I'm back
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snindy - October 26

Hey ladies,
I have been off the boards for awhile, but I'm back and thought I would give you the latest.

I just started back on the estrogen pills, patch and now the progestrine shots mid October. My last transfer is tomorrow and they thawd out (5), (4) survived. (2) are looking good but the other (2) are not looking that good. But least I have 2 stronger ones.

Monday they had to put 2 cervical stitches in me to help the doctor find his way to my uterus better. I had local anasthesia but boy did it hurt.. That hurt more than an actual transfer.
I'm sleepy and have been in blah mode since taking the estrogen and the progesterine.

Thought I would drop in and say hi and tell you guys the latest. I will keep you posted.



Karen123 - October 26

Cindy, I wish you the best!!! VERY best of luck and tons of baby dust to you!! I never cease to be amazed at what a woman will go through to have a baby and I realize more and more each day how strong women are. Please keep us posted and you are certainly in my thoughts and prayers. Karen


silli_kitti - October 26

Hi Cindy, welcome back!

*ouchie* about the stitches - I've heard that can be painful.

Hope your transfer goes smoothly and some little bean(s) stick. Will they be transferring all 4 embies? Wait, I guess you won't know until they see how they are tomorrow? I'm sorry, I'm totally ignorant about IVF,

Tons of baby dust to you and good luck!


WantsBaby2 - October 27

Hi Cindy!
Welcome back! We missed you! Oh I hope for the best on your transfer! Our worry never seems to end. I will pray really hard for a positive at the end of your 2ww. Take good care of yourself and keep us posted!



baby4us - October 27

GOOD LUCK Cindy.. let us know how the transfer goes........


Fortyfour - October 27

Good luck my dear. let us know about the transfer . Ouch to the stitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Baby dust to all.


snindy - October 28

The transfer was better this time then the last time. It went smoothly. Out of 5 embryos, 3 only survived. So they put all 3 in me. They said (2) were really good and (1) is good, so now we just wait and see.

I'll keep you posted,


Fortyfour - October 29

Baby dust to you. You are in my prayers tonight.


SMS1129 - October 29


Best of luck to you !! I hope you get a BFP real soon!

Keep us posted.




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