How many IUI's before trying IVF?
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Shelli34 - November 4

I have endo and have done 6 IUIs...three with clomid and three with injectable meds. My doctor says I should think about IVF...are the odds worth the chance of success?



snindy - November 4

I would try IVF, IVF has better success rates then IUI. If your dr thinks it's the right thing to do then maybe I would go that route.

Good luck!



Trying in NH - November 5

I have done 7 IUI's 4 with clomid (some months we did 2 IUI's) and one month injectables. We are now going to an RE and he said that there is only about a 14-17% chance every month with IUI and 50% with IVF. Hope that helps. Good luck.


Fortyfour - November 5

The nice thing about IVF is you know that there is a fertilized egg put right in the uterus - no question if the two met and actually got to the uterus. I hope it all works for you.



Hi Ladies:

I am also wondering what will be my next step I had my 2nd IUI last week. I usually get real bad pms 1 week before af is due and I feel that way right now. I am misrable and depressed that it didnt take. I havent even come close to how many IUI"S you have had & I was thinking mabe before wasting the money on more IUI's I should inquiry about IVF. (I think chances are better from what I am reading.) I also know IVF is really costly and was wonder just "how costly" we are talking?
I almost affraid to hear.


Fortyfour - November 5

Hi tickingclock - In Southern Cal - the prices range from 6,000-9,000 per cycle not including the stim meds which cost about 2,500. My insurance did not pay for invitro and only some of the meds. Some doctors have plans were you pay for 3 and if no success you get 80% of your money back. If you get pg the first or second time you get no money back. Oh yeah, you have to get alot of lab test done before IVF which could be anther couple of thousand dollars.



HI 44
Thanks for the information. Its all so depressing our insurance co wont cover any of it either. I wish insurance companies were a little more understanding I know its costly but for god sakes meet us 1/2 way or something. Not only does all this drain you mentally it drains you financially too! :(


Fortyfour - November 6

Yeah - I hope I am not too sick when I do get pg so I can pay off the bills before I deliver so I can stay home with the baby most of the time. I plan to work only 2 days a week when my hubby is off if I have to after the baby is born. Take care all.


baby4us - November 7

For me and my situation.. I was told that I shouldn't do more than 3 or 4 IUI's before considering IVF... Everyone of us is different.. and we have different reasons for being in ART... so it all depends on what your doc or RE says.. so I think if s/he is suggesting you start to consider IVF.. you might want to look into it.. You are correct.. it is expensive and more invasive.. BUT as 44 says.. they are putting a fertilized egg(s) right inside.. so you chances are definately higher.

It really does suck that many insurance companies don't pick up the bill.. or even half the bill.. if they only knew what women go through.......



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