Good news and Bad
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Karen123 - June 10

Hi everyone. First the bad news. My husband was rushed to the hospital Wed afternoon. What a horrible few days it has been! He was diagnosed with diverticulitis which is an intestinal infection. Fever hovering at 103 (sometimes higher, sometimes lower), severe pain, chills - just horrible to watch. I have been in and out of the hospital (still have to take care of my kids and dogs and house) and when I'm there I hold a bucket for him to vomit in and wipe his sweat off his head and just try to be there for him. He may need emergency surgery at any moment which is very scary. We're hoping to hold off on the surgery by pumping him with antibiotics and having him stay in bed. He can't even move from the pain anyway. IN a few days, if he hasn't been in for emergency surgery, he'll hopefully come home and then go back. He HAS to have some intestine removed but if it happens now (which may be inevitable) he'll need a colostomy bag. We are so sad right now. He's in such bad shape and it's terrible to watch. My air conditioning stopped working in my house AND car yesterday, my dog peed a huge puddle on my new carpet (she never does this), my plants died, just tons of stuff going wrong. I"m barely hanging on here and know that I have to be the one who holds it all together. To top it off he doesn't get paid when he's out of work since he is in sales and we have the 18 grand for the IVF due in a few weeks. I'm scared and sad.

Ok, there is good news in here believe it or not! I had gone on 6/7 for my FSH and other levels. Talked to the nurse yesterday and my FSH is 8.6. I think that's good right? Also they said that the sperm that we froze last week should not be affected by the diverticulitis. Then, my air conditioning started working in BOTH places by themselves! Also, I sat in my car for an hour crying and waiting for my daughter who was being interviewed for her first job and she got the job! Now, if all goes well with my husband, I can start smiling again. Anyway, please tell me that 8.6 is great! that's what I want to hear! :) I really don't remember what they said about the other levels since I had so much on my mind. They did say the sperm count was great too though.


Meg - June 10


I am sorry that you are going through such a difficult time. I will keep you and your husband in my thoughts and prayers that everything will be okay w/ him. I am glad that a few things went well for you, but I am sure you are still beside yourself w/ worry over your husband. Good luck w/ your upcoming IVF - wishing you lots of Babydust :) Take Care and keep us posted.



meridithhasfaith - June 10


FSH under 10 is considered a great outlook for IVF! *happy dance*
As far as your DH. Oh my god! That's horrible. I pray he comes home soon and can recover quickly without too much fuss. What an awful thing to have happen.

I am glad your a/c started working again and that your daughter got the job. Puppy spankings to your dog too! lol. Is your dog close with your DH? Maybe he was reacting to him being gone?

Glad you came here to vent. You did the right thing. Let us know how things are going later today, ok?



shaz - June 10


Im so sorry about the horrible time you have been through lately. I hope your husband recovers and everything turns out ok



SMS1129 - June 11

I hope things keep getting better for you, Karen! Keep the faith.

Take good care,


Fortyfour - June 11

Karen123, I am so sorry for the stress you have been going through. I am glad you have frozen spermies to work with. If we only had to ivf the stress of that alone is overwhelming. Add to that the little extras that life gives out and its a wonder we are all not in the looney.



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