Is anyone ready to start a new IVF cycle?
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Susy - August 7

HI girls, :)
This is such a nice therapy group ;)
Thank you for your thoughts!
44, I haven't started my period, yet and neither touch based with the doctor. Sometime this week I will do that and see what will happen next.
I am also dealing with the financial situation for the next try. My insurance doesn't cover a penny. oh well..., Shansy! That is a great number of follicles!
I took the highest dosage and still had only 7.

Great week to all!


shansy - August 7

Hi everyone,

Well I got the call today- out of the 20 (It was actually 20, not 19 they said) that they retrieved, 16 were mature. They ICSI'd them and 9 fertilized. They said this is great news. We are very excited! Wednesday is the transfer and we are transferring 4.

DianaEvans2- When they brought me into the Recovery Room after the ER, the nurse asked if I was sore and I was, so she said she would give me Demerol. I was so out of it that I didn't even question anything. The pain didn't go away so she switched to a low dose of Morphene. I was surprised as well and asked her about it, but she said this was OK and it was safe- it would not hurt anything. She said it would quickly go through my system as it was given intravenuously. I have Darvocet that I can take at home. I took one this morning and the pain is much better- I think I will forego the pain meds from here on out and I will be fine. :) I think because of the number of eggs they retrieved, I was very sore. I am still bloated as well and they said my ovaries are going to be the size of grapefruits by the end of this week and will remain that size for a month if I do indeed get pregnant. YIKES! :-\

Good luck to everyone else still on their 2ww.

Asunflower- was today your test??? Sending blessings your way!

Babydust to all...


Asunflower - August 7

Yes my test is today. I am patiently waiting for my news. I will keep you posted! Please say a little prayer for me!


Asunflower - August 7

Thanks for the positive vibes. They didn't help. I got a BFN.


shansy - August 7


I am so sorry to hear your news. I was really rallying for you. Please know we are here for you if you want to talk. Do you have any idea on what your next steps might be or are you just not thinking about that yet? Take time to let it all out and just know that your journey has not ended yet. You will find a way to get what you want. I truly believe that.


rapinh - August 7

Asunflower--I can only imagine how frustrated you must be. Sad. Angry. Disappointed. We've all been there--I haven't gone through 3 IVF's, but bfn's are never ever fun. I did nothing but bawl after my bfn last week; I had a full-blown pity party and I believe I earned it. My DH actually said he would've expected nothing else. We are here and we understand when/if you are ready to talk.

Shansy and DianaEvans2--best of luck in your cycles. Sounds like you are just in the waiting game, let the mindgames begin, right!!!

Susy--I am in a similar boat as you--my insurance covers my u/s, b/w, and my med's but none of the actual IVF procedure so for us it is a financial question as well as "are we mentally, physically, emotionally ready for this?" I wish it were different and I am sometimes bitter that most couples don't have to think about financing a pregnancy but this is our journey.

I don't have anything new to report. DH and I go to see the RE next week for input into where we go from here. I am hoping for answers or input into what we could do differently to increase our chances at conception, but I'm afraid there will be none. Being unexplained often leaves us with nothing but "everything looks normal". Ugh!

Keep in touch ladies--my heart is with you today Asunflower--

Holly by Golly


Asunflower - August 7

Thanks for the support ladies. Our plan is to take our 6 frozens and do a cycle here in Sept. or Oct. then we will try on our own a few more times but in the procss we will probably start to look at adoption. I still have a hard time with these BFN not matter how much I am used to them. Each one cuts like a knife. I will stay in touch!


HelenaS - August 7


I wish I had something perfect to say. I don't know if there is anything. I'm very sorry about your news. I don't care how many times someone hears BFN, it never gets easier. My husband and I tried naturally for some time and every negative month was just as hard as the first. I would like you to go back and read some of your post to the other ladies, your own words are so comforting. You're saying to us everything you may need to hear right now and we are not eloquent enough to say them. Know we are all thinking of you and wrapping warm hugs around you.



HelenaS - August 7


My DH is giving me the dreaded shot. The first night we iced a little, gave the shot (not bad), I massaged for 5 minutes and then sat on a heating pad. Around 3 AM that evening the ache in my tush was to much to bear. I walked around, did lunges, and generally suffered for an hour. The next day we ice, shot and then my husband place one palm where he had given the shot and the his other palm right on top of the hand already in place, leaned in with half his body weight and rubbed, hard, in a circular motion for 4-5 min. It was like a German weight lifter giving me a massage, but I tell you what that kind of pressure must have really distributed the progesterone because I've had no aching ever since.


HelenaS - August 8

Hello All,

I keep making my entries piecemeal, my 2 year old loved to turn off my computer when I'm in mid thought stream.

Colleen, sorry this is such a late response. The progesterone shots are not bad. Really. I do hear that it gets harder a couple weeks into it because you run out of new space, but that's the way it goes I guess. How are your stimis coming?

Shansy, so glad to hear your ER went so well. Are you still scheduled for this Wed for ET? I was sore after ER, so the bed rest was a welcome. You should be starting progesterone soon. Nothing to worry about there, the anticipation is worse than the event.

Diana, hope your progesterone shots are going well. They really weren't as bad as I thought they would be-whew! When does your hubby get back? Thank goodness for girlfriends!

My ET when well. The embies developed nicely. On the day of the transfer we had 8 Grade I embies, 6 of which were 8 cells, one was actually begining the transition into a morula (that was a bonus.) We utilized assisted hatching and transfered 3. The wait begins. I take my first beta test on Monday the 14th.

All of you ladies are in my thoughts and prayers. You have made this journey thus far much easier.


Fortyfour - August 8

Asunflower - I am so sorry about the BFN. We should be doing a frozen together if you do one in Sept.

Baby dust to all. I have bad PMS today so hopefully my period is around the corner and I can get this next part over with.


shansy - August 8


Thanks for the progesterone shot tip of the day- I need it as I am in full swing with the shots. My DH tried to massage it last night right after he gave it to me and it felt like a million little stingers all at once- did you experience this when massaging it?

Yes, I am set for ET tomorrow. I am very excited to find out how the embies have developed. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Congratulations on your ET- sounds like it went perfectly! That is wonderful that you had so many perfect embies to choose from. Why did you decide to do AH if I might ask? My DH and I can also decide to do this tomorrow if the embryologist tells us that the shell of the eggs is really thick- then we will probably do it. Well, now you are in your 2ww! What day was your ET? We can try to survive the 2ww together. :)

Hang in there and much babydust to you.


Asunflower - August 8

Helena S- Thanks for your knind words. I did exactly what you said and I went back and read my own words. The good news is that that is exactly what I have already done. I got angry with myself and God and I told him that. I have spent much time in prayer and although deep down inside I still feel there has to be a mistake, I am focused on the future and ready for teh next steps. Like 44 said- I am just waiting for AF so we ca get the ball rolling. My only issue that I am dealing with right now is really how long do I keep trying with IVF. We have male factor and we tried on our own for about a year and a half and didn't get anywhere. Then we did some testing and found out why. In the meantime, my DH has changed jobs and things are at a much better stress level for all of us. His counts have been way up these past few times so we are hoping that maybe we can try on our own again. We decided to purchase and ovulation monitor to try to get the exact time for us to try each month. These things may help, I just don't know. I will continue to pray each and everday for the Lord tor eveal his plan to me and I will continue to ask him for the blessing of a pregnancy. I know he will answer my pray, I just ahve to be patient which is a trait that I have been learning all these months. It sounds like the good Lord is still testing my strength. I cannot understand it but I guess that is why we call it faith. Thanks again for your support. I appreciate everyone's kind words and it is just great to come to a place and bear your heart and know that people understand.


Asunflower - August 8

44- I wil find out this week when we are going to set up for our FET. It will be nice to cycle again with you. Did you have your RE pick a date and then just work backwards to find out when to begin shots? This will be out first FET. Exactly what should I expect?


Asunflower - August 8

Holly By Golly- I had my pity party last night. I got it all out of my system so that I can get back on my feet again. We both truly earned it. There is just so much involved in IVF and to go through all of that to get a BFN is so heartbreaking. Keep your head up and focus on your dream and it will happen for both of us! Keep us posted on what your Re says!


ColleenC - August 8

Thank you everyone that has given progesterone shot hints. My husband and I dread the thought like the plague but we will take your suggestions when we start them next week.

Helena - stims are going well so far. I went in this morning for u/s and b/w and everything is coming along. We expect ER sometime early next week. I am getting pretty excited now. We'll have to wait and see. Congrats on your ET. Sounds like things are moving along wonderfully for you. Happy thoughts to you for the 2ww.




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