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Brutus - November 7

Has anyone had experience with a thaw cycle? What were the thaw results? Major differences between regular IVF and thaw?
We have two embies left over from a BFN IVF and are beginning a thaw cycle now. Any info out there would be helpful


KOD - November 7

FET cycles are SOOOOOooooo much easier than fresh. Are you doing medicated or natural? Successful thaw rates tend to be 50-70%.

Good luck


Brutus - November 7

I will be doing a medicated cycle.
Vivelle Dot (patch)
Progesterone (injection as well as supp)
I've heard it's alot easier on your body. I'm hoping for the 70% success rate with just two embies to thaw : )


Fortyfourfive - November 8

Hi - the frozen rates are lower than the fresh rates. Good luck brutus, Baby dust to you.


HelenaS - November 8

Hi, The thaw success rate is about 70% but keep positive. The success of the thaw depends on a lot on the quality of the embies originally frozen. We just underwent a natural FET. It was so much eaiser then a regular IVF cycle. We thawed 3 embies and all three survived. They were Grade 1, 8 cell embies when they were frozen, so they were of great quality. So you never know.


Brutus - November 8

Thanks Helena S~Good Luck, I hope it's successful.


BekyVice - November 9

A little side tracking here.... so, does anyone experience absolutely ZERO symptoms of anything going on inside of them during the 2ww? We transferred 1 good blast and 2 good embies on Monday 11/8 and I've been in bed for 4 days, feeling great, but feeling nothing. Should I be? (I heard the 2ww is worse than the 9 months!) :)


jmr67 - November 11

Hi ZoeCal - I'm in 2ww also (transfer 11/9) and feel NOTHING! Felt nothing the first IVF either other than sore breasts but that's from progesterone! I did get pregnant the first time but miscarried. Good luck to you!


BekyVice - November 13

Oh wow, good for you! Thanks for replying! I shut down computer for the weekend because I was logging in 12 hours a day on IVF research... driving myself insane. So we're waiting together! I read your stats... I'm sorry to hear you lost twins! That must have been devastating. This is our first time... hubby has low motility, so we went straight to ICSI. Crossing fingers. We go for blood test this Friday, but still no symptoms. Once a day I get a ve-e-e-e-ry mild cramp that more feels like a bowel something than anything else. You have any more symptoms yet?


jmr67 - November 13

I totally understand - I had to force myself off the computer as well.... DH just kept looking in on me and shaking his head....lol. Yes my first cycle was devastating - can't help but think my due date would have been this friday....but I found hope again and here I am :) We also have male factor....but apparently my age (39) is the biggest hurdle as long as we do ICSI and now I'm considered a poor responder as well. My Symptoms....I too have had really really mild cramps.....I don't even know if I'd call it a cramp though - I really think it's only b/c of all we've just been through....but I can't believe how in tune to every single twinge I am. My test will be Monday....please let me know how it goes Friday!


BekyVice - November 13

I certainly will! I'm 42, so I'm way ahead of (or behind!) you! If I can do it, you certainly can! I was a good responder (for my first time), but the proof is in the pudding. I've totally convinced myself I'm not pregnant, however, so it won't be such a letdown on Friday. My DH thinks I'm crazy and just laughs it off, too. Good luck to you getting through this week!


jmr67 - November 14

I have too (convinced myself I'm not) but I know from the first time you won't feel anything that you can distinguish from a side effect of the meds......even if you are pregnant so stay hopeful! You have 3 more days! I'm curious what kind of protocol you were on...? I was on microdose lupron flare....


BekyVice - November 14

Let's see.. what protocol was I on. Okay, 2 weeks of birth control pills, then 13 days on lupon (some overlap there), then follistim in the am and menopur in the pm for 5 days, then HcG shot 2 days after that, then retrieval after that, took antibiotics for 3 days after retrieval, took medrol for 4 days (overlapping with antibiotics) until day 5 blast transfer, (oh, started taking progesterone shots one day after transfer), and now in 2ww am continuing progesterone shots nightly and have estradiol patches on my that I change every 3 days. Whew! Imagine all those ladies who just do it naturally... makes your head spin how amazing the body is. PS The doctors that have seen me (you don't stick to the same doc where I go, you see whomever is in town) both were on the original team of the original test tube baby and the original blast transfer. Also, the founding doctor of the place had infertility problems some 25 years ago which lead him down the path to "save" his wife from misery. They ended up with quadruplets, all girls, who are all now late twenties. Good story! You feel like you're in good hands here.


jmr67 - November 15

thanks, I'm trying to get all the info I can b/c I read that MDL flare causes egg/embryo quality issues - if this time doesn't work I would like to change protocol. My doctor says the more he learns about all this the more he can't believe any baby is ever born.....it truly is a miracle isn't it? That's great that you have so much confidence in your clinic.....gosh I'm so anxious!



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