Is anyone ready to start a new IVF cycle?
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Asunflower - August 24

Just saw your post! Hope you get great news tomorrow! I started back to school this week so things have been crazy!

Shansy- Good luck tomorrow too!


CPape - August 25


And, Kim: BEST OF LUCK TO YOU! (my husband is addicted to work too!!! I can relate to you there!) No apologies necessary, not here! I think if we started apologizing for things we would be posting for hours! This is a safe place!

To All: Thank you! My test is on Monday and I am quite certain it is going to be a bfn. And, I can't figure out why. We did 5 day, we had great numbers.....I guess, just not to be AGAIN! UGH!!!!!!!!!!!! HollybyGolly, Thank you, Lila, Thank you, Colleen, Thank you, Shansy, Thankyou, Asunflower, Thank you. Everyone: If I didn't have you all to help me feel like I'm normal again..........don't know where'd I'd be!

I started school this week............UGH! I TOTALLY know what you mean when you say you don't want the kids to think you're a total anxiety ridden freak! But, they'll get over it!! Have a great weekend and I will check in again later to hear Shansy's (Good) news!



HelenaS - August 25

Hello Ladies,

Wow, time flies. It's been a while since I posted. Shansy, I am so thrilled to hear about your BFP. I hope today gives you the high numbers we are all hoping for. Good luck.

Sunflower said that 3 ladies recieved BFP. Who else? This is all such good news.

I wish I had more to comment on but having just read 3 pages worth of posts its a lot to digest. But is it ever nice to hear stories of hope and faith and positivism ;D.

Someone did mention Medrol. I had to take Medrol and I believe my RE told me it is a steroid that helps to suppress the immune system so your body doesn't fight implantation.

To everyone who is in the 2WW hang in there. To everyone who is testing I'm sending you love and many positive vibes.

All Best,



shansy - August 25

Thank you everyone for your well 2nd beta came in at 260 it more than doubled just a bit every 48 hrs!!
I am very excited although the nurse still cautioned that I am not out of the woods yet. She said that since my # came in at 57 initially that it may not be a good pregnancy. I really didn't need to hear that and I am just going to stay positive. I go back next Tuesday for my 3rd beta.


Asunflower - August 25

Great News Shansy! Sounds like you are well on your way! Stay positive and take care of yourself!


HelenaS - August 26


What awesome news. I think you have the perfect attitude. If the nurse wants to be cautious, good for her, but I say you just soak up this positive, wonderful, joyous news.



Lila - August 26

Shansy CONGRATULATIONS!!! Excellent news and I agree enjoy and stay positive.

Kim any news from yesterday? I am hoping for the best for you.

Catherine - Good Luck Monday

All teachers I think that Monday sounds like a lot of first days around the country so Good Luck to all of you as well and I am sure the kids will have no idea if you are a little nuts, remenber you will just fit in more with te students that way - raging hormones and all!

Hope everyone has a great weekend.


ColleenC - August 26

Congrats Shansy! What great news! Faith has gotten you this far, don't let the nurses worry you.

Catherine - best wishes to you on Monday.

As for me, I am T-minus 5 days and counting until my test. I am in the beginning stages of going nuts. If having absolutely no physical signs whatsoever is a sign of being pregnant, than I am a great candidate for a pregnant woman. Other than being a bloated melon, I feel physically great, which kind of worries me. The only positive sign that I have had is that my DH's friend from work dreamt that I was pregnant (and he didn't even know we were trying). Oh well, not much to do besides wait.


KimberlyP - August 27

Hi everyone,

Sorry that I haven't reported my test from Friday yet. I've just been trying to digest everything. The results were a BFN. :'( I was totally shocked. My first two IVF's were successful so I just assumed that it would take this time. This was our last attempt. We have two beautiful children. Abi is 3 and Aidan will be 2 next month. I just have to keep looking at them and think how lucky I am to have them.
Best of luck and continued success to all of you. Everyone needs to experience the wonder of motherhood. It is a blessing.



CPape - August 27

First, I have to preface this with a HUGE thank you for all of your support and your well wishes for tomorrow. My husband travels for work and he is leaving this evening for Austin Texas. So, we took a test this morning and it was negative. WHICH, I already knew. AF came in full force last night. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, disappointing. I am embarrassed to say that I left a family party in tears yesterday right as the one year old was opening his presents. I went back after my dog helped me pull myself out of the funk of a negative AGAIN. Now, I get to spend the whole week by myself, well my dog will be with me. Thank goodness school started. That will atleast keep me busy. Anyone esle a special ed. teacher? My caseload this year is at 18 and it's only the 4th day of school!! UGH!

Kim, I am so sorry for your bfn. I am floatin' in the same boat......It is nice that you have Ali and Aiden to smile at you and call you mom. Now, if only Harper could learn to say mommy instead of just bark! (just kidding!) Best of luck you in all that you encounter.

Shansy, I hope you are still doing well and thinking postively about your bfp! I am excited for you, it helps to hear the positives to help believe in the whole voodoo process of the ivf world.

Asunflower, what's the next step for you? I'm guessing I'll hear from my RE tomorrow after the results are in. I know that I have to have the HSG re-done.........SUCKS! We did have three freeze, so whatever the timeline we'll have a FET sometime in the near future.

ColleenC, take care during your 2ww. I hope your last 5 days goes ever so quickly.

Enjoy your week everyone!


CPape - August 27

One more thing.

I forgot who it was who asked about the medrol. I took that too. The pills are super tiny, you take four a day for four days. It's a steroid that's job (as I was told) is to strengthen the lining and improve implantation chances. I think it tasted bad and put a metal taste in my mouth.


Lila - August 27

Catherine - I am so sorry to hear your news and I am more sorry that you had to deal with that news while at a child's birthday party. That really must have been terrible. Sometimes the world really is not a fair and just place! I also do not think that you should be at all embarrassed to have ducked out for a cry - in fact I think it was completely warrented and reasonable. You were, in my eyes, very brave to have been able to have made your way back to that party - if it were me I probably would have fled so kudos to you (and to Harper) for being able to deal (and helping you to dael) with such a dissapointment with such courage.

Thanks goodness for our four legged children they really are wonderful to have around especially in times like these. My husband also travels a good deal for work and I had to have Abby (my Ridgeback) help me through a couple IUI disspointments. There are times I actually think she might be a tad more empathetic than DH as she just looks at me with complete unconditional love and licks my face when I cry.

If there is anything I can do or say to help please let us know. I think it is awesome you have 3 stored and can jump right back in for a FET let is know what your RE had to say. Maybe you and Sunflower will be back in the same cycle again!

Kimberly - Of course the same goes for you and I am also so sorry to hear about your news - not a good weekend this one. I am not sure if you mentioned what you think your next step may be but whatever it is I wish you and your DH all the luck in tthe world.

Shany congrats and keep up those good positive numbers!

Best to all


CPape - August 28

Lila, Thank you. I am blessed to have such kindness at my fingertips. I really didn't feel brave when I left, I felt like a big baby. I KNOW that I need to do what I can to stay emotionally healthy, BUT, it still felt 'babyish'. So, thank you for calling it brave, I know Harper thought I was brave too. (He's a weimaraner/german shepherd mix). He licks my tears away too, then he lays his 85 pound body on top of me, like he's protecting me, which ultimately always makes me laugh because I lose the ability to breath under the weight of him. They are the best, aren't they. By the way, I love ridgebacks!!! There is a HUGE male ridgeback at the dog park where Harper plays and they are buddies. Beautiful dogs! I've read your post 3 times now. I'm so appreciative for it and you and everyone else on this site.

Asunflower, When are you to get started again? I have a few things to do before I can go on to the FET. I have to have a colposcopy, as my pap came back abnormal, AGAIN. Some history, I have a "growth" inside my uterus on top of my cervix, basically covering the opening. AF gets out, but nothing gets in, hence, the infertility. (Also, the low fsh levels). Anyway, I have had many surgical biopsies done on this growth. The last two paps had come back normal and now another abnormal. So, I have to have the colpo done before I can move on. Also, the HSG has to be done again. Can anyone recommend any kind of prep drugs for the HSG? I HATED it the first time and advil before hand did nothing. Any suggestions?

I haven't heard back from my RE. He's really great at emailing back in the same day. So, maybe later tonite. Thank you all again. I am really holding on to the bfp's we've gotten in the last few weeks, it's helping me forge on! Thanks again everyone.



Lila - August 28

I had to literally laugh out loud as I read your post. Abby and Harper would get along great together, and she does the exact same thing. When I get upset and cry the next thing I know I have a 78lb "lap dog" crawling on top of me and as you said I have to laugh. Then she jumps down and gets all her toys out and I swear to God puts on a show and throws them all up in the air. Such a ham, but it's nice to know she cares how I feel. I am so glad Harper is there for you to do the same.


Asunflower - August 28

I am on BCP until Sept 9th then I wait for AF and then go in for bw and U/s. I am doing a FET on Sept. 29th. I am hoping to get some NK testing done prior but it has been hard to convince my RE and now it is just hard to get in touch with him.

I have had some abnormal paps before and had to have some colpolyps as well. Not fun! Hope all goes well.

As far as the HSG, I took Extra Strength Tylenol and was good to go. Maybe your RE can recommend something. Hang in there! God has a plan for us all, even you and he will bless you with your bundle of joy in his own time!


CPape - August 28

Hi Asunflower. Thanks for your words of wisdom. I started bcp yesterday. I have the HSG on day 11. I have to have a consult with my RE to go through the steps of the FET. Not having done one before, we don't have any idea what to do. I'm just glad it will be one cycle without the stim drugs.

I saw previously that you wanted the NK testing done. What is that? I don't have any idea what it is. I am sorry that your RE is so hard to get a hold of. That really sucks. I have been so lucky there. Mine emails me back within a few hours. He's really great at the communication thing. I am lucky there.

I have extra strength tylenol, I'll give it a try. Thanks. BEST of luck this cycle. I hope it all goes well!! Thanks again for your kind words, I so appreciate them.

Lila: I laughed out loud when I read your reply! (Thanks for that by the way!) Dogs are great aren't they?! Just want to share quickly that I went for some retail therapy yesterday and bought myself a new outfit and on my way home stopped at pet smart to buy Harper a new toy and there was a big sign in the window "ADOPTIONS TODAY". I would have come home with another dog, but I missed them by 5 minutes. They were all packed up and on their way out. I guess all I needed yesterday was a good trip to Ann Taylor Loft!

Anybody have any success losing hormone weight on a break? I'm guessing I'll have about a month to rest and besides walking my dog and my treadmill I was just wondering if anyone had any secrets? I really think that if we have to endure the whole infertility thing and all the emotional baggage that goes along with it, the number one side effect of the drugs should be weight loss! Don't you think???? Am I just being selfish? Or does anyone else feel like that?

Anyway, have a great night! I'm thankful to have all of you!




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