Is anyone ready to start a new IVF cycle?
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CPape - August 31

Hi All! I hope you are all having a great week! Mine has been busy, so I haven't thought much about the bfn.

Kim, how are you doing??? Need anything? I might not be the best source right now, but I'll try.

Lila, I'm on board! Sign me up for the union! I want drugs that get us pregnant and make us skinny (unless we get pregnant, then we can get big!) We rescued Harper too! I found him on petfinder. We drove 13 hours to rescue him (round trip) from Roscommon Michigan. he was 8 weeks and EVER so adorable. He's still soooooo cute! He's my furry little savior! I would like to get a smaller dog if we get another one. I like the mini pinschers. What kind would you get if you get a second? Day 3 of stims! You're well on your way! Good luck at the u/s. I am hoping for great growth for you!

Colleen: GOOD LUCK TOMORROW! Bring us back some baby news!!! My prayers and positive thoughts are all yours tomorrow!

Honey: sorry to have to welcome you back. We're glad we can be here to help.

Have a great night everyone! Baby dreams to all!



CPape - August 31

Hey Allison, Just missed your post. Welcome! You won't gain too much weight. No more than a few pounds. My only problem is that I gained only a few pounds with each failed cycle and moved right into another cycle each time and the gaining cycle never ended. Total I've gained 10 pounds. You probably feel just like you should. The bloating will get worse, then after the retrieval it feels really bloated but then you start to let go of it all and will find yourself peeing A LOT and you will feel like a new woman. You'll know what I'm talking about when that night comes! I pee'd every half hour all night and when I got up in the morning, I felt skinny and Oh so good! Your ovaries will still be enlarged, and they say (I've never gotten a bfp, but they say) that you're ovaries stay enlarged if you get pregnant for a while. The progesterone shots will make your ovaries feel really big too. Just take it easy, take care of yourself and put your feet up whenever you can. Let us know what you need!



Fortyfour - August 31

Hi everyone- Congrat to Shansy- I know you have been going through this awhile and it is so wonderful to see you pg.

Sorry about the BFN for the others. It is sooooooo hard and disapointing.

We do another FET on sept 21st. My adopted daughters birthday!!!!! She would be so jealous so I wont be telling her. She will be 18 this year. Unbelievable.

We have 8 frozen left and I hope their is a good one left. We will do one more donor if these dont work and then adopt.

Baby dust to all.


Asunflower - August 31

Fourty-Four Glad to hear you are moving on. I am doing FET on th 29th so we will be close cycling again. We have 6 on ice! Good luck!


Asunflower - August 31

Helena- Did your RE do the NK testing or did you have to go somewhere else? Did your insurance cover any of it? Just wondering. Also, did you ever hear of Solu-Cortef as a treatement that is less expensive than IVig? The website did not show up on your last post. Can you send it again please? Thanks!


shansy - August 31

Thank you ColleenC and Fortyfour. I am just praying that this lasts.


Asunflower - August 31

Shansy- Just stay positive. You are truly through the worst of it! You are in my prayers as well!


Lila - September 1

Welcom Honey and Wanda.

Colleen any word? I think you tested yesterday but maybe it if Friday. If later good luck today. If yesterday, we are here for you to celebrate with or cry to - hope you are doing OK.

Allison you and I are not too far apart I started stims last Monday so I would definitely like some more company for the ride. The "vets" so to speak on this thread are awesome and an amazing wealth of information and support. With regard to your E2 queation I saw your post to Dr Jacobs - that was really helpful thanks for asking him. I am not sure where you started but I guess you can figure out with this formula. Are you on Lupron Flare protocol?.

My story (sorry to repeat) is lupron for 12 days (day 21 till AF) then B/W. My baseline estradiol was 14. At next test (after 3 days on stims) E2 was up to 135. I go back tomorrow for next test. My protocol may be different - I take 450 IU Bravelle every night and 5 units Lupron in the morning.

Funny about what you mentioned about shoulder pain I got that last night after shot. Interesting how the body reacts. Good luck with your test today.

Catherine - we are thinking along same lines of getting something smaller for second (less threatening hopefully for Abby and she loves "the littles" at the park). We are very uncertain about breed if we go the puppy route. We have always thought French Bulldogs are so cute and might do that but I am researching right now. Although I get updates from the Louisana ASPCA every month and all those Katrina dogs still break my heart. I read a story last week of several people who adopted Katrina dogs and now when the old owners finally track down the dog the new owners will not give them back so it is all going to court. Very sad for everybody. We tried to foster Katrina dogs but twice when they were about to send them the owners showed up and that made me so happy. In the end we did not foster but just sent funds.

Hey 44 good to see you back and best of luck with the FET!

Shansy everything still looks great for you congrats. How are you feeling.

Sunflower how goes your push for NK testing any luck with your RE?


gabywany - September 1

Hello everyone,

I am on the Microdose Lupron Flare protocol. Today I will take my last BCP and will begin the with Lupron shots 9/5 and then start my stims of Gonal-F & Menopur on 9/6.

I've also started taking the Geritol tonic today. Have any of you tried it? Please give me your opinions on this.

I believe we all have to keep a positive mindset and just pray to God with this process.

Good luck to all and baby dusts to all.


Brutus - September 1

I would love some info on what to expect after retreival. How much down time, time killers, excercise, etc.?


allison - September 1

Lila, great to have someone next to me going through this. My appt went well. I have 17 follicles ranging from 9.5-12mm. They have not called with my estradiol level though. I am to go back Sunday morning to take another look. Let me know what yours look like tomorrow.

I don't think we will be getting another dog, contrary to what my DD wants!! We have an 8 year old boarder collie and a 2.5 year old Yorkie. They are our babies and are extremely rotten!

I keep looking for Colleen... hopefully she is too busy celebrating!!

Catherine, thanks for letting me know how I am to feel. I guess in the big rush of this month I never asked my RE or the nurse. I feel huge, can't imagine having to wait almost another week for retrevial.

Again, thanks to all of your for your wisdom and shoulders.



kishaa - September 1

that one thing for sure the lord is faithful Will at least you wre bless with the chance to try some cycles with my income and my husbands income I Dont't see it happing but soon and very soon good will bless you


airframeangel - September 2

I am waiting to take my pg test... It is this Friday. This is my second cycle of IVF. I had bilateral salpingectomy surgery in 2004. (both tubes blocked so they removed them) My hubby and I have been trying for 6 years. I am 29 yrs young and hubby is 39 yrs young. I am absolutely miserable, anxious and sickly feeling. I am hoping it worked this time, last time I felt nothing and this time I was very ill because my progesterone level got too high but they still did a day 3 transfer of grade 2 embryos. I had my blood drawn today and my estradiol was 800 so I don't know if that is normal or what. I did my embryo transfer last sunday. Baby dust to all!


allison - September 2

Baby dust to you too, Angel as you are in the dreaded waiting period. Hopefully those two embies are very sticky and comfy in there !!



Lila - September 2

Welcome Gabyway - good luck I have a friend who did great with the flare protocol. I do not know about the Geritol Tonic but I think there are several posts on the general board where people are taking it and talking about it so you might look there. Also might just want to run it by your RE or nurse at clinic just to make sure there is no interaction issue. You never know what your body might do with something (even just a supplement) while i is also dealing with all the meds we put in our body for this process.

Welcome Brutus I am on first IVF so probably not much help to you on your question but my clinic suggests 1-2 days of recovery after retreival and non-jarring exercise. They say it is not that you have to limit the exercise it is just that ovaries are swollen and bloated so it will be hard on them if you do something like running where they are being bounced up and down with each step. My nurse said walking and biking was fine.

Kishaa - I am so sorry that the money issue is standing in the way of you and purseing your dream it is so unfair. I really hope things work out for you and you can figure a way around this problem. I do not know where you live but some states do have grants that you could apply for like NY. I think the INCID website has some good leads on that - the internet can be an amazing tool to help solve problems like this. Best of luck.

Armyangel - sorry the 2WW is so tough. I am not there yet but I know even with my IUIs I was losing it by the end, half the time I did not care what the result even was I just had to know RIGHT NOW. I hope you hang in there and the test is positive you have clearly been through a long and difficult journey to get this far.

Allison - WOW your results sound awesome that is a lot of follies. Looks like this really will be a great cycle for you, and especially since they are all developing so nicely at the same path. Good luck tomorrow and tell me how things go.

My appointment was good, not as great as your report but I am 38 so I am grateful that anything is growing! I had 4 on the right all @12mm and on the left there were 2 @14, 2 @15, and [email protected] I am a little concerned they are getting too big so soon as I am only on day 6 of stims but what will be will be. I am back to no side effects which I know I should be grateful for but since feeling nothing equals nothing happening in my crazy brain right now I find myself wishing for a cramp or anything (insanity I know). My RE was the one on call this weekend and while that must suck for him considering the holiday but I have to say it made me so happy to have my first U/S folly check with him rather than on eof his partnes that I do not know. He is also such a kind man he always puts me right at ease. Like I said good luck tomorrow!

Catherine - how are you doing. hope the ankle bitters at school are treating you well. As I typed that I realized i do not even know what age/grade you teach - elementary/middle/high?

Best to all


Brutus - September 2

Lila~Thanks for the info. I think you and I are on about the same schedule. This is our first IVF after 4 failed IUI's. I have been on Lupron since 8/7, started Gonal F and HCG on 8/28. I am due for another u/s on Monday with possible retreival on Wednesday or Thursday. You had mentioned pain in your shoulder. Was what just after shots were administered or more frequently? My pain has been in my lower back right behind my rock star ovary.
Does anyone know if a heating pad/tylenol are ok while awaiting retreival? I figured I would be a little uncomfortable but just not to this degree.



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