Is anyone ready to start a new IVF cycle?
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Asunflower - August 10

Lila- Are you cycling with Shady Grove? I use them. My RE put me on BCP prior to a cycle for one it helps with scheduling but it alslo helps to make sure you do not develop any cysts in your ovaries prior to starting yoru cycle. If your ovaries are not quiet when you go in for the initial u/s they will not start you on your stims. It sucks as you can't event ry on your own that month but then again it does help to get all of your levels where they need to be. When I first started my IVF journey I was so excited. I was sure that I would be pregnant in no time. But you are right, this process does change you. I never realized the strength and confidence that I had and the ability to be an inspiration to others especially those of you in this group. It has helped me to be open and honest and it has brought me to my knees before the Lord. I have learned that I have to trust in him for everythign because this IVF thing is not in my hands and it is only in the RE's hands to a certain extent. I wish you well on your journey and hope that all goes well for you!


Asunflower - August 10

Diana- Congrats on the promotion! That is such a great thing to happen now! I would say perfect timing. It will help you stay focused and not go crazy with this IVF journey! Keep the faith as you have great pregnancy signs going on!


Asunflower - August 10

Holly By Golly- I appreciate your kind words. I have a pity party deep inside everyday. But I am using that pity to push me through to my next steps. I did not wast anytime setting up an appointment with my RE. I emailed him and my nurse, told him I wanted to do a FET and asked if I had to do BCP again and if so I wanted to start as soon as AF came. We are all set up to do our FET on Sept. 29th. I have my meds ordered, and I am rearing and ready to go. I am very positive that this is the Lord's plan. I spoke with my Pastors wife yesterday and talking with her assured me that I am in fact not ready to end this journey. The Lord would calm my heart about adoption or some other path if I was ready for that but since he hasn't I need to do this right now and continue to pray for him to give me strength and to show me his plan. I agree that maybe the plan right now is for me to help others through this process with my experiences and be a witness to others about my faith in him through this process. Who know? The man works in mysterious ways! I wish you the best in your journey! If it is your hearts desire to give birth to a baby, then don't give up! Keep trying until you are exhausted and you feel that you have nothing left to give. The Lord will place the stillness on your heart if he does not want you to keep trying IVF. I know you have the strength to do it again and again if need be! Look what you have already been through. You know what to expect now. It is a piece of cake and it gets easier every time! You are awesome to be able to share your struggles and thoughts with everyone through this process. That is such a blessing to us women on this forum. There is strngth in numbers! THANK YOU!


Lila - August 10

Asunflower your strength is really impressive. I hope your DH can be that strong for you so you have someone to lean on when necessary.

I am excited you are jumping back in. I think that will give you a great purpose to get you through, literally, these last dog days of summer and have something to look forward to in September. I am not at Shady Grove(though I have a friend who has three beautiful children due to SG) I am at Comlumbia Fertility in downtown DC. I really like my RE and I think having that trust is half the battle sometimes.

I am off to NY till the weekend so I won't be posting. I will keep positive tought in my head and heart for everyone and am looking forward to hearing lots of good positive posts when I return


HelenaS - August 10

Shansy, Sounds like the ET went exceptionally well!!! Take it easy and think nurturing thought ;D!

Diana, I was so glad to hear about your promotions! Congratulations! IVF tends to eat up every part of our lives until it can sometimes define us. We need to remember that IVF is not all we are, it's just one thing we do. We are WOMEN: professionals, moms, wives, friends, and we keep this world turning. I don't mean to pull the, "I am woman, hear me roar" bit, but I find sometimes I focus too much on fertility and forget all the other accomplishments. So hears to a remarkable accomplishment!

Sunflower, glad to hear your strength has led you to try FET. I share your sentiments about truly feeling a stillness in your heart when you are finally ready to move on. Your heart is a powerful voice to listen to and seldom leads you astray when you really "hear" it. I think you look at things with such an open heart that this decision to go for FET in Sept is definitely the right one, and you are in my thoughts and prayers.

On a lighter note I was glad to hear about someone else missing exercise. Man I could us a nice long run to clear my mind.

Well, I'm off to the lake until Sunday. I think it will help break up the 2WW wait. I take my first beta test on Monday and I'm very nervous.

I won't be able to write for a couple of days, but I'll be thinking of everyone. Happy weekends.


Asunflower - August 11

Fourty-Four- I am all set up to do my FET on Sept. 29th. I got AF and started on BCP yesterday! Did you find out when you are going to cycle again?


DianaEvans2 - August 12

Lila, HelenaS and Asunflower: thanks so ever much for the well wishes for the promotion. I appreciate the kind words. Really good to have work as a distraction.....For me, the hardest thing was juggling all the layers of logistics of IVF with my wonderful, yet clueless colleagues....

Lila: yes, I was a chemist in my previous jobs in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. I switched about 8 years ago to the IT industry-more products being developed....drugs and chemicals take 6-10 years to develop for sales...think of taking that long to give birth....ugh... You went to NYC for the weekend? ENJOY!!! It will be stunningly nice weather for a good change.

Asunflower: I read your posts to Drs. Smith and Jacobs. My heart goes out to you with all that you have been through. Hopefully, they have some good insights.

Wishing everyone much babydust, positive happiness and a wonderful weekend! Diana


shansy - August 12

Hi everyone!

Thanks for your encouraging words! I am finally done with the bedrest and just holding out on this dreadful 2ww.
I can't tell if I have any "symptoms" yet or not, it is so hard to distinguish what is hormones and what is pregnancy making you feel the way that you do. I have been having to go to the bathroom once or twice during the night the past couple of nights and I also woke up with severe nasuea last night and I still can feel it a bit this a.m., but who knows what causes all of this. It could be the major hormones that have been pumped in my body these last few weeks!
The progesterone shots haven't been too bad- I have followed the advice of everyone that has posted on this thread and I definitely think the icing and rubbing have helped.

HelenaS and Diana- are either of you having any symptoms? Good Luck on Monday, Helena!!!!! Diana- when do you test? I go in on the 21st...too far away!

ColleenC and Lila- I can't remember if you posted this already, but are you guys doing IVF this cycle/or did IVF this cycle? I wish you both nothing but positive outcomes. :)

Asunflower and Fortyfour- Good luck to both of you on your FET's!

Hanging in during the 2ww,


rapinh - August 13

Hi all!

Best of luck to those of you testing soon...remember we are here regardless of the results! We will share your joy or pain....I'm thinking joy!!! ;D

Asunflower--I agree with you on so many levels--your last post made so much sense. Your pastor's wife sounds like a wonderful woman, I'm glad you have her to turn to. One of my best friend's went through this around 8 years ago, after 13 years of infertility. She got pregnant on her first IVF and went on to have another child naturally, so she is my shoulder to cry on. (she was also 38 and 40 yrs. old, respectfully)

My husband and I are leery about jumping right back in--we did get pregnant once before just on fertility med's so we are thinking we may go back to that for a few months until we can save up again for ivf or fet; our insurance covers med's and u/s, but that's it. We will discuss it all on Monday w/the RE and plan our course of action. I wish I were as "go get 'em!" as you are--for whatever reason, the bfn from IVF was a very significant event for me b/c I really had all my eggs in that one basket. My dh and I almost need to refocus and rethink our strategy before preceeding--we were both thrown for a loop by the bfn despite knowing the odds, etc. I am going to bring up the info I gathered from your post on Dr. Jacob's thread about the molecule needed to make an embryo stick...very interesting info!

I will keep everyone posted and everyone do the same!! I can't wait to hear some news Helena!!! Good luck!



ColleenC - August 13

Shannon - I am doing IVF this cycle but you and most of the other ladies on this thread are a few weeks ahead of me. I am on stims right now - not really enjoying the feeling of my supersized ovaries. I was hoping for ER tomorrow, but that's not happening. It looks like it will probably be Wednesday if I had to guess. The RE told me yesterday that as of now it looks like I have approximately 14 potential follicles that will be mature. I am excited and nervous about the ER at the same time. Good luck with your 2 ww. Hopefully it will go quickly for you. I can't even imagine the anticipation you must be feeling.

Lila - you had asked at some point on this thread what I did for a living. I am among the teacher crowd of Sunflower, Shannon & Holly. I guess summer IVF's are pretty popular for teachers.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.


Fortyfour - August 13

Asunflower- Hi- I get my calender for FET this following week. If all goes as I can tell transfer should be around the 22 or so of Sept. I will see what the doc calender shows though. I had a crazy period after the chemical pregnancy. They didnt warn me what might come out and it freaked me out some. If have felt very weak and pale for a week now but feel better today.

Baby dust to all.


Lila - August 14

DianaEvans: the weather was amazing I hope you and everyone else here on the board also had a great weekend. That is so interesting you went from Pharma to IT was that a big switch? My DH used to cover the East Coast Pharmas for his company and it amazing how so many of them are all located in NJ (I assume that is where you are). I think he spent 95 days that year in either NY or Philly. I think you test this week so I really hope that your excellent luck continues and this becomes your best August ever.

Shansy glad to hear that you are now well rested and I think we are all just going to assume that the little embies are making themselves very comfortable. I will think very sticky thoughts for you in the upcoming days. And to answer your question yes I am IVF this cycle but will just start my Lupron on Wed so I am at the very beginning!

Helena best of luck with your test I know we are all going to be hearing good news soon.

Colleen I want to also wish you the best of luck as you head into your ER. That and the following couple days are the part I am most nervous about so I will be thinking many positive thoughts for you this week.

Asunflower and 44 I think that sounds great that your FETs will hopefully be so close in schedule. Asunflower, can I ask how you came up with that “handle”? I think it is great I am just curious as I have a sunflower tattoo on my ankle.

Holly I think you plan sounds great. You are still quite young and going back to the IUIs may be the perfect fit for right now. I apologize if I am asking you to repeat but what were your IUIs like in the past – with OB or RE? Monitored? With injectibles? It seems like there is so much they can do with the IUIs that maybe they can find the perfect fit for you. Please keep us posted after the RE visit.

If I may be presumptuous may I ask for a little advice?
I think I mentioned on Thurs I had an appointment with my allergy Dr. and unfortunately it did not turn out that great. The appt was to test for an allergy to bees as I had a systemic reaction to a sting on July 7th. At the test I did turn up with a strong allergic reaction to all types of bees, wasp, etc and my extremely concerned. In fact, he wants me to put IVF on hold for at least 3 months so I could start immunology. That would get me to a point where they could put me at a maintenance level throughout a pregnancy. He is concerned that if the IVF works and I get pregnant without first doing some immunology and I am stung by a bee then either I would die which as he points out would not be good for the fetus, or the alternative is to use my epi-pen which would save my life but would most likely end the pregnancy as the fetus would not survive the adrenaline. So that leaves me with no good options. My allergy Dr plans to call my RE (when he gets back from vacation) to discuss. I told my DH that with less than 4 days till we start the Lupron shots I really feel emotionally locked into doing this IVF cycle. Also with my age I do not think I can spare the 3 months. My thoughts are to do this IVF cycle and if it fails then take the 8 weeks required by the allergy Dr to do his start the immunization and after that, which will also give the ovaries and system the needed time off, go back and try cycle #2. If by miracle the first IVF works then I guess I will just hide inside for several weeks till we get that first frost. Why is nothing easy about this process! Anyway sorry for the long winded story but I was hoping to get some reaction and advice to this problem. I really can not believe I am having allergy complications I was never allergic to anything, poison ivy included, as a child so it just amazes me how much a body can change over time. I have to admit I am also really questioning if “someone” keeps sending me signs - am I not supposed to have children? I really do not mind that this process has been such a struggle since as many of us write that just makes us value the resulting miracle that much more but I am wondering why there needs too be so many roadblocks to overcome?

I appreciate anything you all may have to offer and I know it is a big week for a couple of you so best of luck!


ColleenC - August 14

Lila - thanks for your positive thoughts. I'll take all that I can get. As for your dilemma, it is a tough and unfortunate one. I sort of had a similar experience. To figure out the cause of why my husband and I couldn't concieve naturally, we had to have extensive blood work and genetic testing. When my bloodwork came back they told me that it all looked fine except for the fact that I was not immune to the German measles. They told me I could either get an immunization shot for it, which then would postpone my cycle for 2 months or live with it. The German measles is apparently very dangerouos for pregnant women if they are exposed to someone that has it. I actually decided to gamble and bipass the immunization. I figured that the German measles is not exactly "popular" and the chances of me being exposed to it are slim to none. If I do hear of someone that has it, at least I will know to stay away from them. When it comes to your allergy though, it sounds like a more difficult decision because it is difficult to not go outside for fear of a beesting. I definitely would give it some thought, but don't feel that it is a sign of any kind. Life is constantly throwing us road barriers and it is up to us to find the safest way around them to get us to our destination. Good luck with your decision and know that whatever decision you and your DH make it is the right one.


Susy - August 14

Hi girls,
So good to read your posts! As I read I also pray that God will answer your prayers as you expect good results from your treatment, comfort for those who already got the results and strength to keep the faith.
I am going to see RE this week. But I am really not sure if I am going to start a new IVF (fourth) soon. I am not sure if I should my body rest for some time since I don't respond very well even to the highest dosage. Maybe try some accupunture or some other treatment to improve my ovaries (no problem with them as far as I know). To tell you the truth I have no financial means right now to start a new IVF. It's good to have more time to think about it as well.
As fortyfour I had my period and... oh my... I also freaked out when I saw what came out. It never happened before. I had cramps even taking 600mg of ibp.
I have friends talking to me about adoption, saying that it's the same thing if you had your old child.
Today I talked to dh a little about adoption, try another IVF in a couple of months or even next year only...
I don't know. I really don't know what to do.
I guess I have to give time to time. And always remember that there is a purpose for every happenning.
Good week to all!


Asunflower - August 14

Good Morning Ladies-

Holly By Golly- Glad to hear you are hanging in there. Let me know wgat your RE thinks. For me I didn't want to take too much time off beacuse then I would just think too much. I just kept plunging forward and gave myself somethinig to look forward to. If you got pregnant before on your own I would go that route! Have fun trying while you are at it and then try again next summer if it still does not happen. Just my opinion but you are still young and you have time to make it happen! The BFN are shocking to mee as well. I still beat myself up about them but they also force me to figure out what to do next and what to try differently.

Fourty-Four- Glad to hear we will be close with our FET. I had that same type of AF after my chemical. They DO NOT prepare you for that. Sorry, I guess I should have told you. Even after this BFN, I had the same type. I guess because you are on so many meds to get that lining ready! Keep me posted on your date! I just hope I get a good thaw rate!

Susy- I hear what you are saying about adoption. Go back and ready my posts to Holly by Golly. I talked to my Pastor's wife and she helped me realize that I am not ready to go the adoption road because the Lord has not almed my heart about it. You sound like you are close in your walk with the Lord. Pray about your thoughts and the Lord will cam you heart about which roda to take right now. For once I actually felt like he was showing me his plan. Still don't get it but at least I feel good about the decisions I am making!

Lila- If I were you, I would go ahead with the IVF. It is not something you just decide to do or nto do in a few days. You have been physically and mentally prepareing for this for awhile now. You need to follow through or you will probably be a mess. Of course yoru life is not worth it in the end but the good Lord will take care of you!
By the way- I just love sunflowers! They look like smiling faces. How can you not smile when you see them? Plus ASF are my initials so it just fit ASunFlower!


shansy - August 14

Hi everyone-

Just checking in...this 2ww is starting to drive me nuts! :) Just wondering for those of you who have experienced the 2ww already, how limited did you make your activities? My RE said to just take it easy until the pregnancy test, but it's hard to tell what that means. I have been trying to lay around a lot and read books, watch movies, etc. I guess I am paranoid that if I walk a lot during the day that might "jostle" something. I know, I'm crazy!!!

Well so far I have been really tired and I am very BLOATED still. My stomach looks like I am already 5 months pregnant! My DH just looks at it in awe. :) I hope this bloating is a good sign. The progesterone shot soreness is now kicking in and my backside is very tender. My DH left to go to Florida for a couple of days for work so I have enlisted a very good friend to do the deed of sticking me each night with the needle.

Hope all is well with everyone else. Buckets of babydust!!



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