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KariV - March 29

Not sure if it is just in my head or what. We did a 3dt on Saturday. I am feeling tired and crampy and by boobs are still killing me. It seems alot like AF is on her way. I am really scared that our 3 little embryos are not going to make it. I broke down and POAS it is was BFN. I just don't know what to do. Feeling very down right now. It has just been such a long road, I thought that this would be it.... I mean, we had eggs, they fertilized, they thrived, they looked great. The get transferred back into me and boom.....

I go in a week for my acutal beta, I just have this feeling that te trip will be unnecessary.

any thoughts?


jamielee - March 29

Its way to early to test Kari, I took a test the day before my actually test and it was a very faint positive, then only a little darker the day of my test! Almost all pregnant women feel as though their period is coming when they are pregnant! I thought my cycle was a bust and I'm pregnant, so don't worry you are feeling totally normal! I know you have been through a lot honey just hang in there!!!


smod - March 29

KariV, Since you had 3dt on Saturday, it's still early to think or feel you're not pregnant. Did you have your Progesterone (P4) checked? If it's within normal range, it's a good sign. Now you have to wait for HCG (Beta) in order to confirm pregnancy. I had my recent failed IVF (2nd)... i've been there and know exactly what you're going through. Please try hard not to think negative. Stay strong and have faith.

Baby Dust!


TTC_baby_girl - March 29

Aww. I am sorry your down. But try not to be. Being tired, and crampy, and having sore boobs are all signs of pregnancy too :) SO maybe you've got it wrong, maybe your feeling them early because 2 or all 3 babies are thriving in there and wrecking their havock on your system :)
Keep us updated. I'll pray for you.


KariV - March 30

My blood work was okay. Progesterone was 38 and I guess they were looking for it to be at least 30. The nurse said something out my lining not being fully converted. They are increasing my progesterone to 400 mg twice a day.

I am just a little fresked out becuase my last cycle was only 23 days and today is the dreaded day 23. The cycle always seems to be shorter after a stim cycle. Cramping doesn't seem as bad today.

Thank you all for your words of enouragement....hubby is trying to help but really doesn't understand much about all of this. So, 6 days until beta.



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