i was naughty and bought the ept....
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LisainAK - June 8

Hell ladies - i just needed to share. I was on another IVF board yesterday and I stumbled across a gal who was in a very very similar situation. We both had ER done on May 25th and did a 3 day transfer of two 8 cell embies. She was saying that she did a home preg test beginning monday and had been getting light positive lines on the test - and they got darker each day. Her blood work was set for Friday (as is mine) and she called her doc and her doc said she could beleive the results. Well now - of course that prompted my stop at my neighborhood Walmart to get a home test - First Response (which by the way is the one Consumer Reports recommends for earliest detection). I was truly only planning on doing it Thursday morning - but dammit - it was a two pack- so i decided i would do one today. Well, I did wake up at 130am and have to pee - I even contemplated doing it then - figured it would be too noisey and the husband would scold me for entertaining this project. I waited til 5am after I heard hubby get up. I peed on my stick and I looked - and there was that bright single pink line!!!!! I put it on my bed stand and sat and reflected for a few mintes. I was ok with it - I knew it may just be too early and I wasn't going to be bummed yet - but at least more prepared for that possible negative. It then dawned on me i really didn't wait much time before I came to my negative conclusion (i kinda assumed if it was positive - since I have never experienced it it would be almost instant at least some second line)- so i looked again.....i didn't believe what i saw, i had to get up and turn the light on - there was a faint second pink line!!!!!!! I am 10 days post a 3 day transfer. I am 14.5 days from my HCG trigger shot, 13 days post retrieval. Could it be??? I am very optimistic now - however, not sure if it is a chemical preg - any one now more on that? I should post to Dr Jacobs. My fingers are still crossed......


WantsBaby2 - June 8

Oh Lisa! That is incredible news! I am soooo excited for you! Please keep us posted on the good news. YIPEEEEEE!!!! I'll do my little happy dance for you! :P ;D



territoo - June 8

Five years ago I was in a similar situation. I was 12 days post IUI and wasn't due to test for two more days. My hpt kit had 2 tests in it so I did the same thing you did, and likewise it turned out with only one line. I was lying in bed feeling kinda bummed out, when I decided to check it again. Was that a faint 2nd line? It was hard to tell with the poor lighting, and even after turning on all the lights I could find, I really couldn't tell.

I decided to take advantage of working in a hospital, so I drove over to the hospital, carring the hpt. I showed it to one of the doctors who said it was positive. Also, the light was better there and it did appear to have a faint line.

I woke up the lab tech on duty. (It was a Sat nite very late.) I convinced him to run a serum hcg--quantitative. I stood in the lab, staring at the stupid machine willing it to hurry up and spit out the results. Finally it came up w/ HCG level of 28. Definitely positive, but too soon to say if it was only a chemical pg.

The next 48 hours were hell, waiting to be able to do the repeat HCG. When it finally was time, again I stood in the lab, staring at the machine. The results.....56.

Why couldn't I get a clearcut answer? The hcg results are supposed to at least double in 48 hrs, and mine did...just barely. I called my RE and he wanted another hcg in 48 hours....ie two more days of hell.

This time it was 128, and 36 weeks later I delivered a beautiful baby girl!

I sure hope that you can tell a similar story soon!



I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!! I hope it's all good!!


shaz - June 8

VERY VERY EXCITING....Cant wait to hear the update!


bethann - June 9

OH MY GOSH. I am so anxious Lisa. Keep us posted!


Fortyfour - June 9

Hot diggity dog. I think you are having a baby. Keep in touch and congratualations. I am jumping up and down right now.


Debie - June 9

Lisa a line is a line and for me has one meaning, CONGRATULATIONS :) :).



cassandra - June 9

Lisa, I also started hpt'ing on day 10 post a three day transfer and it was faint, the next day too. On the blood test day it was bright and am now carrying twins!
( I also had 2-8 cell embies transfered!) cassandra


BabyBound - June 9

Lisa, it seems your on the BFP road. Congratulations! Please let us know the final results as soon as possible.


shaz - June 9


when do you have your blood work done?

Am very excited for you



ElizabethS - June 9

Lisa - keep the faith - only one more day to wait, and get confirmation by blood. I am CERTAIN that you are pregnant! Congratulations. ;D


LisainAK - June 9

ok -well I called my doc and confessed what i did - i asked if i could come today instead of tomorrow for the blood test - she said YES!!! I went in about 2 hours ago - should know within the hour - the fate of this IVF - fingers are double and triple crossed - thanks for the prayers, babydust and well wishing - at least the wondering will be over!!!!


meridithhasfaith - June 9

Oh my god, Lisa! I just saw this news! How wonderful! It is now 6:02 PM Eastern time and by the looks of it, you made the post at 4. (my time, anyway) Whatever time zone, it still equals 2 hours so I am so excited and will be checking to see the answer! Good luck, it sounds like a WINNER to me!



LisainAK - June 9

All right ladies - the call finally came.....
I can barely believe it - i feel so lucky and fortunate!
My beta is 150 and i go in Saturday to hope it doubles!
I am considered 4 weeks today with a Feb 16 due date.
I will go in for an ultrasound in two weeks.
I am on cloud nine - yet not totally relaxed yet; i am a worries so get me past those 6 weeks down to a 5% miscarry are and i will then relax...but i am savoring these moments and trying to decide who i will share this early news with. i have already called my family and my few friends who have been my rock through this process (to include all you wonderful gals on this board!!!)- the rest will probably have to wait.

Thanks thanks for all your thoughts - i will keep you posted.

And...baby dust to the rest of you - your time will come!


meridithhasfaith - June 9

Congratulations, Lisa
That's wonderful news! :D



laura - June 10

Thats wonderfull Lisa!!

I just new it!!

Babydust laura



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