Implantation Bleeding?!
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JenniferS - May 15

My modesty is out the window with so many people poking around in the baby-making area latley, so I'm apologizing for my vulgarity in advance............

Has anyone ever experienced implantation bleeding? I have noticed a very light, pinky-brown discharge when I use the bathroom (on the TP). We had our first IUI last Saturday & I've felt kind of achy in my abdomen ever since. I've just chalked it up to all the trouble we had even getting the catheter to thread; there was A LOT of poking that day. My period isn't supposed to start until the 21st, so I was a little upset when I saw the pinky-brown today. Of course we were in a theme park with TONS of strollers & pregnant women walking around, so that didn't help at all. I am also very aware of my boobs the last couple days. They are not small to begin with, but they feel like BOULDERS right now. GRRRRRRRR.Is it this 2WW that is making me crazy? They really should give you a magic pill to make this part go away. All righty then, I feel a little better after that mini B!@*H session....THANKS!

AMY, how are you? How are you feeling?


WantsBaby2 - May 15

Everytime they have done an IUI and other tests involving the cervex I have had light bleeding for a few days. It might be normal. I have heard of implantation bleeding. I hope that is what it is!!! :D Good luck!



bethann - May 15

Hi Jennifer,

We're in this 2ww at the same time! I had my IUIs on the 8th and 9th and I've been feeling totally crampy ever since. Sometimes sharp pains and sometimes, like lately, a dull ache, sometimes feeling gas like (sorry for the TMI). I haven't had any spotting but from what I read that very well could be implantation bleeding! How exciting! Keep your spirits up, I'm trying to too!
How many follicles did you have? Are you still having cramping too?



JenniferS - May 16

Beth, I'm so glad someone out there is feeling the same things! I totally understand the gas-like pain ---- it feels like that too! :P

I only had one big follicle.....But I had several smaller ones that my NP said might drop. She wasn't sure if they'd turn in to anything, though. This wait is driving me CRAZY! I know a lot of people don't have a successful first IUI, but that doesn't make the wait any easier! I am off Monday & Tuesday ; it's a good thing I don't live that close to a store, otherwise I'd be there buying pregancy tests!

Oh well, I will just have to find ways to make this week go by quickly! TONS & TONS of baby dust to everyone!


bethann - May 16

Hi Jennifer. I totally understand the impulse to run out and get pg test! I just want to know so I'll stop fretting so much about it. Like you this is my first IUI and I also have seen that the stats on a first time success are very small. I'm trying to stay calm and not get my hopes up too high but yet I don't want to be negative either! Oh well, time will tell and there is always next month if no bfp this month!!
I'm throwing tons of baby dust to you and all of us wanting and waiting for this miracle!
I'm feeling better this morning by the way and I don't know if this is a good or bad thing. Why is it that vacations fly by so fast and this 2ww feels like forever!


shaz - May 17

Jennifer and Bethhann,

I just wanted to wish you luck during your 2WW. It is the absolute worst time. I would have loved to have been put to sleep for the whole two weeks and to be woken when it was over.....

When do you both test???



bethann - May 17

I love that idea! Put to sleep for 2 weeks! Oh if only!

I can't test until May 26 because I got my booster hcg shot on the 12th and they said if I test early than 14 days post shot I could easily get a false positive, which would be a real bummer. My AF is due the 23rd though so we'll see!!

Jennifer, how are you doing?

Baby dust, baby dust!!!


BabyBound - May 17

Bethann and JenniferS, good luck ladies. 2ww is awful. I charted my temps during that time to see if I'll get a glimpse of what the end of the wait was going to be. I want you ladies to know all the feelings you have, I felt the exact same way. I had my first IUI last month and it worked on the first try. I'm now 7wks pg. I'm so hoping that you to nail it on the first try too.


JenniferS - May 17

How exciting for you! So, you will be due in December? Let us know how you're feeling!

I'm not supposed to have my period until the 21st. We will be out of town at a wedding, so I think I might break down & buy a pg test Friday night before we leave ---- maybe Thursday so I can call the doctor Friday either way. I am still achy & a little sore; I've even been a little sick to my stomach for a couple days! But I think that might just be nerves. :-\ OK, I have to go enjoy the rest of my day cleaning!!!!!

BABY DUST TO EVERYONE!~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~


celia m - May 17

JenniferS, I had inplantation bleeding on my 1st preg, I was about a week early for my AF to start, also was crampy. Unfortunately I lost the preg at 11 weeks.
Good luck to you , hope it is a good sign!


Fortyfour - May 18

Good luck ladies and baby dust to you.


ElizabethS - May 18

Bethann and Jennifer - Best of luck to you in the 2ww. It is such a crazy time, and I am so glad you have each other to go through this waiting game.

I will be praying and sending wonderful baby vibes your way.


bethann - May 18

Hi Jennifer, just checking in. How are you doing? Are you still cramping? I had some more cramping today and my bbs are getting hugh (they're pretty obnoxious normally so this is absurd). But they always get annoyingly big before af. i told my dh that i'm not sure what is going on. i'm wondering if my af will be different this month (if not pg....trying to stay positive) since i ovulated 3 eggs instead of one and that is the cause of my weird feelings. there i go, being hesitant again, I can't help it!!!! I think I can , I think I can........

Anyway, so, what have you decided? Are you going to test for sure before you leave for your trip? That would be in 2 days, right? I'm so hopeful for you!!! Keep in touch.

Thanks for all of your wonderful posts ladies. It gives me an odd strength knowing you are all out there!


JenniferS - May 19

Well................I actually took a First Response test yesterday, thinking that the 17th is 5 days from the 21st, which is when I am supposed to start. It was negative. I was pretty upset & mad & went home to sleep (I've been sleeping A LOT lately). So after I slept for a few hours, I got up & happend to check my calendar; my period is not supposed to come until the 25th. Even if I AM pg, it wouldn't have shown up because it's still too early!!!! What a nerd! :P
I am still feeling achy & crampy. The "girls" are still feeling very heavy & big, & I am still having a little brownish discharge (which worries me). Like I mentioned before, I am tired all the time & I have had a weird aversion to all kinds of smells the last few days. My best friend had absolutely NO trouble getting pregnant --- I think they were off bc for one cycle --- & she said she was sure her period was coming for two weeks before she found out she was pregnant. She said she felt crampy, boobs sore, the whole works.
It is so hard for me to stay positive, only because I'm afraid to let myself. I figure I will take it better if my period comes next week if I just assume a "no". But being a mommy is the only thing I've ever really been certain about in my whole life so I have to have a glimmer of faith. And if this week drags on like the last one did, I am not going to be pleasant to live with.......
How about you, Beth, how are you feeling? Anything new? Did you have to go get a progesterone test done at a week? I'm a little confused on the levels. She said I was in the normal range, but I don't know if in the high or low end or what to expect now!!!


bethann - May 19

I wouldn't worry for a minute about that negative test you got. Too early! And that little bit of bleeding could still be implant bleeding! I'm especially encouraged by your aversion to certain smells. That's a huge symptom! I feel the same way about this continued wait. I'm trying to stay busy at work and just not think about it! Just when I most need a couple of glasses of wine, I can't! Ugh! You just hang in there and stay positive! Either way I just keep telling myself there is always a next time. You'll get that baby Jennifer, I just know it! I'm routing and hoping for you!!!

As far as the progesterone test, my RE didn't do one and I"m not sure why. What does that measure? I still feel like af is on its way any minute. But I don't any symptoms like aversion to smells or nausea. I'm eating a bunch but I think that's just nerves.

I can't test til the 26th but af is due Monday. I'm here with you all the way! We'll make it, one way or another! I think all of your signs are very positive! Keep me posted!


bethann - May 20

ok all, just an update on me. my bbt dropped .4 degrees this morning and i have major af cramps, nausea and a pounding headache. i don't usually get the nausea and headache but the cramps are dead on for the type i get every month. scarlet hasn't come home yet but she is undoubtedly on her way. i was really down and angry this morning, heck, my period isn't even due until monday but i can't ignore the signs.
like vivian leigh says.....i'll think about that tomorrow.
all i can say is when the tired old af does show, a big fat martini is going to be my consolation prize!
must keep head up and sense of humor! i'll let you all know but it's not looking good for this month. but there is always next time!
baby dust to everyone!!


Lynne - May 20

I know the feeling bethann, I went through a whole bottle of wine about 2 weeks ago, Very nice hang over the next morning :( and then off again on another round of clomid. The symptoms that I went through last cycle had me really excited and the let down was huge, I had hpt a bit early and it had come out neg. but I held out hope that it was just to early to tell. I had a good cry and a real good buzz happening, then you have to give yourself a good kick in the rear and start again. I know that doing this gives me a chance to have a child but if i don't try I will not have any chance at all. Don't give in to the defeat take some time out for yourself to recover and get back on to the roller coaster. Baby wishes to us all. Lynne



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