Is anyone ready to start a new IVF cycle?
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CPape - August 28

Hi Asunflower. Thanks for your words of wisdom. I started bcp yesterday. I have the HSG on day 11. I have to have a consult with my RE to go through the steps of the FET. Not having done one before, we don't have any idea what to do. I'm just glad it will be one cycle without the stim drugs.

I saw previously that you wanted the NK testing done. What is that? I don't have any idea what it is. I am sorry that your RE is so hard to get a hold of. That really sucks. I have been so lucky there. Mine emails me back within a few hours. He's really great at the communication thing. I am lucky there.

I have extra strength tylenol, I'll give it a try. Thanks. BEST of luck this cycle. I hope it all goes well!! Thanks again for your kind words, I so appreciate them.

Lila: I laughed out loud when I read your reply! (Thanks for that by the way!) Dogs are great aren't they?! Just want to share quickly that I went for some retail therapy yesterday and bought myself a new outfit and on my way home stopped at pet smart to buy Harper a new toy and there was a big sign in the window "ADOPTIONS TODAY". I would have come home with another dog, but I missed them by 5 minutes. They were all packed up and on their way out. I guess all I needed yesterday was a good trip to Ann Taylor Loft!

Anybody have any success losing hormone weight on a break? I'm guessing I'll have about a month to rest and besides walking my dog and my treadmill I was just wondering if anyone had any secrets? I really think that if we have to endure the whole infertility thing and all the emotional baggage that goes along with it, the number one side effect of the drugs should be weight loss! Don't you think???? Am I just being selfish? Or does anyone else feel like that?

Anyway, have a great night! I'm thankful to have all of you!



HelenaS - August 29

Hi Ladies,

Kim, I'm sorry for your BFN, but it's sounds like you're focusing on what's important to you which is your two beautiful children. It's amazing how quickly they can heal our hurts.

Catherine, I was sorry to hear about you BFN, but like Lila I think you were a champ to attend the birthday party and to return. My "bravery" hat is off to you. Also, I had to giggle a little when you mentioned weight loss methods. I'm trying to get back into some of my former shape. I run with my dog Max and my DD, but I felt I needed something for my midsection. My midsection is the part that really changed the most during IVF. Anyway, I decided to purchase an excersize/core ball. If you want to get some cheap smile therapy I recommend it. Trying to figure how to work the darn thing was pure comedy. I think I rolled the perimeter of my living room before I figured out how to balance. Needless to say I got very little "core" workout done but I was in a spectaculary upbeat mood due to the visual comedy of the experience. I looked liked Violet from Charlie and the Chocolate factory after she turned into a blueberry and was rolling all around. I think I'll stick to running from now on.

Sunflower, I highly recommend NK testing. My DH and I decided to go with IVF due to MF fertility issues. After very extensive testing I found out that I tested 4 on a scale from 1-5 for NK cell activity. I thought it was very interesting. I would have never thought that there was a problem on my side. After one IVIG treatment my NK cell level went down to a 1. Whatever you decide more information is always better. It doesn't hurt to know everything you can about your situation. Also, I haven't spoken to my RE yet regarding FET. Besides taking BCP, what else do we have to do to prep our bodies for FET?


Asunflower - August 29

Helena- Thanks for the input on NK cell testing. How did you go about getting it done? How much did the treatment cost?

Helena and CPape- As far as FET, there is not much to do. Every RE protocal is different but once I get AF, I go in for u/s and bw and then take a shot of Delestrogen every 3 days up until about 3 days before transfer. Then I begin Progesterone shots and that is it. A lot easier! This will be my first one as well!


HelenaS - August 29

Sunfower, FET sounds much easier, I'm looking forward to diving right back in. Regarding NK testing. The test for the NK cells and other offensive antibodies is a simple blood test, the cost of which is just slightly under $1000. The IVIG treatment however is pricey: approx. $2000 per transfusion. There is some debate on the topic of IVIG so this treatment options really depend on your RE stance on the subject. This web site has a lot of great information on NK activity and IVIG treatment. I hope this helps.


allison - August 29

I am new here. This is my first IVF. I started Lupron last Friday and added Bravelle and Menopur on Sunday. My E2 level is 323 today. Is this OK? The RE is changing my meds a little though to just Lupron in the AM and 3 Bravelle, 1 Menopur and Lupron in the PM. I am very nervous and excited. The nurse said the number was OK, but what do ya'll think? Thanks!!!


shansy - August 29

Kim- So sorry for the BFN...I hope you are finding comfort in your family/children...please keep us posted as to how you are.

Catherine- Another sorry for a BFN- but it is great that you can get started right away on your FET. I wish you nothing but buckets of babydust!

HelenaS- when will you be doing your FET? How many do you have frozen? Good luck to you!!

Allison- I don't really know what your E2 level should be at this point, but if the nurse said it is OK, it must be on track. Good luck to you in your cycle and keep us posted as to how things are going.

As for me, I received my 3rd beta results today and my level went from 260 four days ago to 1063 so it seems to have doubled every 48 hrs. as it should. However, I still have a long road ahead- I go back for beta #4 on Saturday and then my first u/s is next Tuesday. I really am hoping to see something and that nothing is wrong inside. The nurse really doesn't say too much either way so it always keeps me guessing as to how they think I am doing. The day after the u/s is when I meet with my RE to discuss the results and by then I should know more.

Take care everyone.


CPape - August 30

What are these nk cells? What do they do? And, how do you know if you need to be tested for it?

Do any of you suffer from IBS? I'm wondering if the IBS has anything to do with all the bfn's we've gotten. Hmmmm???

How is everyone doing?

I have my saline sonogram and my consult with my RE scheduled to discuss the results of the sonogram and the failed ivf.


Asunflower - August 30

Helena- Did your RE do the NK testing or did you have to go somewhere else? Did your insurance cover any of it? Just wondering. Also, did you ever hear of Solu-Cortef as a treatement that is less expensive than IVig? The website did not show up on your last post. Can you send it again please? Thanks!


Lila - August 30

Hey everyone and welcome Allison

Sounds like there is lots of busy planning for everyone getting ready for their next go around - good luck with all the tests.

Catherine - very funny about the weight loss. I really think we need to get on that idea, maybe present it to our union rep and have them run it up the flagpole with the pharmacutical companies to slip in a little something. Really were all pros at all this injecting we would never even notice another drug right? Oh wait we don't have a union rep. OK first step lets all form a union/association - what do you think? If we band together it will be pretty hard to ignore the demands of a bunch of women already on the edge and then pumped full of hormones1

Congrats on the retail therapy - excellent choice. DH and I have been talking about getting 2nd dog if IVF fails as way to cope and of course there is that instatnt gratification of having something to love and cuddle - hard to cry to much with a puppy to contend with. We got Abby as a rescue so next time DH thinks he really wants a puppy. I am little more torn about puppy VS recue vs humane society so we will see what happens.

I am on day 3 of stims and go in tomorrow for bloodwork and check so I do not have much to report right now. Allison you and I are lined up pretty well I think you are just one day ahead of me. So far shots are not too bad so I am couting my blessings. My protocol is FSH only and I understand it can be Menopur adds a little burning and pain. Also my shots are all sub q in the belly so that keeps the pain level down.

Hope all stay well and good luck with all the NK stuff. I find it very interesting and am taking lots of notes in case I too need to follow up with this later


Lila - August 30

hey Coleen saw that you were logged in - Good Luck on Friday I am sure you are almost completely off your rocker in anticipation (I know I would be by now in the wait). Hope you are holding up OK and like I said I hope Friday is a great day!


ColleenC - August 30

Catherine and Kim - so sorry to hear about your BFN. You are both such strong women. I am sure that your strength and faith will put you on the road to a happy ending.

Shansy - congrats again on another good report. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you that the good times keep on rollin'.

Allison - I had a different protocol than you so I am not quite sure what your E2 level should be. But if your nurses are anything like mine, I am sure they won't mislead you. Please don't hesitate to ask any other questions along the way. This group of women were extremely helpful to me in easing my anxiety through my first ivf cycle which I have just completed. Best of luck to you!

Best wishes and much baby dust to all of you ladies starting your FET cycle.

My pregnancy test is tomorrow and I can hardly stand it. I really have know idea which way it is going to go. I didn't have any implantation bleeding or really much of any other symptoms either. I guess I expected to have more "signs". I am still bloated and that is about it. My first day back to school is also tomorrow so I won't be able to find out my results until after work. I am predicting a not-so-productive day at work tomorrow.



ColleenC - August 30

Lila - yes - I am definitely off of my rocker! Thanks for your kind wishes. My test is actually on Thursday, not Friday, thank god - I don't think that I could bear to wait another 24 hours. I would not only be off my rocker, but the rocker would probably be thrown through my bedroom window -ha,ha.

How are your stim shots going? Feeling anything yet? It sounds like you are handling the shots just fine. It sounds like you and I had the same protocol.


honeybaby - August 30

Hello to All:
I was once here before back in June and early July when I had a BFP that was soon an early MC. Anyhow, this is our second IVF cycle and I am almost done with BCP's and as early 1st week with Lupron. So far feeling great except for the additional pounds that I gained from last cycle which my body is holding on.

I have to confessed that I am nervous and very worry yes we want a second child so bad, our only one is 7 and he is a beauty but needs a sibling we hardly have little ones in the family.

So I am adding myself to find your support and to share my emotions with you, to all "babydust" the famous word on the site.



gabywany - August 30

Would love to join this thread,

I am starting my 2nd IVF cycle on 9/1/06. I am supposed to go for b/w & u/s & start microdose lupron and my stims 9/6/06. I hope everything turns out well since my first attempt.

Good luck to you and baby dusts to all.



allison - August 31

I don't know how I am supposed to be feeling at this point. I am on stimulation day 4. I feel tired and a little bloated and have really bad shoulder pain, but I get this every month with cycle. How much weight will I gain?

I go for sono & b/w on Friday. Hopefully there is some growing inside too ;)

Good luck to all of you. I am glad I found you!!



CPape - August 31

Hi All! I hope you are all having a great week! Mine has been busy, so I haven't thought much about the bfn.

Kim, how are you doing??? Need anything? I might not be the best source right now, but I'll try.

Lila, I'm on board! Sign me up for the union! I want drugs that get us pregnant and make us skinny (unless we get pregnant, then we can get big!) We rescued Harper too! I found him on petfinder. We drove 13 hours to rescue him (round trip) from Roscommon Michigan. he was 8 weeks and EVER so adorable. He's still soooooo cute! He's my furry little savior! I would like to get a smaller dog if we get another one. I like the mini pinschers. What kind would you get if you get a second? Day 3 of stims! You're well on your way! Good luck at the u/s. I am hoping for great growth for you!

Colleen: GOOD LUCK TOMORROW! Bring us back some baby news!!! My prayers and positive thoughts are all yours tomorrow!

Honey: sorry to have to welcome you back. We're glad we can be here to help.

Have a great night everyone! Baby dreams to all!




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