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Juniper - August 22

Hi everyone, my name is Jen, I'm 31 and live in NJ. My husband is 41 and has two daughters from a previous marriage. We have been married for a year, dated for four, and have been trying to conceive for a year. I had a massive chocolate cyst removed from my left ovary in March, which ruined my left fallopian tube. My husband also sufferes from a chronic back condition which has affected the quality of his sperm. Our doctor had recommended IVF with ICSI however our insurance company wants us to try 2 IUI cycles first. So, I began Follistim injections Saturday and go back for blood and ultrasound Wednesday. In the meantime, my doctor is appealing their decision to see if we can do IVF next month rather than a second IUI cycle. I fine the Follistim injections to be painless, however I have the progesterone needles waiting and they look NASTY! How is everyone else?


baby4us - August 23

Hi Jen.. have you gone for your first IUI yet? Those are quite painless as well.

I hope you are able to get your insurance company to go for the IVF right away.. as it seems you and your husband are prime candidates for IVF ..although .. it is apparently not a bad idea to try at least one IUI cycle so that they can monitor how you deal with the injections, etc.

Good luck


justme - August 23

Hi Jen and welcome! I wish you lots of luck on your journey.

I just took my first prog injection today and it wasn't too bad. The needle is big, I know, the prick is worse than the little one, but doable. My neighbor is a nurse and is giving me mine until she goes out of town then my husband will torture me!



sussie88 - August 23

I am telling you "justme" - demand the cream. Any doctor not giving it is barbaric! It is wonderful and makes a huge difference. I don't even feel my shot at all. The only way I know my husband is done is when he starts rubbing it with the alcohol pad.

Long live Lidocaine cream ;D


Juniper - August 23

Thanks for replying, ladies! I am so glad I found this site! I was feeling rather alone in that only two people I know have done IUI (with beautiful babies) and one who went through IVF. I completed my Follistim injections today and go for bw/us tomorrow AM. They don't anticipate the IUI to work in lieu of our issues, however, we have to do it. Good news!! Heard from the insurance co today and they will authorize IVF after we undergo this IUI cycle- Woo-Hoo!! I should be inseminated early next week.

Good luck to all of you ladies!!!


Karen123 - August 30

Jen, Welcome to the site. There are some terrific ladies here and the support is just incredible. Congratulations on getting the insurance company to help out! I'll be paying off my ivf for a few years but I'm one of the lucky ones and of course the cost was WELL worth it! I too was very afraid of the progesterone shots. The EMLA cream 45 minutes ahead and ice for 10 minutes helped out tremendously. Good luck!



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