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Juniper - October 19

Thanks for all the support and encouragement, ladies! Karen, your story was very inspiring!!! I cannot wait until tomorrow to see what the doctor has to say and how our embies are doing. Just had my second PIO shot and I am amazed how much the ice helps!! Hubby was much more at ease this time. I am treating myself to a massage tonight so that is something to look forward to!!

Good luck ladies! Babydust to you all!!!


Juniper - October 20

Well girls, not a happy ET today. I only had one of the five make it and it was a four cell. So I am trying hard to be positive but it's getting really tough.


Fortyfour - October 21

Juniper -- I am sorry that they all didnt make it. I will pray that this one goes the distance though. Did they transfer the embryo? Baby dust to you.


christina - October 21

I am sorry about the news... hang in there OK


WantsBaby2 - October 21

Oh Geez Juniper,
I am so sorry. Some of us seem to have nothing but disappointment along this journey. There are so many hurdles to overcome. I will keep you in my prayers tonight. I hope this little one holds on tight. You never know.... maybe when you least expect it.
Infertility is such a load of crap!



Karen123 - October 21

Juniper, I'm so sorry to hear about the bad results. I sure hope the one embryo is the fighter you've been waiting for. Karen


silli_kitti - October 21

Juniper, I don't know much about IVF, but I'm so sorry it didn't go well. I suppose with respect to numbers, its the same as IUI: more is better, but then again, 1 is all it takes!

Like everyone else, I hope this one will be a fighter and be your dream come true.

Its so hard to try to stay positive and relaxed when we have nothing but stress. IF sucks!


Juniper - October 21

I love you guys, thanks for all the kindness. Yes, they did implant the little one. The doctor just did not seem too encouraging although he said he has had pregnancies from single four-cell transfers. I am trying to act as though they put in two but I just don't want to get my hopes up too much. Do you guys know how long you have to wait after a failed cycle to start a new one? I think it's two months or something.


Fortyfour - October 21

They can do them back to back and the rest you for a month. It all depends on your doc. We are all praying that you dont have to do this again though.


Juniper - October 21

I just hope that if I do have to do it again, they will not need to remove my endometriomas first. That will set me way back. And if we wait to long, they will only grow.


annieL - November 12

Follicles/eggs I'm all new to this. I just started on the stims. At my last sono i had 26 follicles and the sizes were pretty good/consistant. The dr. said that this was good. I have a few more days of stims and my question is about how many follicles are expected? Is there a magic number?


soanxious - March 7

This is my first time here but i found out that I have PCOS when I was 16 and went to numerous fertility clinic, so far, this new DR is the only one that can give me any answers in ways I can understand, for so many other DR's I've been with, it nearly took them over 2 years just to figure out what was wrong with me, while this new DR found out in minutes...I was so impress! I started my follistim injections about 13 days ago but I am so follicles only grew to about 10mm and now they just stopped growing, they increased my dose from 75IU to there anyone out there that can give me some advise...



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