femara and IUI
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Shannon - August 30

Hey everyone-

I have done 3 cycles of clomid and the last one was done with an IUI. I had two follicles and husband had 212 million sperm!!!! AFTER wash, so we were pretty hopeful, but unfortunately it did not work. My doctor just switched me to Femara instead of Clomid- 5 mg./day on cycle days 3-7 and I have another IUI scheduled for next Tuesday. However, my R.E. has not asked for any progesterone, FSH, etc. tests. I feel like I am not being contacted enough-they just scheduled the IUI and that's all I've heard from them this whole month. Should I be worried about this? Also, has anyone had any success with Femara?
-Feeling hopeless


silli_kitti - August 30


In my opinion, Femara is a much better product. I've been on both. My RE even says that Femara will likely replace Clomid in the next 5-10 years.

Are you being monitored for LH and E2 levels, and are you getting regular ultrasounds to monitor your follicles? If you are doing IUI, it is critical to have the timing right - you want the sperm there just before or at ovulation for the best chance for fertilization.

It seems strange to me that they would schedule an IUI a week in advance - they have to know when you are going to ovulate, and though you may be very regular and ovulate on the same day every month, medications will change your cycle. Monitoring is critical to assessing the best time for IUI.

Are you seeing an RE?


Fortyfour - August 31

Make an appt with the doc and see what his thinking is. I didnt feel comfortable at times with my doc and what he was doing and wish I had been pushier. Take care and baby dust to you.

PS how are old are you?


shannon - August 31

Thanks for the advice! My RE scheduled me in a week in advance, but it is contingent upon my ovulation-so the date can change. I am scheduled to have an ultrasound Monday and if all looks good (follicles the right size, lining thick enough), then they will give me the HCG shot and I will go in Tues. morning for the IUI. However, I am using OPK to monitor it myself to make sure I don't ovulate sooner than expected. No, they are not monitoring LH and E2- should they be? I am 28 w/ PCOS, possible blocked tube, and my DH is 28 with antibodies on some of his sperm.


silli_kitti - September 2


It is my understanding that they look at LH and E2 levels to tell you when you surge (one day LH shoots up to double or triple the baseline) and E2 levels have to be appropriate for the # of follicles developing. I don't know if OPK is a good enough substitute for blood hormone levels.

You have PCOS, so I don't know what that means for your hormones, but there certainly are protocols that would better your chances of success.

Maybe you should pose some questions to the doc upstairs, he is very helpful.



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