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hopefully trying - February 6

Ladies, I just wanted to thank you all for the support. I have been reading the posts off and on for several days. It feels a bit voyeuristic to not put myself out there and share my info as well. I just married in April. I am 40 and my husband is 49. I have a long history of hypothyroidism going back to adolescence and am on Synthroid). Back in 2000, I had some other hormonal abnormalities (low testosterone, slightly elevated prolactin, cortisol was off, etc) Recently had pituitary workup which again showed slightly elevated prolactin, however, I was just out of ovarian stimulation with Follistem. F/U within normal limits. Have had 4 cycles on Clomid (including Clomid Challange test showing borderline functioning but still within normal limits) and one on Follistem. Had 3 failed IUIs. Also had repeated thin endometrium on all the IUI cycles. Have started Lupron with plans for an IVF on Follistem. I go for my suppression check Thursday and will start Follistem on Saturday. Postitive sperm antibody test (68%). Husband was married previously. They had 1 clomid baby who later died at age 8 from Non-Hodgekins lymphoma. They later did ivf with donor egg and that child is now 10. The RE is recommending ICSI and PGD which we are doing as well. They are recommending transfer of 3 embryos if possible at blastocyst stage. Today just feeling uncertain as to chances. Reading on internet can be my worst enemy. Not sure how to read the statistics for my center (Nashville TN) Afraid all will be for naught, that I haven't asked the right questions.

So far seem to be not having any side effects to the lupron. Is that normal? What would oversuppression feel like?


allegonda - February 7

Hello Hopefully Trying,
Thank you for your post. I too have elevated prolactin levels, but no other abnormalities. I have had an MRI to to confirm nothing nasty, all was okay. I am on Bromocrytine 5mg once a day, have been on for 2 years now. My doctor finds I am unusual in my situation as I still ovulate monthly. So I can't answer your questions about your medications. I have noticed that with taking the medication, my cylce is always every 26 days and I get mid cycle ovulation symptoms - didn't use to.
For us, I am 32 yrs and my husband 39.
We are going for our second IUI this week, hopefully Friday 10th, it is an unmedicated cycle.
If this doesn't work our clinic has suggested IVF (which is publicly funded).

Any one else doing a cycle in February?


hopefully trying - February 7

Thanks for your response. The RE and endocrinologist don't seem to think the prolactin level is playing a role since it went down during a month of no meds. I think the frustrating thing for me is that this seems to be such a crap shoot. At any point in the process, you can get shut down. After the educational class, my hubbie and I were so pumped and excited. Then I started reading about attrition levels. I'm trying really hard not to get my hopes up too much and to be realistic about my chances (the embryologist said 10-15% for my age range but that I could wind up with no embryos to transfer with PGD). it's such a hurry up and wait process. ARGH! I'll be thinking about you with your IUI. Is anyone here from the Nashville area?


JT - January 18

Hi Allegonda,
I too have been having unexplained fertility with history of high prolactin. I had a very eary miscarriage (chemical pregnancy) 1.5 years ago and as part of workup my prolactin came back elevated. However like you I had nl periods and my head MRI just showed a "generously sized pituitary" with out any adenomas. I have been on Bromocriptine for the past 1.5 years and soon after the medication I noted my cycles were exactly 26-27 days and my luteal phase was now consistently 14 days (prior to the med it was ~10 days). We have done 3 IUI cycles in the last 4 months and have had 2 chemical pregnancies. I wish you best of luck with your next IUI cycle.
Take care



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