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SarahG - September 12


In the early stages of planning an FET. Was wondering if anyone knows how long you have to keep taking the hormones for after an embryo has implanted? Specifically how long estrogen needs to be taken, keep reading all sorts. The cycle beforehand is all being controlled artificially.




pj - September 13

i'm in the middle of a fet cycle right now. i'll let you know what i find out.
what form of estrogen are you planning to take?


justme - September 13

I am taking the estrogen patches and I am 5 weeks pregnant. I am not sure when I will actually stop them.


SMS1129 - September 13

Just me,

Are you also doing the PIO shots? I am not doing estrogen, but still doing those wonderful shots. I go Thursday for the 5 week u/s, so I guess I'll find out how much longer I have to do that.

How are you feeling? When is your u/s?



Fortyfour - September 14

My doc has me do the estrogen and progesterone shots until 8 weeks post positive test. Good luck


justme - September 14

Sue, I am still doing the PIO shots. :P I hope to stop them soon! The lidocaine cream suggested works wonders though. Did you get some?

I am feeling pretty good. A little nausea off and on but nothing bad. I am really tired all the time though and very bloated. My breasts are huge and tender already. Ughhhh!


SMS1129 - September 14

No, I didn't get any of that cream. I find that if I ice the area for a few minutes, it's not bad. Also, I tell my dh not to hesitate with the shot, just go fast and I don't feel it. He's pretty good at it, but we both hope it ends soon...

Are you going for u/s today? I go tomorrow morning.

I haven't really been nauseous, just tired and hungry. I can't stand to wear a bra either, so I have been wearing alot of camisoles under my shirts... My sense of smell is heightened too and I read that happens at the 4th week or so.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Let me know how your u/s turns out.




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