Gonal-f 900Iu pens left over from IVF
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ilvpoohbear76 - September 3

Hello I have some Gonal-f 900Iu pens that do not expire until September of 2007 that I am getting rid of.
I am asking for $250.00 per box plus for the buyer to pay shipping for Fed-Ex priority overnight COD delivery.
The meds have been stored in the fridge since day one and were purchased at a US pharmacy.
If you are interested you can e-mail me at:

[email protected]

Thanks so much


pinkpig - September 3

Beware of this seller. I contacted him/her last week in response to an earlier posting that advertised a lower price. They promised to sell to me, but later refused to honor the original offer. They raised the price, posting a completely different name and e-mail address. If they are dishonest about this, what else might they be hiding? Would you feel safe buying medicines from them? I just feel I should warn the IVF community about this situation.

Attached below is the e-mail conversation (in reverse chronological order) I had with the person/people.


You have wasted our time enough, and I wouldn't order the meds from you, even if you gave us the original price as promised. Your story about the "assistant" is interesting, but hardly believable. There is only one person involved in this transaction - but whether it is a husband or a wife I'm not sure. In any case, I received a letter from the "wife" last week confirming the price as originally advertised (see below). The language (and spelling mistakes) used in the first e-mail and your last one are exactly the same, which leads me to believe you're hiding something.

I think a more believable explanation may be that you realized you could get more for it than you originally thought, so you decided to increase the price.

I'm glad I could see your dishonesty for what is was before getting involved in a real purchase from you. I feel sorry for the others who have been deceived by your unethical practices.

-- XXXXXXX wrote:

> Hello again,
> Yes this is me, XXXXX. I am sorry for the
> misunderstanding but I had my assistant create an ad
> for me in regards to the gonal-f and the worng price
> was put in on both the ads so when we returned I had
> my wife rerun the ads with the correct price.
> I am very sorry about this as we didn't realize
> this until a couple days ago after so many response
> for a price we didn't want advertised.
> We are asking $250.00 per box and this is what we
> needed to get....................we have had 3
> failed cycles with no explanation as my wife has
> always made plenty of good quality eggs/embryos. We
> can no longer afford IVF because we had to sell our
> house and take all our 401k to do the rounds we
> already did.............all we are really trying to
> do with the $$$ from the left overs is to save
> enough to be able to use our frozen blastocycst
> embryos for a frozen embryo transfer so that is why
> the ad was supposed to say $250.00 per box.
> Once again I am sorry. I do understand and I am ok
> with you not wanting to purchase now as I would be a
> bit confused myself.
> We have had so many e-mails on the $250.00 ad that
> I am sure we will be rid of them by the end of this
> week as it is anyhow.
> Thank you so much.

You are correct on the price but you will also have to pay over night shipping charges for them on top of the prices for the boxes.
Please e-amil me back and let me know if this is going to work for you and how you would like to proceed.
Thanks again

Hello again,

Thank you very much for your response!
I need 4-5 vials and want to make sure the price. 900
IU $225.00 per box, is it right?

THank you very much for your help.

--- XXXX wrote:

> Yes I still have some gonal-f pens 900Ius but i will
> be unable to ship out until the 1st of September as
> i am out of town until then.
> IF that will wrok for you then let me know and I
> will e-mail you as soon as I return and can set up
> shipping out to you.
> How many are you looking for??
> Thanks much
> Hello,
> I am wondering whether you still have in Gonal F.
> Please let me know.
> Thanks



dgo114 - September 3

It sounds like someone had a bad experience with this person but I can say otherwise myself.
My hubby and I purchased 2 boxes gonal 900IU pens and they were shipped out as promised and received as promised in a nice cooler box well packed and nice and cold.
I have been reading these boards and just had to join when I saw that someone had posted bad about this person.
Our experience was great and I felt another voice needed to be heard.
We were so happy to get a great price and have the deal go so smoothly.
Very Thankful,
Kate & Brian


pinkpig - September 3

I find it amusing that you claim to have purchased from this person before. As is plain for anyone to see, this was Ilvpoohbear 76's first post. So how could you possibly have known who it was? In any case, I e-mailed the seller immediately after her first post (last week), and she was out of town and unable to ship until September 2nd. I was first in line, and it would have been impossible for her to sell to anyone else during that time.

The only people who know that this seller has been using two different usernames are the seller herself, the people who have e-mailed to both addresses, and me.

I will let the readers of these forums judge for themselves, but I think they should have a legitimate pool of opinions. This last post just sounds like the seller trying to defend herself under yet another unsername.


dgo114 - September 3

We once again must reply.
We wanted to let pinkpig be aware that yes this may be the first time that this ad was posted here on this thread but my husband and I found the ad through SIRM not this thread.
We also were told that if shipment was not made by a certain time that we would have to wait do to the seller leaving town.
We had ours shipped before the seller left town due to the fact that we could not wait because our injections were scheduled to start before their return date.
I just had ER and they were able to get 23 mature eggs of which 19 fertilized via ICSI. I am guessing with a good number of eggs that the gonal was good.
I wanted to defend this person because they did us a great favor by selling their left over meds cheap as my husband and I would not have been able to do this otherwise.
Don't get me wrong pinkpig it does look like for some reason your transaction went the other way with this person but it is only fair to them to share the good with the bad and we very much feel that our transaction with this person was a God send.
We will come post back here with a update after our beta to let the boards know if a pregnancy resulted.
We will take the time to send the seller a personal email to inform them that they have made someone unhappy so that if they choose they can defend their actions. I think this is fair.
So sorry pinkpig that you had such an experience. It is too bad that it could not have worked out as smoothly for you as for us.

God Bless,
Kate & Brian


ilvpoohbear76 - September 4

Brian and Kate,
Thank you for the e-mail letting us know that there was a slanderous post on this forum about us.
Our transaction with you speaks for itself.
We realize that in this life you can not make everyone happy and that there are those out there that are difficult to work with.
Our obvious intention with the sell of the left over meds was to help get back some of the very large amounts of money that we spent on treatments but it was also our intention to help very kind hearted couples out who deserve to be parents and whom have had a big struggle with IF.
We did apologize to this person, and after going through all the e-mails came to find that we had made a mistake and would have gladly worked something out with this person but by this time it was too late and we had already received a nasty e-mail from this person so we left it alone figuring that this person would not want to hear anything more from us.
Well like I said thank you Brian & Kate for the e-mail it is great to have made some friends in this process and we are looking forward to your e-mail letting us know that you are pregnant. Try to take it easy during your 2ww.



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