First Time - PLEASE HELP!!!!
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chutee - October 20


I've been married for 12 yrs and have never been pregnant. My husband and I finally have an insurance plan that will cover fertility treatments :), so I'm really excited. I'm 32 so my clock is ticking pretty fast. We decided to go straight for IVF because I've tried clomid several times and it didn't work. I'm really nervous though because the insurance will only cover two tries and I have to pay for the meds out of pocket and then they said they'll reimburse me. Not happy about the meds because they are VERY EXPENSIVE! Does anyone know where I can get some cheap Gonal-F and Repronex? I don't have the thousands of dollars for the meds. What can I do? Any suggestions? Does anyone have any extra meds they would be willing to donate or sell at a deep discount?


HarrietV - October 20

Hey, I start my first meds on the 23rd, if all goes well with my US. Anyhow, you might want to look at some other posts on this site because various ladies are selling their stuff at a reduced rate. Do you need Gonal 900???? That is harder to come by. You can also check out: They come from Europe I believe, but the same thing from what I could tell, and depending on what you need, they are a lot cheaper. Gonal is cheaper than follistim by about 300-400 dollars. Also, try calling your local pharmacy, especially if you have a Wal Mart pharmacy in your area. They can special order stuff and sometimes it is cheaper. Best wishes to you!!! :)


chutee - October 20

I actually need gonal F 450. I ck some of the other post to see if anyone is selling. Thanks for your help and best wishes with your cycle too!!!!!


razlynn - October 22

I was worried that it was illegal to sell unused fertility meds, but I was told by my fertility clinic that it was legal. I have one Gonal-F 900 IU Pen brandnew and a box of Ganirelix. You can make me an offer.



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