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shar75 - December 14


I am about to go through a FET.
I was wondering if anyone has gone through this and what results.


klritz - December 14

Hi Shar (and anyone else reading this)- I'm new to posting on this site, but I've been reading threads for months. I'm at the unbearable tail-end of my first FET, also this is my first transfer. I test on Saturday.
What do you want to know?
I can tell you my situation and maybe that will help. On my September ivf cycle, I overstimulated. Instead of doing a transfer at that time (possibly making the overstim worse), the dr. froze all viable embryos to do FET in the beginning of December. There was a lot less prep work than ivf. I started bcp after my Nov period until they told me to go off. I went in for a base line ultrasound. Then I started Medrol (a steroid), tetracycline, and progesterone shots. I was also continuously taking preg vitamin and baby asprin. When the lining was right, they brought me in to do the transfer. I sat with the embryologist and they went over my embryos they had thawed. They defrosted my 4 best, all 8 cells and minimal frags, in other words really, really good ones. But, when they defrosted, I ended up with an 8cell, 5cell, 3cell, and 1cell. Emotionally, that was difficult for me to take. I felt like I got cheated because they had to be frozen. I know my dr. made the right decision to freeze, and at least my ivf cycle wasn't totally cancelled, but it was still hard. Anyway, they transfered the 8, 5, and 3. I'm 32 with unexplained infertility. I requested that the 3 cell be transferred. They did not want to b/c of my age and the likelihood of success with the 8 cell, but I wasn't willing to let go of the 3cell. The transfer was quite easy. I recieved a valium which helped me I think. One thing I would have done different is that I would have let them put in a urine catheter. I had one during the retrieval and HATED it! They offered to put one in after the transfer because I had to lie there with a full bladder for 30 mins, but I thought I could hold it. I ended up having to use a bed pan and then jumping out of the bed for the toilet as soon as my 30 mins passed. Since the transfer, I did 48 hours of bed rest and I've been taking it easy - no lifting, no shopping, litttle cleaning and a few walks. I don't work outside of the home and I don't have other children (just some 4-legged ones), so that was easier for me than it is for others. Some say exercise is better for the circulation, some think you should stay in bed. I think whatever works for you is fine. I've also continued the vitamin, baby asprin, and progesterone shots. I have no symptoms except some cramping which I've had from day 2 pt. I have zero feeling on whether this will be pos or neg, but all good thoughts help.
So, that is about as detailed as I can get (and probably tmi), but I'd be happy to answer any other questions. I'm no expert, but I'll share what I know/experienced. Good luck!


shar75 - December 14

Thank you so much for you telling me your experience. I will pray for you and hope that all goes well.
I have had to IVF cycles. My first one a year ago, I didn't have enought to freeze. I conceived, but lost the pregnancy at 10 weeks. My last one was about a month ago. I did get pregnant, but they didn't continue to develop. The dr. said it was a chemical pregnancy. WE did have 5 embryos left to freeze. They waited to freeze them until they developed into blastocysts.
I've been reading alot, but I wanted to see if there has been anyone who has had this experience. I'm on bcp now and i start lupron on 1/8. Then i will have basline u/s on 1/19 to start my estrogen and then 2/2 have my last u/s and then the transfer if all is well on 2/7. We are excited this time, but you always worry. Thanks for your knowledge, and again I will keep praying for you!


klritz - December 19

Just thought I'd post to anyone who read my story that we got a positive beta on Saturday and it doubled on Monday. We still have no idea why we've never been able to conceive before. I'm still on estrogen and progesterone and the first u/s is mid-Jan. Based on the numbers we got, it's probally just 1 but we'll know for sure then.
Good luck everybody!!!


CPape - December 29

Hi there! It's a little late, but I did an FET on 12/15. We transferred two blastocytes. The process was easy! Way easier than the fresh cycle. I did one ultrasound and one blood draw in the beginning. I did lupron for 14 days, then started progesterone, and estrogen patches. I stopped the lupron 4 days after af came. The transfer was on the 15th, the beta was on the 27th. We got a BFP!!!!! I stayed on besrest for 48 hours and have been taking it easy. I recommend, just putting your feet up and relaxing!

Kiritz: What were your numbers that make you think it's only one? Have you had more hcg's done?

Shar75: How did it go? Did you do it yet? How do you feel?


niki6454 - January 13

Congrats to both of you!! you make it sound so easy! hehehe. i am on an iui cycle, but your experience is very helpful. quick question...what is the baby aspirin for? continued well wishes!



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