First time IUI
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estieh - January 23

Hi all, I'm starting my very first IUI today. We've been trying to fall pregnant for 2.5 years now... I'm very excited and very nervous at the same time..... anyone else maybe starting a cycle now?


sundance007 - February 4

Hi there. I'm new at IUI as well. Just started my first cycle on 1/31. Since you are a week ahead of me do you have any advice? I'd love to have someone to chat with who is going through the same emotional rollercoaster!


estieh - February 5

Hi there, great to hear from someone else going through the cycle now!
Yip, I'm on day 12 now, I've done fertomid for 5 days last week (was very emotional - screamed at a collegue for no reason, more than once (ouch)), and had 3 injections, went to see doc yesterday morning, there's 2 eggs that looks very good, and another possible 2. Had a blood test yesterday for estrogen-level, not sure what the result was, but doc phoned and advised another injection yesterday night. I'll be visiting him again tomorrow morning first thing, but the plan is that IUI will take place on Thursday (on our 4-year aniversary).... I hope it's a good sign :) So that's it. I'm very excited, can't help it! Have tried to remind myself of the possiblities of failure ... but just can't get myself to not be VERY EXCITED! How's you're cycle going?


sundance007 - February 5

I laughed when I read that you screamed at your colleague for no good DH doesn't understand why I've been doing the same to him, nor why I stood in front of him last night and burst into uncontrollable tears! For no good reason!!! Had B/W and U/S this morning. Looks like I have 2 maturing follicles on each ovary. Will continue gonal-f injections for the next couple of days. Looks like IUI will happen later this week...maybe same day as you! Happy Anniversary. I hope it's a lucky one for you. BTW, where are you located? Also, if you don't mind my asking, how old are you? Good luck on Thursday and keep me posted on your status!


estieh - February 6

Hi There
I'm 28 (very almost 29) and I'm staying in South Africa. Have been to doc this morning - there is 2 ripe follicles, one on each side, and we're scheduled for IUI Thursday morning 8 Feb. I'm having my trigger shots tonight, so, it all hopes up. So hopefully we'll both be having twins soon:) I would love that! I must say the emotions is much more stable now, guess the fertomid has done its part! Well, please sent me more info about you, how old are you, and for how long have you been TTC?


sundance007 - February 6

Hello. Good to hear back from you! I'm so excited for you that everything is moving forward so smoothly. My personal stats... I'm 39 and live in New Hampshire, USA. I have been married for almost two years (2nd marriage). Never had any children with my first marriage and wasted my best child bearing years with the wrong guy!:-( My DH has 5 children from previous marriage. Yikes you are saying! Stepmother is not the same as mother, so we decided to ttc shortly after we got married, but no luck the natural way. I guess I just assumed that it would happen. I sometimes forget that I am closer to 40 than 30. You are lucky that you are starting this process at 29. I think it makes a huge difference. Anyway, I go tomorrow am for more B/W and U/S. Hopefully I'll be taking trigger shot by the end of the week and IUI by this weekend. Seems like the hormones are leveling out a bit. Yesterday I was actually a lot more stable. Thank goodness for DH agrees too!! Keep me posted. It would be fun to go through this together. I've been reading some of the other forums and there are women who have been corresponding for over a year who are now having their babies! It's so great to know that there are others going through the same issues. Talk to you soon.


LSM - February 6

I am going through IUI for the first time also. Had my IUIs on 1/27 and 1/28, so I am in the 2ww, which is very tough. I'm not supposed to have a test until 2/11. I'm obsessed every day trying to figure out symptoms. Wishing you both luck with yours! I'm 38, TTC for a year. No kids.


sundance007 - February 7

How did the actual IUI go? I've heard it's the easiest part of the process. Especially for those of us who have aversions to needles! All these injections and B/W kind of get to me... I don't envy your 2ww. I can't tell you how many months over the last year I've been sure that I'm BFP. I analyze every symptom, hoping that it's pregnancy and not PMS. We're hoping that this will be our lucky month. My Dr. said if we don't conceive with IUI after 2 cycles, we should move onto IVF. Not sure if we are ready to go there. Good luck with your test on 2/11. Keep us posted and if you want to chat in the meantime, I'll analyze your symptoms with you! :-)


LSM - February 7

The actual IUIs weren't bad at all - a little poking and I had some cramping, but it was easier than taking all of those shots! Unfortunately, I had to start the Prometrium suppositories right afterwards. The 2ww is terrible - I keep thinking that my sore bbs and my crazy dreams/restlessness might be signs of pregnancy, but then I wonder if it's just stress and an increase of progesterone. I am trying to refrain from taking a HPT, but I might breakdown on Friday. Not sure if it's better or worse to get a negative prior to the "real" test on Sunday. Because of insurance restrictions, we will do 3 IUIs before moving to IVF. I really hope one of the 3 works! When is your IUI? Wishing you lots of luck.


sundance007 - February 7

I've heard from a friend that those suppositories are disgusting! Not looking forward to that, but whatever it takes to get to BFP I'm willing to do!! Had my B/W and U/S this am. Waiting for call for next step. I have 5 follicles...12,14,14,16,16mm's. I guess they need to be 18-20mm before they give the trigger shot. I should be there in the next couple of days. How many mature follicles did you have? Are you scared about multiples? At my age I'm a bit freaked out about the idea of more than one, but I guess whatever is meant to be will be. I'd be so thankful for one healthy baby! Where do you live? It sounds like you must live in a state where insurance covers fertility procedures. We're not so lucky. All out of pocket...ouch! Try to think positive thoughts and maybe refrain from that HPT. Easy for me to say'll need to remind me of that next week! ;-)


LSM - February 7

5 follicles is great! I only had 2 follicles that were big enough - they were around 21 and 19 when we did the trigger shot. I actually had 2 IUIs - are you having 1 or two? You should be ready to go in a few days. I'm not really worried about multiples b/c I only had 2 follicles, but you never know? Twins wouldn't bother me so much b/c then I wouldn't have to go through this again. I have 2 friends who had triplets, but that was with IVF! Don't think I could handle triplets. I am lucky to live in Mass, which does cover infertility - that must be an added stress to have to pay out-of-pocket! I'm trying to stay positive, but these days are tough. Good luck with the follicles!


sundance007 - February 7

I am only scheduled to have one IUI. I actually didn't even know that a lot of women have 2 until I started reading these forums. I'm not sure what would drive the decision to do one or the other. I would think that 2 would be better than 1, but I guess the Dr. knows best! When I was in my 20's and early 30's I always said I wanted twins, but the older I get the less I feel that desire. Triplets would put me over the edge. I'd be offering one up on this site...just kidding! I'll keep you posted on my schedule and good luck to you. I really hope you get good news on Sunday. BTW, even though i advised you to try to hold off on the HPT, I'm the worst about being patient! So I know what you are feeling and how anxious you must be. So close to knowing, it's like waiting for Christmas when your are a kid!!


estieh - February 7

Hi there, I wrote a nice long reply this morning, but when I post it - gone it was!! Anyhow, I'm following your conversation - I'm going for my IUI tomorrow, very excited, can't wait... dreading for the 2WW, but whatever... didn't know about 2 IUI's as well, i'm also only going for one. Ha, LSM, I think I have some shares in the manufacturers that make the damn HPT!!!! it's very hard to wait before you try them - and even when they're negative you still keep on thinking... but maybe... Wow sundance, 5 follicles is great, I had only 2, but would love twins! Well, good luck girls!


sundance007 - February 7

Estie-good luck tomorrow and Happy Anniversary! LSM and I were on a different forum this morning and were chatting with a girl who got a BFP today. All of a sudden I felt this positive energy and felt that we were all going to have a lucky month. Maybe it's just hopeful thinking, but it can't hurt. I'm actually a little concerned that my cycle might be cancelled due to too many follicles. I have my next b/w tomorrow morning and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that not all 5 follicles will completely mature. My RE will cancel if more than 4 fully mature due to the risk of multiples. Out of the 5 I have, one is only 12mm, so that's a good sign. Anyway, we all have a lot going on and it's fun that we are a few days apart so we can focus on each other's events separately. What's funny is that 2weeks is huge right now, but if we all are lucky enough to get a BFP, we could all have babies on the same day!!!! :-) Good Luck all and keep writing!


LSM - February 7

Thanks for the positive vibes! I just had to schedule a follow up appt. with my RE for tomorrow to make sure we have our Plan B in place "just in case". Not sure yet what I'm going to do about HPT - can't decide if it's better or worse. I've read stories on both sides. Good luck with your IUI tomorrow, Estie! Would love to hear how things go with both of you - it was exciting to see that BFP from the woman on the other site. It's still possible!


sundance007 - February 8

LSM - How did your appointment wtih RE go? Any decision on your HPT. How are you feeling today?

Estie - Hope all went well with your IUI today. Now you begin the 2ww. I'm hopefully right behind you. Waiting to hear from RE's office on my next instructions. Anticipating that my trigger shot will be in the next couple of days. DH leaves next Wed. on a business trip so he needs to wrap up his part of all of this by then! :-) He hates how clinical this has become and feels like all the fun has been taken out of ttc! I'm here to tell him that it's a lot less fun for us gals! Don't see HIM injecting hormones into his tummy and b/w bruises covering the insides of both HIS arms.... I hope I don't sound bitter and moody... ;-)

Anyway, keep each other posted and good vibes for all of us!


LSM - February 8

Thanks for appt. went well with my RE today. He said there's still a chance I could be pregnant, but I still do feel a little PSMy - no AF yet. He strongly encouraged me NOT to take a HPT b/c he said that the HCG could still be in my system from the trigger shot and he'd hate for me to get my hopes up for a false positive. I think I'll just stick it out until Sunday and hope AF doesn't come. If I don't get a BFP, we will start another cycle in a few weeks after DH and I get back from our cruise. My RE was encouraged with my first cycle results, but he is going to increase my meds next cycle so that we can try to get 3-5 follicles instead of 2. I left there feeling somewhat optimistic actually.

I hope the IUI went well today, Estie. The 2ww is tough, that's for sure.

Good luck and keep me posted!



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