Is anyone ready to start a new IVF cycle?
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CPape - August 19

Asunflower: I see you're online. How are you doing? I hope all is well.


shansy - August 20

Colleen- Try not to worry (I know it is easier said than done), but like Lila said, those two 4-celled embies are right where they should be for it being only Day 2. I bet by tomorrow they will have grown. My RE's office didn't tell me anything about my embies until the morning of the transfer and now looking back it is probably b/c things can change up until the last minute. My embryologist told me that they have seen 4-celled embryos make it and turn into a successful pregnancy, so you never know!! Just take it easy tomorrow and let us know how you are doing.

CPape- thanks for inquiring about how I am doing...this 2ww has been hard, but I am toughing it out. I had a bit more spotting this a.m. and it scared me, but since then there hasn't been anything. The nurse called me again today and told me to try not to worry that it may be implantation is still scary though!! Too many mindgames during this 2ww, huh?

Hope everyone else is doing well. How are all of the other 2ww'rs doing???


ColleenC - August 20

Thanks everyone. Your encouraging words are exactly what I needed right now. I am going in this morning for ET and my DH and I are very excited. If it was meant to be, it will happen and I am going in with only positive thoughts. I am even bringing some good luck charms with me for an extra positive boost. I'll be back to you in a few days to let you know how things went.

Shansy - Best of luck to you tomorrow. My thoughts will be with you.



Asunflower - August 20

CPape- I had that itching with PIO shots my first go around. I told my nurse about it and she changed me to Progesterone in Olive Oil. Turns out I was allergic to the sesame oil. You want to check into it. It is really uncomfortable with the itching and sorry to say it gets worse! Good luck!


Lila - August 20

Colleen – BEST OF LUCK TODAY! I will keep many positive thoughts for you today and I am sure those little embies are continuing to grow stronger by the minute. Glad to hear you sound a little better today.

Shansy I have totally lost count do you test tomorrow? I know you are close so best of luck. I spent a good amount of time reading old posts on the medical boards (still trying to learn) and I saw a post from you about your DH having a ruptured appendicitis this summer – it really sounds like you two have been through a lot in the past few months and are more than due for some good news. I am hoping to hear good news from you soon and know that we are all here for you.

Diana – Have not heard from you in a couple days. Hope all is going well and you are just enjoying the lovely East Coast weather which seems to just keep going on and on - aren’t we lucky. How is your training going?

Asunflower (and rest of teachers) when does school start? Do you have at least till after Labor Day or are things beginning to kick in now? If so best of luck with the new year and new kids. I thought that was very interesting what you said about the other girls you were cycling with. I guess the thing to remember is there is always a chance and it is not over till it is over. Were your other cycle buddies with you at Shady Grove? I do not think there are any opportunities to find other people at my clinic who would be in similar cycle time frame so I am so happy to have been able to find this site and have the chance to chat with you all here.

Also very interesting about the progesterone in olive oil vs sesame oil I had no idea. At the moment my protocol just calls for the prometrium caps so no shots for me. Guess that is a mixed thing as I read that the shots really are the gold standard for progesterone but they do seem to come with some pain (injection) and side effects.

44 and Helena hope you guys are also doing well. Helena any great recipes you want to share from all your “therapy”?

Holly Good luck with the new school year and that FET will be just around the corner, if you even need it by then.


Asunflower - August 20

Lila- I start tomorrow. The kids come back on the 28th. I guess since I have a BFN I am ready to dive into another year.

I did cycle with some other girls at Shady Grove. I will attach another fertility website. You can search by location and find others in your state who are cycling and even possibly at the same clinic. It is a nice site that has many people in various cycles.


forget where are you in this whole process?


CPape - August 21

Good luck tomorrow! My fingers are crossed for you!!!! I hope you get a BFP!!!!!!!!!!!

Asunflower: I read my PIO and it is the kind in sesame oil, so I am going to call my RE tomorrow and ask if we can switch. Is it much more expensive being in olive oil? I did the PIO for our first IVF in May/June and they didn't itch until after we got the bfn and were done with the shots, when I call Dr. J he said it was the oil coming back out that Aveeno would help. But, now it's itching already and we don't test until the 28th.

As for that, today I have myself convinced that it didn't work. Know why?? Well, because I am totally crampy, like af is coming any second, I have a patch of tiny little pimples on my collar bone that I got last ivf bfn, and I feel like the CM is the same as it is right before af starts. And, after trying for 2 1/2 years, I've gotten to know what it looks like before af starts. Last ivf, I started spotting on Tuesday and my test wasn't until Friday. So, I am tearful and bummed and convinced that it didn't work. We are only 10 DPO, I don't know what I'll do until the 28th......................

I hope everyone else in the 2ww is doing well!!!! If you have any secrets to lift spirits during this time, I'll take them!


Asunflower - August 21

CPape- I would look into the PIO. It is the same price for either kind. It was no big deal for me to switch at all. My first time I didn't get the itching and welts until after my BFN either.

I know you think you know your body, but cramping and AF symptoms ar actually a good sign. Spotting is a good sign sometimes as well so don't give up unitl you know for sure. Ttry to stay positive as stress will only hurt you. There is no reason to be negative right now. Act like you are pregnant and pray faithfully that the Lord will bless you with a baby! Just try your best to believe that this can work for you! It has worked for so many others!

Back to school today! Talk to you all later!


shansy - August 21

Hi everyone,

Well today I got the call and it is a BFP- BUT there is a catch to it... I guess my level is at 57 and they wanted it to be around 100 so they said to be "cautiously optimisitic". I am to go back on Friday to retest. I don't know what to feel right now...the nurse made it sound like most women who start off this low miscarry, she said, "lets hope you are in the 10% that makes it." I just started crying- I don't know what to think.

Any words of wisdom?


Lila - August 21

Shansy: I have no words of wisdom since I have never had any kind of positive, however I agree completely with the nurse that you have reason to be optomistic.

I have read so many threads on here where women say they have started out MUCH lower than 57 and been fine. More importantly I have read the doctor posts on the medical board where they say it really is not super important what the first positive beta is as long as it doubles in 48 hours. I saw you posted to Dr Jabobs so wait to see what he says but I really think you are going to be allright. Remember think "positivism" till Friday and I too will continue to be hopeful and keep good thoughts for you and that embie till we her back from you.

Colleen hope you are doing OK, recovering, and resting up from the transfer.

Sunflower thanks for the website I will check it out.

Hope everyone else is doing well.


Coco - August 21


I am very, very new to this as we are only going in for our first consult tomorrow. However my one of my latest big concerns has been the fact that I have tons of allergies and I don't know how well that will mesh with the IVF thing. As far as I know, I am NOT allergic to stings, but I am allergic to lots of foods, pollens, danders, trees, and probably my husband for all I know! I would be interested to know what else you might know about allergies and IVF. I have carried an epi-pen since I was 12, and even though I have never used it I suppose I can't guarantee I will not need to should I get pregnant. And in general, I'm pretty nervous about tomorrow and any tips on good questions to ask would be appreciated -- the brief background is that as far as I know I am a relatively healthy (barring the allergies) 27-year-old whose husband happens to have a congenital bilateral lack of vas deferens due to being a CF carrier. I am waiting on my carrier blood test results, he has "lots of healthy, active little guys." So far, it has been really hard to get doctors to take me seriously or help me figure out where to go and what to do. One doctor openly mocked me for requesting the CF test for my husband once we found out about the missing parts -- until the test results came back positive. I'm so tired of us having to do this "alone"!!

Thanks -- Coco


CPape - August 21

Shansy: First, congrats on the bfp! I would be the same way you are. You wait all this time, do all this work, all this praying and you get a positive but......... I am probably the worst person to give "positivisms" right now as I am in a doom and gloom part of my 2ww, but I think you have much to be positive about. You got pregnant!!! Your body allowed you to get pregnant and that is something to cheer about. And, regardless of what the nurse says you have a growing baby and all you can do is talk to him/her and tell him/her how much love is waiting and what a wonderful world awaits him/her. You HAVE to believe in yourself, your body and your faith. Keep it going girl!!! You have until Friday to test again, you can do it. Take it easy and be mindful of caring for yourself until Friday. I will send you so many good thoughts!

Asunflower: Thank you. I appreciate you and the time you took to write to me this morning. It sent me off to school (my first day is tomorrow) to finsih up stuff in a better mood. I cannot believe how much the stupid beta test engulfs my every thought. Every twinge, every cramp, every itch, every sensation sends me into a world a million miles away thinking either what it would be like if the twinges were from babies growing or into a world of darkness and sadness and questions of why can't it be me this time? I'm a mess!!!!! And, today these symptoms of hot flashes started. I'm burning hot, but only my head and face. Stupid progesterone! And, I will ask about the progesterone in olive oil. I'll let you know what my RE says.


KimberlyP - August 21


With my first IVF my level was way high. They actually thought that I was pregnant with twins. Turns out that it was a singleton. With my second IVF, my level was below 50. I was concerned because the first was so high. Everything was fine and we ended up doubling the level as normal. So I'm say congrats!!!!! Think very positive thoughts and keep us posted. I did my transfer last Tuesday so I am in the two week wait. I have my pregnancy test on Friday. I'm feeling very nervous because this will be our last attempt.
Baby Dust to All!!! :)



Asunflower - August 21

Stay positive. It is what it is and right now it is a BFP! Rejoice and give thanks to the Lord for he is good! Good luck! I am so happy for you!

CPape- Hope you had a great day! You never know what all those little feelings might be. Those little embies could just be making themsevles right at home and snuggling in for a long winters nap!


shansy - August 22

Hi everyone,

Thank you so much for the support!!! I am starting to feel a little bit better and letting myself enjoy the BFP that I got. I also have been scouring the internet for info. and was reassured when I found so many stories of women with lower betas than mine and having a successful pregnancy. One lady told me she started at a level of 8!! She is now 31 weeks pregnant. I guess time will tell when I go back this Friday. Again, thank you for all of the well-wishing, you guys are great!!!

I kind of have a feeling that my embie(s) implanted late as I spotted this past Friday and Saturday, so in my mind I am thinking that the lower number is just do to a late implantation! I do have to say that before I got the call today I suddenly had severe naseousness that lasted for a bit, so that made me feel like maybe the hCG was kicking in...the queasiness has been on/off all day- hey if it means that the hCG is increasing, than so be it! Also my bb's have grown a lot which I noticed this morning on my way to the RE's office. So again, these signs I am hanging onto as nothing but positive signals that my baby(babies!) just implanted a bit late.

Kimberly-thank you for sharing your experiences with me. Those kind of real world outcomes make me feel so much better! Good luck to you in your 2ww!!

Asunflower- I am definitely thanking the big man above and have been for each milestone that I have made through this cycle! I am very grateful for what I have right now. :)

CPape- Thank you for the encouragement!! Hang in there during this 2ww, I know how hard it is. When do you test? I am sending nothing but positive vibes your way! :)



CPape - August 22

Hi Shansy,

You deserve to enjoy it! So do just that!!! I am so happy for you and also for the rest of us. Every time we hear a bfp, it means there is hope in the process. I don't test until Monday the 28th. 18 dp retrieval, 13 dp transfer. I am being a negative nelly with a bad attitude. I appreciate your kindness. All the positive words are so helpful. When negative thoughts come up, I read them over again. Everyone here is so helpful and so kind, don't know where I'd be without you!

Asunflower: Thanks. Thanks for your time and I appreciate your encouragement! We gotta keep the faith!

Everyone have a wonderful Tuesday!



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