HPT during 2ww
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caroline7 - September 17

This is my first IVF try. I'm due for my pregnancy test next Tuesday. Even though I know I shouldn't bother with HPT to drive myself nuts, I did one anyway this morning (3 days early) because I'm quite anxious and can't stop thinking about it.

The test is negative which saddens me of course. Can anyone share reliability story of HPT prior to the doctor office blood test?

I feel pregnant. About 4 days after my transfer, my breast swollen a lot. My nipple and the area around it became darken and enlarged. I thought it was good news, could it be just the hormones I'm taking.

I'm normally a quite positive person. This IVF try is making me feel the pits. I don't feel comfotable sharing my experience with most people around me. Few of my close friends who knows this are up to ears with my worries. I'm terrified to go through multiple IVFs. In addition to emotional stress, I'm paying out of pocket to go to a top clinic. I know I should remain positive, but I just want to share that this has been a difficult journey.

I'm a new member here, any thoughts/experiences from other members would be greatly appreciated.


baby4us - September 17

I know how you feel.. I tried an early pregnancy test during my 2ww last cycle.. of course it was negative.. and in my case.. was correct.. BUT.. those tests are not 100% accurate.. so you cant rely on them.. so just keep hoping that you will get a BFP when you got for your blood test.

Let us know how it goes.

Baby dust!


SMS1129 - September 17


I never did a hpt because I knew I would worry more if I did and it was negative. If it was positive, I would still worry b/c I wouldn't be certain. The blood test is more reliable and I would wait for Tuesday.

I hope good news for you then! Keep up posted!



Fortyfour - September 17

If you get the test that measures the hcg down to 15 it would probably show a positive on day 12 or 13. Some of the tests dont register the hcg until its 50 or more, some of them a 100. My first pregnancy didnt show a positive until the day before my blood test. My first beta was only 48 though. Good luck and I hope its a BFP.


caroline - September 18

Thanks everyone for your words of encouragement as well as the specifics of HPT. I couldn't find any HCG level information from the package booklet of the HPT. But I'll hope for the best and share the outcome with you.


tinkerbell - September 20

wow caroline! it turned out well for you! CONGRATULATIONS!!! i am happy for you :)
have a safe and healthy and happy nine months ahead!


guest44 - September 20

Congrats to you. keep on growing little one.


carla - November 19

Hi, I need some help because I am getting crasy.
I did transfer 2 10cell and 8cell embryos grade A, in the 11th of november 2005, I have some cramps, feeling that I will heve my period, no spotting, my boobs hurt little bit. Like an idiot today I did an EPT at 11am (19 nov), before that I went many time to toilet...and it was negative...I crying and I feel very bad, I am 27 years old, husband 42. I need to know if it is normal or that's it I am not pregnant. My beta is next wednesday 23rd of nov....Do you think It is still early for testing?
please help me...
And good luck for all of you


cassandra - November 20

Carla, I think it is too early to believe your ept. I tested regularly when I was going through the 2ww and they were all negative until the one I took the night before my blood test. Good luck. cassandra


Carla - November 21

Cassandra, Thank you for your answer, yesterday I did a test again, and it was negative, I cried like the day before and even more, it was day 10 after transfer. But my DH thru all the tests in the trash, and now I am just waiting. Last night I felt I will have my period but fortunately It did'nt. I feel some cramps very quick sharp pain for seconds. I dont' know if it is a good sign. My boobs during the day hurts more than at night. I don't know if it normal or what.



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