Is anyone ready to start a new IVF cycle?
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Lila - August 16

Colleen - How did your trigger go? Hope it went well and good luck tomorrow. I will be keeping fingers crossed for a good report and then a speedy recovery for you.

Helena I think everyone needs an outlet and yours is a great one and I am sure your family is reaping the benefits. Keep your spirits up and Sept 1st will be here in no time and then you can finalize the next step.

Diana - Thank you so much for all the tips and pointers - really much appreciated. Good for you about the triathelon. I always wanted to do one but actually swimming has always been such a weak spot for me I was too intimidated. I did not realize there were opportunities where people shared different parts of the race - oh well that would have been fun. Best of luck with your goals.

At the moment I am just trying to get a little back into the exercise frame of mind, all the ttc stress and some other issues led me to unfortunately fall into the weight gain trap. I would feel so sorry for myself I would "treat myself" to skipping exercise...that would then lead to less and less working out and then the stress "treats" became things like cookies etc. Therapy by calories I called it - not one of my wiser moves.

As all of us are all too aware this process often leaves one with no sense of control over their own life or even their own body. It clearly was the wrong justification but at the time I felt like allowing myself to take time off from exercise was me taking control and making a decision. I keep saying this process is a terrible thing to go through but for me at least part of the silver lining is the opportunity it provides to learn so much about myself, having to come to terms with how a body functions, how to cope with stress, how I make decisions, how I communicate (especially with DH) etc. My point as I said in the past this process really does change you – it makes you look at yourself, analyze everything and teaches you a great deal (it is just a bummer that this road also has to be so bumpy and heart-wrenching).

Sorry to babble on, hope everyone has a great day


rapinh - August 16

Hello ladies--

I don't know if anyone really answered what a stim cycle is, and since I think I'm the one who referred to it, here goes! A stim cycle is short for a medicated stimulation cycle--in my case, I take fsh shots (Follistim or Gonal F) for several days, I am observed via b/w and u/s, I am given the hcg trigger, and then dh and I do our thing (we don't have any mf issues so we are encouraged to do things the "natural" way). Some people do everything the same but use IUI vs. intercourse at the end. In my case, I have done four cycles such as this--2 before lap and 2 after. I had a bfp on my 2nd cycle after lap, but the pregnancy was not strong--hcg levels doubled initially but then slowed, I was not as far along on u/s @ 6wks as I should've been. The RE said my symptoms were indicative of genetic abnormality, but I did get to see a heartbeat before I predictably m/c @ 8wks. It was a bummer but it gave us hope that we could actually get pregnant! DH and I decided to jump to IVF in order to take out all the variables, but that didn't really solve a whole lot. Thus, the reason we are considering going back to stim cycles and a FET cycle early next year.

My RE explained what a FET cycle looks like at my clinic--it is actually remarkably similar to a stim cycle! My RE doesn't have us use bcp prior to the procedure month. My RE starts low-dose Gonal-F on day 5, u/s day 10, hcg trigger when follies are ready, FET four days later, bed rest for 36 hours, light activity until blood test. The bonus for DH and I is that our clinic actually encourages couples to try to get pregnant on their own at the same time--because you are still ovulating that month, you could have 1-2 follies that you could fertilize on your own in addition to the 3 FET. It sounds like a lot of eggs, but at my age, no one will actually transfer 4-5, so if we can boost the odds on our own, we are all for it.

Sorry this is so long--I hope this answers some questions for everyone.

Take care ladies and keep in touch!
Holly by Golly


Fortyfour - August 17

Sorry about the BFN ladies. I will glad to have you with us Helena - just sorry you had no pregnancy this go. Maybe 5 times will the charm for me.

Good luck all. Baby dust to all.


ColleenC - August 17

Lila - Much to my surprise the trigger shot was a piece of cake. I barely felt it. The DH was nervous but he did a fantastic job.

I am going in this morning for ER. YIKES!!! Thanks so much for everyone's kind wishes.



CPape - August 17

Hi All! It's been a while since I posted. I think atleast 10 pages worth. As a teacher I know it's back to school time, so have a great school year fellow teachers!

I am sorry to hear about the bfn's. My heart hurts for you all and my prayers are with you. Remember to never question the method or your path, but to always live your life in the direction of your dream. Your dream of being a mother will come to fruition one way or another. Imagine the stories, memories and strength you have gained from this journey. Now, imagine what a wonderful parent it will make you! I know that I am continually amazed at the words of encouragement that you all share even in times of your own disappointment, that makes a truly kindred spirit.

I apologize for not posting recently, but I have read and gained my own strength through your words. My hopes have been your hopes and your disappointments have been my disappointments. We have lived through them all and what a gift to have you share your stories so freely with me.

I sit on my bed now with my dog wondering where I will be in a week and a half. As you might remember, my July cycle was cancelled due to a high fsh level. I was devestated and assumed that the world was out to get me and hated everything for a week or two. I started the bcp and stayed on it for two weeks. My fsh went down, finally, and I was able to start. New hope. I did 375 follistem and 50 repronex. I responded really well, I had 32 eggs brewing at one point. Amazing considering, I am told I am in early menopause. By the time of ER, I had 16 mature eggs, 13 fertilized, 10 made it to day 5. I had a day 5 transfer of 2 blastocysts that were of excellant quality. My last ivf cycle I got 7 mature eggs, 4 fertilized and three transferred. They were of poor quality. So, to make it to day five is incredible. I had my ET on August 15th and am now in my 2WW. My fingers are crossed for a bfp after 2 1/2 years.

I met girl today at my RE's office. We had the first two appointments of the morning and we were still locked out of the office. She said, "Are you waiting to get in?" I said "Yeah, but Nancy's (the receptionist) car isn't here yet, so we're stuck til she gets here." She told me, "WOW, it's pretty bad when you've been here so long you know their cars!" I was like, "yeah" feeling really sad as she said that. She then said, "how long have you been coming here?" I said a year and a month. She said, "Oh" really softly and I instintly felt bad and asked her if she'd been coming longer and she said that she had only been coming since June. Her face was heartbroken. She then asked if I had been doing ivf and I told her we were in our 2WW. She then said "I certainly hope I don't have to do ivf!" I know that I have finally made it through this journey a better person. Any other time throughout this process I would have just cried, but I told her "I hope you don't have to do ivf either, and may your journey be shorter than mine". I tell this story because a few pages ago I believe Holly asked how we strive on to the next cycle after the bfn's. After 20+ bfn's, the only thing I can say is I live life in the direction of my dream. With every negative comes a little bit more strength and a little bit more ooompf. There were many times I felt like I wouldn't get out of bed ever again, but the dream pulls me out every time. I am truly thankful to all of you for your posts and your shared strength. It has certainly helped me.

For those bfn's as of recently, DREAM ON!!! Not only will they come true but you DESERVE for them to come true!!!!!


Asunflower - August 18

CPape- Glad to hear you're back! Sounds like a great cycle! You have such great strength and such great inspiration and a positive outlook on life! Probably comes from being a teacher! HEHE! Keep us posted and we are here for you during this 2ww. Hope you get the news that you want and that you will be able to dream really big!


Lila - August 18

It’s Friday! Hope everybody is excited for a great weekend. I am on the East Coast and the weather lately has just been wonderful so I am hoping that holds and this weekend can be a good one.

CPape thanks for the reassuring post - your words were very comforting. Best of luck in your 2WW. It really does sound like this was a great cycle for you so there are many reasons to stay positive.

Colleen as you are also in the 2WW I just want to wish you the best and say I hope the stress isn’t getting to you. Hopefully it will fly by as the end of summer always seems to and you can get your BFP in no time. Also just wanted to say I hope the ET went well today and you are resting nicely.

Holly that sounds great about the FET cycle being so much easier to work with. You really will have lots working for you on that cycle. Good Luck.

As for me I finally feel I have had a positive week with things moving forward. I started my Lupron yesterday and it was not at all scary or difficult and after this morning’s shot I now have 2 under my belt (literally) and feel very confident about it. In fact after we were done with the first shot DH was so pleased with himself he did a super bowl worthy end zone dance to celebrate. Quite over the top but very cute. I also had 2 acupuncture appts this week so I am very calm relaxed and filled with positive energy. Here’s to hoping that mind frame can hold for 4 weeks (one can dream right?).

Anyway as I said hope all have a great weekend


shansy - August 18

Hi everyone,

CPape- wow, sounds like your cycle went really well. Hang in there in this is hard, I know.

Lila- great news on the cycle moving forward! From here on out the time will fly (at least it did for me). Hope all goes well with your stimming. What a funny, cute story about your DH doing the end zone dance! It made me laugh out loud. ;D

Colleen- how are you holding up? I hope your 2ww is going smoothly.

Well, I am on the tail end of my 2ww, I test on Monday...I am getting more and more nervous as each day nears the test. I spotted a tiny bit yesterday and then it went away and then this morning I spotted just a small bit again. The RE's office said not to worry as long as it is only when I wipe and as long as there is not a lot of it. I am hoping that this is a sign that my little embies are embedding deeper and deeper!! I am trying to stay positive and my DH has been great at keeping me upbeat.

Wishing everyone a Fabulous Friday!!


ColleenC - August 18

ER went well. They retrieved 17 eggs, ICSI'd 15 of them and 9 fertilized normally. I guess that's good - I really don't know the normal stats. I am lounging around today waiting for the discomfort to pass. I am hoping for a 5 day transfer. Time will tell.


DianaEvans2 - August 18

Hello Ladies!

Shansy: I am pulling for you and sending lots of positive vibes your way!!

CPAPE: wow-what an incredible personal journey you have had....very encouraging! Wishing so much babydust!

Lila: thanks for the positive encouragement about sports. Got to get the BMI(body mass index) under control. VERY funny about the end-zone are well on your way!! Enjoy the lovely East coast weather, I will.

CollenC: Very good results!! 2 docs shared with me that of the mature eggs (meaning the one's ICSI'd), that about 75% will fertilize normally. Sometime zero, but not often. Depends on your clinic if you go to blast(5 day) or not. Different schools of thought...Dr. Smith above -his clinic only goes to blast and there's a bunch of threads about it above. I hope your discomfort passes.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!


ColleenC - August 19

Okay ladies. I am having my first major ivf breakdown today. I had my retrieval as I mentioned two days ago where 17 eggs were retrieved and 9 fertilized. My DH and I were pretty happy with that. The RE called this morning and told us that 7 of the embryo's are doing well. With that, they told me to come in tomorrow for a 3-day transfer. They told me that of the 7 embryos, two were 4-cell, two were 3-cell and three were 2-cell. Since we only have two 4-cell embryos they want to put them in tomorrow. I guess I was just not expecting the urgency-feeling of the 3-day tranfer. I know that a 5-day transfer is much more preferred (at least that is what they tell me at my office). All along our RE was overly optimistic that we had a good shot at ivf since our fertility issue is male factor and I am 34 years old. I guess I was really caught off guard by the whole thing. We had to use aspirated sperm taken directly from the testicle in order to fertilize my eggs. I don't know if that affects our fertilization rates or maybe my eggs just stink. We are praying that our two strongest embryos make it to 8-cell by tomorrow. I think that would make me feel a bit better. I'm not sure how optimistic I should be given our scenario. I want to be optimistic, but I guess realistic at the same time. Anyway, thanks for listening to my ramblings. If anyone has any words of wisdom please feel free to share. I think maybe too, the stress of the whole thing is getting to me. I know I need to relax and think happy thoughts. Sometimes, as all of you know, it is not as easy as it sounds.


Lila - August 19

Hey Colleen I just read your post and wanted to say I think you are doing fine. You still have 7 little ones that are still in the game and those top two should keep you quite optimistic. At 4 cell they are exactly where they should be for day 2 and you did not mention anything about fragmentation so that is an excellent sign. I think I did read on an old post of Dr Smith’s somewhere that aspirated testicular sperm do have a fertilization rate that is a little lower so do not be too discouraged about your eggs. I assume your clinic is still going to try to get the ones that are not transferred to blast before they are frozen so I will keep my fingers crossed that maybe you just have some slow growers that are soon going to catch up. At least that way you can, hopefully, get some better diagnostic information.

Remember you are young and healthy and so far everything looks good with the eggs and their development so just take it one day at a time and keep optimistic that everything will work out well. Good luck tomorrow on the transfer.

I know I have not been through this yet myself but from all my research it really sounds like you are still on track for a happy ending.


Asunflower - August 19

Just to give you an FYI, I jsut cycled with 3 other girls and 3 out fo the 4 of us did day 5 or 6 transfers and got BFN. The only girl who did get a BFP had a 3 day transfer of 2- 8 cell embryos so there is ALWAYS HOPE! Stay positive and good luck!


CPape - August 19

ColleenC: I think I felt your nervousness as I read your post. You have SEVEN embies growing! They were all able to fertilize. One day makes a HUGE difference in the growth and developement of the embies. I think your numbers sound good. At FCI, where I cycle, I've read their pregnancy rates are about the same for 3 day vs. 5 day. No worries. Keep positive. Make sure when you go in for that transfer tomorrow you have all of us with you and know that all of us are pulling for those embies to make it, attach and grow!!!!!!

We'll stick together during this 2ww! I'm pulling for you and sending you TONS AND TONS OF BABYDUST! Good luck tomorrow, make sure you put your feet up and do nothing but change the channel!


CPape - August 19

I have a question, has anyone experienced the site where the PIO shots are given being very itchy? If so, what did you do to relieve it? I am trying aveeno lotion, but once it's soaked in, it itches again. Any suggestions?


Shansy: Good luck on Monday! How are you feeling? My fingers are crossed for you!


CPape - August 19

Asunflower: I see you're online. How are you doing? I hope all is well.



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