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Juniper - October 15

Hi Ladies! Hope everyone is well. I am on day 10 of stims and most likely will have retrieval Tuesday. Today my RE said that it looks like my left side will have nothing to offer us because my endo is so bad that the follicles are not growing past 10mm. I have four mature ones on the right and a few that are about 1omm right now. I am very nervous that will only have four to work with since not all of those may fertilize or make it to transfer. I pray I go tomorrow and have some miracle growth. They have quadrupled my dosage over the last few days...I am not taking 525 units of Follistim per day, 15 units of low-dose hcg and my ganirelix. My tummy is sooo bruised! I cannot wait until retrieval and transfer so I get some bedrest!

My thoughts are with you all!



Fortyfour - October 15

Good luck Juniper, I hope this cycle works for you. All this stress just to have a baby. Keep in touch.


silli_kitti - October 15

Juniper, those follies still have a few days to grow esp. with the extra stims, you never know! My u/s tech once saw only 1 follie maturing on my right side, then two days later, I had 4 there (around 20mm, so they didn't just get there in two days, she just didn't see them the first time).

Good luck, hope this is the one!!


WantsBaby2 - October 15

Good luck Juniper. I know the feeling of all that worry! It blows that we always have soooo darn much to think and worry about. I will be thinking about you and saying prayers that all your little follies fertilize well. Baby dust girl! Keep us posted!



laura - October 17

Hi juniper,
Try not to worry. I had one IVF were they only found a total of 7 follicals. Then after retrevel I had 18 eggs! It's hard becase we dont't have any controll over any of this. We have to have faith in our doctors and our bodies. Let us know how it goes.



Juniper - October 17

I had retrieval today. They got 7 eggs, and I hope they all fertilize. I will keep you posted!




I am learning more about the reproductive system than I ever thought i would by reading everyones posts. Dont be nervous try to relax and think positive...Best of Luck to you we will be thinking about you...


WantsBaby2 - October 18

Seven is great! I hope everyone fertilizes perfectly! I will say prayers for you tonight in hopes that everything goes very smoothly. Tons of hugs and babydust to you! Keeps us posted.



baby4us - October 18

Hey Juniper... seven sounds much more promising.. I hope you are able to get some rest!

Keep us posted!

Baby dust!!!!!!!


justme - October 18

Good luck Juniper. Don't give up on this cycle, you never know what can happen. Babydust to you!!!!



Juniper - October 18

Well ladies, my nurse called and five of the seven eggs fertilized! So she was very pleased with that and I feel better. Hubby just gave me my first progesterone shot and I was worried for nothing- I iced it with an ice pack for 3 minutes beforehand and I barely even felt the needle at all! Funny story though- I was all numbed and ready to go and he was really nervous and took the needle and swabbed the area with alcohol pad and suddlenly goes, Holy **** under his breath. Then, "Jen, do I put this ALL the way in?? Look at it! Turn around!" He made me turn and look and I said, YES, IT GOES ALL THE WAY IN! I was laughing and mad at the same time and put the ice pack back on for another minute. Then he did it. He was shaking so bad afterward and said his legs were weak! It was actually comical.


Fortyfour - October 19

Poor guy. My husband gets faint if I even mention the shots. He gets a gold star. I always ice before I give myself my shots and I recommen it highly. I am so excited that five eggs fertilized. That is fantastic.

Good luck and baby dust to you.


sblanton2 - October 19

I am very happy for you that you had more eggs than you anticipated and 5 fertilized....remember it only takes 1.
I wonder how my DH will be when it comes time to give me my shots......Keep us posted....

Best of Luck,


WantsBaby2 - October 19

Five embies? Wow! That's a really good number. Congratulations! That must be such a relief! Happy transplanting and tons of babydust!



Karen123 - October 19

Juniper, Your story sounds so close to mine! I know I've posted this already but in case you didn't read it, I was advised not to continue because I only had 3 mature follicles. Well by some miracle they got 7 eggs. 5 of those fertilized and 3 made it to transfer day. And here I am carrying twins. The way I got through this was to continually tell myself "it only takes one fighter egg" and whenever I would cry from worry my teenage daughter reminded me too - "MOm, remember, it only takes one fighter egg!" It became our motto for a while. I truly hope you get your BFP very soon!!! Karen


WantsBaby2 - October 19

That's a great story. You give me hope! Being a past "poor responder" I need all the hope I can get! Thank you for that.



Juniper - October 19

Thanks for all the support and encouragement, ladies! Karen, your story was very inspiring!!! I cannot wait until tomorrow to see what the doctor has to say and how our embies are doing. Just had my second PIO shot and I am amazed how much the ice helps!! Hubby was much more at ease this time. I am treating myself to a massage tonight so that is something to look forward to!!

Good luck ladies! Babydust to you all!!!



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