From IUI to IVF
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baby4us - September 23

I am just wondering if anyone can give me a step by step run down of what is involved with IVF.. I have read the medical books, etc.. so of course I know what happens.. but I just wanted to know about other people's experiences.... how invasive was it.. did it affect their work (Taking time off.. tired... sore)... how many times did you have to go to the clinic (I have heard you have to be at the clinic almost daily during monitoring??) How painful is the procedure (I have heard others say the egg retrieval prcess is very painful).

Was the medicine protocl similar to IUI? I have also heard that you cannot do back to back IVFs (as you can with IUIs)

Anyway.. anyone's personal experiences with IVF would really help. I will be heading into my 3rd IUI... and will either do a fourth.. and go right to IVF or go to IVF after my 3rd attempt at IUI... of course.. I am scared at the thought of IVF... so am giving it some very deep thought right now!

Thanks... and good luck to everyone!


silli_kitti - September 23

Can't help re IVF.

My RE says no IVF's back-to-back. But I haven't asked about details as to why. I've heard some women say they had embies left over (frozen) and tried again the very next cycle, but not back-to-back retrievals.

I remember telling you that my RE refers his patients to Mt. Sinai for retrieval and IVF. I was positive I read that on some pamphlet of his somewhere but I guess I was wrong. I recently found out he does retrievals and IVF at ISIS in Mississauga. He said they have the most state-of-the-art laboratory in Ontario (not sure if that's true or not though).

I would also like to add a question to yours, if anyone can answer:

What testing is done before IVF? Is there anything more detailed or specific they look for as compared to IUI testing (HSG, endo sampling, cd3 b/w incl. LH, FSH, E2, prolactin, TSH are the things I had done)?


justme - September 23

They did a major blood work up on me and my husband testing for all types of diseases like HIV and Hepititus. I also had a biopsy done to test for integrin in my uterus.

My RE had me on the pill for a month before IVF so I can imagine that he wouldn't do IVF's back to back either.


Meg - September 23

When we found out that we had to do IVF, we were fairly shocked. Our RE never even gave IUI as an option, which was kind of surprising b/c we had gotten p/g on our own, but m/c. My Dh sperm was just bad, so I guess that is why he felt IUI would have been a waste of time and money. But sometimes I wonder if he just wanted our money. Overall I was okay w/ doing IVF and spending the $, b/c I was so desperate for a baby.

Once we decided on doing IVF, it all moved pretty quick. I had some glitches w/ the Lupron though. It made my hormones flare up, so I ended up having to do two courses of b/c pills, instead of one. This added some time onto the whole protocol. Once I started gonal F to stimulate my ovaries, it moved fairly quickly. I had to go almost everyday for monitoring, which was a pain for about a week or so. Luckily we had a retrieval on a Saturday, so DH didn't have to take of work. I was pretty much hyperstimulated - they collected 46 eggs, which is not normal. I was in a lot of pain during stimulation. After retrieval I felt run down, but I think that was b/c of my ovaries. I felt like I had grapefruits in me!!! I had to get IV fluid two days after retrieval to prevent me from truly hyperstimulating. They fertilized 26. We had to do ICSI due to DH sperm. I got p/g from the first IVF, but m/c. The RE tested the baby and me and said that it m/c was due to chromosomal issues. We than tried on our own after the IVF for money purposes. After no luck we decided to do a FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer), It was a much easier journey doing FET. I only had to be monitored as we got close to the transfer. I still had to do Lupron shots, and then took estrogen pills. I got p/g w/ triplets and lost one of the babies at 11 weeks gestation. We ended up useing 17 embryos to get to our twins. I am very grateful that we did IVF, b/c who knows if I would have ever gotten p/g, or if I would have kept m/c. This time around I did get p/g on my own, surprisingly enough, but was followed by the RE, since of the m/c issue. I took progesterone and got lots of u/s to monitor the progress. I am now taking progesterone shots again to prevent preterm labor.

I had quit my job as a teacher after my first m/c. I subbed so that I had a flexible schedule to do infetility treatments. I also didn't feel like having to explain absences to a boss, so luckily it all worked out. Also after the 2nd m/c I needed the time off to get myself together mentally. It is a grueling process, but all worth it in the end. I hope that I answered some of your questions. Best of luck to you both. May you get your bundles of joy soon. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.,



baby4us - September 23

Hey Meg and Silli-Kittie... great answers.. and I too would ike to hear some answers regarding the question you asked Silli-Kittie... good questions!

There is just so much to know... and to figure out.


Juniper - September 24

I did an IUI cycle in August, however my RE recommended IVF right off the bat due to my crushed left tube and my husband's sperm quality. Insurance dictates, however, so we did an IUI to fill their requirement. Now, we are beginning an IVF cycle. I am on the pill right now and will have been taking them for about 12 days. I take my last one Oct. 1 and then go for blood and ultrasound on Oct. 5th. If all goes well, I will start my stims that same day. With my IUI I started with 75/follistim per day and then increased to 100/day. I had one Ovidrel injection before the two days of insemination. With my IVF protocol, I will be starting with 300/follistim the first day, as well as low dose HCG. Then it's 150/follistim twice a day and Ganirelix for four days. You and partner also take antibiotics (he starts Oct. 5 and I will start before or day of retrieval). My friend just tranferred last week and is very tired. The amount of meds makes you so tired and the progesterone can cause depression, which she is experiencing now. I had to go in almost daily for monitoring for my IUI so I guess the IVF monitoring won't be so bad.

I am excited to try it. I hope to have enough embryos to use for a FET if this first attempt is not successful. I will let you all know how I am doing and how the cycle is when I start, which is around the corner!


baby4us - September 24

wow.. that is alot of meds..but I guess if you are going to go for it.. might as well make it worth while!

Thanks Juniper... keep us informed as to your progress..

I am on my 2nd IUI... going for my blood test on Wednesday of next week.. these last few days of the 2ww are agony!!!


Juniper - September 25


Good luck on your test!!! That wait IS the worst! I will say a prayer for you!


shansy - September 26

Hey Meg-

Just wondering if the cost is a lot less for a FET versus IVF?
Our insurance doesn't cover anything besides the meds, so I am looking into the future thinking about if an IVF did not work, would we be able to afford the FET. Thanks for any info. you can provide.


Fortyfour - September 26

My FET are around $3,300 and ivf was $9,000. You dont need all the ultrasounds or med checks. Good luck.


Meg - September 26

Like 44, the cost of our FET was in the $3000-$3500 range, not including meds. Our IVF ran us about $9000, again not including meds. We still pay $105 every 3 months for our frozen embryos. Our insurance would pick up u/s and bloodwork, but I think our clinic worked it somehow to get the insurance to pay for it, otherwise it may have been more. The insurance company specifically said it would not pay for anything related to infertility treatments.



Maxi - November 1

You have no reason to be scared about IVF. I started my 1st cycle Oct 2005 and just did my 1st transfer today. They put back two embryos... I won't know until Nov 13th if it worked.

I took Lupron along with the Gonal pen the whole month of October, and had no problems or side effects.

I was extremely nervous starting the process but I would do it again.

Also, the egg retrieval wasn't too bad either. They knock you out for 30 mins and you are sore after for about 1-2 days but I took tylenol and was fine.

Don't worry.

Good Luck and lots of baby dust to you :)


Fortyfour - November 2

Maxi- baby dust


snindy - November 2

My first IVF was painful but my 2nd one was pretty easy. I had to go in once a week for bloodwork and ultrasound, that was to check my levels and to see if my lining was thick enough for transfer. It took a good 3 weeks and I was ready for IVF.
I had to have a full bladder during the procedure, they told me to drink 32oz of water before I got there. That was uncomfortable but I guess it helps them find their way to the uterus. Some clinics don't require a full bladder but mine does.

It was a fast procedure and the best part was my husband holding my hand. I couldn't of done it without him.

They print off pictures of your embryos and your uterus with the embryos in it.

Just take deep breaths and you should be fine.

Good luck



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