First time IUI
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LSM - February 8

Thanks for appt. went well with my RE today. He said there's still a chance I could be pregnant, but I still do feel a little PSMy - no AF yet. He strongly encouraged me NOT to take a HPT b/c he said that the HCG could still be in my system from the trigger shot and he'd hate for me to get my hopes up for a false positive. I think I'll just stick it out until Sunday and hope AF doesn't come. If I don't get a BFP, we will start another cycle in a few weeks after DH and I get back from our cruise. My RE was encouraged with my first cycle results, but he is going to increase my meds next cycle so that we can try to get 3-5 follicles instead of 2. I left there feeling somewhat optimistic actually.

I hope the IUI went well today, Estie. The 2ww is tough, that's for sure.

Good luck and keep me posted!


estieh - February 9

Hi there, all went well, so yes, we're in the tww now! the sperm count is high and i'm feeling good! the dr advised us still continue with intercourse for 2 days, since we now know the exact time of ovulation, so we'll just carry on (for what its worth). but the excitement is still there. got progesterone suppositories for 15 days, will then see what's up. LSM - I'll be holding all my thumbs for you for sunday... we can't afford to loose hope! Sundance - good luck for the weekend, if your IUI is this weekend! Wanted to tell u guys, you're very privilidged - in South Africa, not a single pill, injection of any fertility treatments of any kind is being covered by our medical aids / insurance... none whatsoever.... anyhow... enjoy the weekends! i'll be thinking about you two!


sundance007 - February 10

Estie - glad things went well for you. I have my IUI tomorrow (Sat.) morning so we're in the 2ww together. LSM and I have been chatting in another forum with 2 other girls who both got BFP this week! Keep the luck going!!

LSM - As I keep saying in our other chat room, I'm feeling really positive about you. I think your appointment today was a good sign and your symptoms are really similar to PLE's, so hoping for good news from you on Sunday.

BTW, Estie, I know your pain regarding the insurance. I actually live in New Hampshire where fertility treatment is not mandated to be covered, so ALL of this is 100% out of pocket for me as well. That is why we are hoping IUI works in 1 or 2 cycles, because to be honest IVF is really not affordable. It would be one thing if it was a guaranteed BFP, but to pay out 10's of thousands $$ without a baby to show for it would be a little tough for us.

Anyway, have a great weekend and I'll look for you all on Sunday or Monday. :-)


sundance007 - February 11

Hey Estie,
Just wanted you to know that LSM did not get good news today. :-(

Join us on the 2ww forum. It will be easier for all of us to be on 1 forum instead of back and forth.

I wasn't sure if you would see LSM's post and I wanted you to know.

LSM - Hope you don't mind my telling Estie your sad news. She and I could very well be facing a 2nd IUI with you and we need to stick together and support each other!



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