end up with a baby or two.

wishing all of you luck and that you get a BFP the day of your b/w. Please, please take it easy and don't drive yourselves crazy. I know that 2ww is exhausting but we have to have a positive mindset or we will also end of crazy at the end of this journey. Just take it one step at a time and we have to have faith that God knows what he is doing.

Good night all and baby dusts to all.



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