I'm back in the game!!!
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TTC in SoCal - May 31

Hello ladies.... I apologize for being MIA for so long. the miscarriage put me in a state of extreme sadness and being unable to try again since then has made it difficult to respond to many of the posts. to all those who are new... you have come to a wonderful source of encouragement.
i have finally completed all my tests. genetic tests for both of us are normal. My endometrial biopsy to test for the beta integrins is good also. since we have already m/c'd twice, doc suggests that we move to ivf with pgd (pre-implantation genetic test)... that way we will know that the embryo(s) are genetically ok. i talked to DH and he agrees to move forward with it. so..... the schedule they have me on means we will do egg retrieval on July 15 (my birthday!!) and transfer on July 18. i don't know how other docs do it, but they will have me on stims from 10 days prior to cd1.... then stims until mid-cycle and progesterone after that.
the worst part is..... i have gotten used to not having 'hope'.... it is so hard to hope again b/c i am so afraid of disappointment.
44... i think your transfer should be in june??? hugs coming your way.... i hope this time is the winner!!!!
btw.... DH and I just got back from Vegas. I used one of the coupons for $100 in slot play (on the special machines)... and won $1600.... all DH got was a cold!!! maybe that means my luck is changing!!!
much love to all of you.... i have been reading the posts and please know that i think of all of you often and hope you are all finding some peaceful moments within the chaos of infertility.


meridithhasfaith - May 31

Hi Trish

Sorry about your m/c's. I am glad you have a plan for this cycle. I pray it's the one for you!

Congratulations on your windfall! $1,600 is excellent!



Karen123 - May 31

Hi Trish. My name is Karen and I'm new here. I completely agree - this board has given me hope, encouragement and friendship in such a short amount of time. I go for my FSH test on 6/6 or 6/7 and think I'll be starting the whole process shortly after that. My uninformed guess is that my retrieval (if all goes well) will also be in July. I"m still very scared but with the posts I've read here, I now know that I really can do this! I wish you ALL the best!! And congratulations on the winnings! Karen


LisainAK - May 31

TTC SoCal - bbaydust to you - i think your Vegas win is a 'sign' your luck is changing!!! I had a month and a half off between my IUI and IVF - and it was nice not waiting or hoping...now we are waiting again...but it feels good - for now. Keep us posted!!!

Karen - best of luck to you in July also - maybe we can all enjoy a baby blessed summer of BFP's!!!


Fortyfour - June 1

TTCinSoCal - I am not sure what pgd is but they did not do any testing on since all the blood work when they found out that my eggs were no good. I work 3-4 day a week and occasional weekends so lunch (and shopping) would be great. I will email you in the next couple of days with possible days. Take care. I am doing acupuncture this time. I figuered that if I can give myself a shot I can do the acupuncture. Take care.

Thanks ladies for your kind thoughts and well wishes. I want time to pass quickly so this can get started. I am already doing my caffeine and stress adjustments.

Baby dust to all.



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