Here I go again!
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WantsBaby2 - April 25

Hello ladies,
I just went to my RE's office and picked up 2 months worth of bcps. The plan is that I am just going to keep taking bc.....even through my next period (so I won't get one) till the lab is ready again. Once the lab is open I take the placebo pills to get my period and then start my stims. So we're talking retrieval in about 6 to 8 weeks! I am so excited and nervous at the same time.

The doctor is putting me on microdose lupron. He said it would be about 1/10th of the dose I was on before, so I don't have to worry about oversuppression. (hopefully) I will be taking 400 ius of Follistim twice a day. (which is MUCH higher than what I was on before) I am scared because I had such an awful time on the lupron last time. But I have to have faith that the doc knows what he is doing.

So here I go again ladies. I am bound to turn into psycho chick again here soon, so bear with me please. Here goes the rollercoaster!



Lynne - April 25

Although it is a pain to have to wait it is nice to see that your lab is trying to work with you and alter your timetable so that when they are ready for you you will not have any delays. Try to enjoy the time off... have a glass of wine for me and do all the stuff I can't ( damn this 2ww). Baby wishes to you. :)


Cheri - April 25

Your in my thoughts--and I pray that this next go around will work for you. Hope the 6-8 wks goes fast. I have never been on Lupron(hope thats how you spell it). Sounds like a wicked drug!! Keep in touch! Cheri


meridithhasfaith - April 26

wantsbaby2! That is such great news! You must feel so good to have the ball rolling. We just might be cycle buddies, that would be fun.

Sorry I didn't get to this post earlier, I am dealing with a hugely painful heel injury of some sort. Doctor thinks it's inflamation of the fascia or the tendons inside my heel. I can't even walk so I am now on crutches and using my office chair to wheel myself around the house!

Good news for you, I was glad to read it. ;D



WantsBaby2 - April 27

Thank you for your support ladies. Lupron is wicked and I am not looking forward to it.

We probably can be cycle buddies! When do they estimate that you can begin? How did you injure your heel? What a pain. I hope it is feeling better soon. And hopefully the time will pass quickly for you too!



paige - April 27

Hell I just saw your thing on Lupron, when I did my two fresh cycles they had me take 10 I.U and then when I did this one they told me since it was frozen they had to have me do 20 I.U. I about freaked thta crap is horrible. I found a away not to get many of the side effects. I took it at night instead of in the morning. The half life of the drug is three hours. So the side effects minimize and the I told cold pressed flaxseed oil daily to control your hormones. I also took a multi b vit three times a day. I loved it and the doctor said it was okay and I felt very little side effects. Good luck Paige


ElizabethS - April 27

good luck wants baby too! I too took lupron at night with very little side effects.


Fortyfour - April 27

wantsbaby2, its good to have a plan. Stay busy and I hope this one works for you. Maybe we will be waiting together in 8 weeks. Keep in touch.


meridithhasfaith - April 27


I was on Lupron for my last cycle and I actually loved it. I had no symptoms and in fact, it took away all of my mood swings and everything. It's too bad you didn't have the same good experience. I hope this time, your chemistry is different and it isn't so bad. We can hope, right!?
It is exciting that we might start at the or around the same time. I will be getting my protocol on the 7th of June so I am not sure how we will line up as I wont be doing Lupron suppression this time. 44 will be moving along too...we may have a small group going!

I am not sure how I hurt my heel. I think it was playing baseball in sandals...just with little kids in the backyard but I think I tore something in my heel. The pain is beyond description but thankfully, it's getting better. I hope to be able to walk again soon!

Take care!


WantsBaby2 - April 28

Thanks for the support ladies. Yes, it is nice to have a plan....even if it feels like baby steps right now. At least I am headed in the right direction. I am feeling a bit sick taking the that normal? I didn't feel sick last time I was on it. Just a little nausea in the mornings.

How come no Lupron this time? Are they using something different? I thought they weren't going to put me on it again, but I guess they will do microdose lupron. I don't understand most of it, I just do what they tell me!

When you had your first IVF with your son, did you get pregnant on the first try? Just curious. How many embies would they like to transfer for you?



meridithhasfaith - April 28

Hi wantsbaby2

First of all, yes, it is normal to feel a little queasy on bcp's. They are pure hormones and are bound to have that effect on some people.
As far as the Lupron, at 29 (the age I was the first time around) I only made 5 eggs and only 2 were good enough to fertilize. The doctor thinks I may have been over-supressed and that contributed to the poor response to the stims. This time, I will start stims without anything else, then, after a few days, once the follicles get started, I will be using an antagon (longer name but can't remember it) to keep supressed. It works like Lupron only it is given at a different time and tends not to interrupt egg production.
I did get pg on the first try. It was a miracle as I only had 2 embies, a 3-cell and a 4-cell, both grade D. (the worst) They transfered both and I am assuming that my ds was the 4-cell but I guess we will never really know, will we?
The doctor said possibly 3 this time around, if we get that many. How about you? Do you know how many they suggest?

My foot is finally feeling a little better. I can't wait to walk again!



Fortyfour - May 3

Hi, I feel different every month I take b/c or hormones. I dont know how much is the age thing. Good luck Wants baby and let us know how you are doing. I am rooting for you.


WantsBaby2 - May 5

Hi ladies!
Well I am definitely feeling the effects of bc. Hormones gone wild! I have been sleeping horribly lately and I have been having really bad dreams.

This process is producing fear and anxiety again. I wake up at 1am and I am not able to get back to sleep until 5am, and I am just exhausted lately. I had a dream that my little brothers wife told me she was pregnant, and in my dream I saw her with her big belly and she looked so beautiful. I ran out of the room crying.

It kills me because I absolutely adore my sister in law. Would I really not be happy if she got pg? I feel like such an awful person. She is much much younger that I am (25) and I am sure it will happen one of these days.

I have gone back to doing accupuncture again. In Chinese medicine they do a diagnosis by looking at your tongue. He looked at it yesterday and said My goodness! Why are you not sleeping?" I was a little shocked. I just amazes me. He took my pulse and said I was under a lot of stress. (go figure)

It's only going to get worse I know. The meds make me depressed and more anxious. It doesn't help that I am such a worrier to begin with! Us poor women! As if we aren't heartbroken enough with no babies in our arms! The hormones just dump more torture on us. I am so jealous of the women that say they have no side effects from the meds! Even the bc makes me crazy! :o

Oh well.....thanks for listening to me whine ladies! I have the day off today so I have to clean clean clean the house!



TTC in SoCal - May 5

We are in the same place, my dear... i am about to shoot someone (or everyone). i have no patience or tolerance and feel miserable. only 1 shot left!!! test is tomorrow!!! then, hopefully, we can start trying again!!


Lynne - May 5

Oh the hormonal roller coaster we are on, I had a major hissy fit on the weekend, the old man thinks I'm going crazy ;D ; I'm worried that he may be right :o ; but we go through this with high hopes that all of the discomfort will be worth it. Baby wishes to us all.


paige - May 6

I feel you all. My last cycle I was throwing trash cans across the house and waiting for someone to set me off. Those are just the most horrible drugs we take. I think thta's one reason we get so mad when we don't get pregnant!


WantsBaby2 - May 6

You are so funny Paige! I can just imagine you throwing stuff around your house!

About a year ago, I got so mad at my dh while taking the hormones. Nothing was going right that week and something set me off. I just started screaming and throwing stuff all over the bedroom and bathroom. My husband panicked and thought he would just sneak out of there fast! I threw stuff down at him while he was going down the stairs.

Now mind dh never picks up or cleans up after himself EVER. I went to work with everything a wreck......stuff all over the place! When I got home, everything was spic and span and back in its place. I guess he had mercy on me! God I was a monster! I just completey lost it. It's embarrassing to admit I could be that out of control! Well....I thought you girls would enjoy that story!




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